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Chapter: 532

The next journey proved the stone bear's confidence.

The Middle Route Army and the East Route Army are led by the bighorn sheep. Anyway, whether they are the Middle Route Army or the East Route Army, the target of the expedition is not far away. With what is the effective communication distance of the radio station, there is absolutely no problem if the big horns are in the middle dispatching.

As for Shi Xiong, he led the 5000 Pro guards and the cavalry of the first division, which was temporarily removed from the first division, to form a cavalry unit of the Northern Expedition army. He followed the first division by land all the way north along the Mississippi River.

As the three armies quickened their march, the whereabouts of the Iranians were finally clear.

Because no matter the cavalry troops of stone bear, the Middle Route Army or the East Route Army, on the way of March, we can always see the Iranians walking on the wasteland with their families. It's obvious that the Iranians are scattered and fleeing. Some of them go to the chipeways, some to Ottawa, and some to Miami.

But they really don't know that no matter where they flee or which tribe they go to, their fate is doomed at the beginning - sooner or later they will be captured by the Cherokees and then assimilated and integrated

These Iranians are usually based on the tribe as a unit, one tribe by one, moving in different directions. And judging from their migration routes and itineraries, they have obviously migrated for quite a long time.

But unfortunately, unless they started migrating last year, they really can't compare with the speed of the regular army.

The distance from the core area of the Irene to the nearest Miami tribe is about 500 kilometers. It is about 600 kilometers to the Ottawa territory, and more than 700 kilometers to the northernmost chipewa territory.

Let's take the Eastern Route Army, which is the closest to the march route, for example. If the eastern route army marches at full speed, it will only take more than ten days to complete the 500 kilometers with only their two legs.

And it takes at least one and a half months for the Elaine people to walk with their families to complete the 500 km journey!

It's God's face, no heavy rain, no strong wind.

Once God doesn't show his face and it rains heavily for several days, they can finish this part of the road in two months, even if they walk fast.

Therefore, no matter the Eastern Route Army or the Middle Route Army or the cavalry led by Shi Xiong, even though they did not march at a fast speed, they began to catch up with the slow-moving Iranians only seven or eight days after their departure.

For these tribes, needless to say, just pack them up and take them away.

If you send a fully armed platoon, you can escort one or two tribes to a designated place. When enough Iranians are gathered, a battalion can be left by radio to take care of thousands of Iranians.

Whether it's stone bears or bighorn sheep, they never worry that the Iranians who are packed and taken away will sneak away by themselves. This era is not the 21st century. In this era, there are wild animals everywhere in the Great Plains. If you dare to sneak away alone, you are just giving snacks to those wild animals

These Iranians naturally knew the danger of the wasteland, so after they were arrested, they stayed in the same place.

The transport fleet called by radio from Shangjing would bring a large amount of grain to these ilanids.

No way, these people are compatriots, we can't let them starve to death.

In addition, some hunters are selected to go out hunting every day, so it's no problem for the captured Iranians to protect their lives for the time being.

Stone bear did not expect that in just a few days, he captured nearly 30000 Iranians who fled, and it did not cost a single shot.

If there is any regret, it is that there are about 30000 fast-moving Elaine people who have arrived at their destination

For this, Shi Xiong doesn't mind. Anyway, "dying sooner or later is a relief"... Well, although it means that, there seems to be something wrong with this expression. It seems that it should be "running sooner or running later, sooner or later, you have to be caught"

The speed of the cavalry can easily keep up with the ships, not to mention that the West Route Army is going against the current. Even if it's going with the wind and the water, they can't match the speed of the horses.

The journey of one hundred and ten kilometers a day can only be regarded as a semi urgent March for the cavalry.

Trump has become a burden. Although this guy can easily run 100 kilometers a day, if he runs like this for several days in a row, he can't stand it. So it was put on a boat by the stone bear, so this guy sat in the bow of the boat every day, watching his father galloping on the shore, and he could only stare and howl

The fleet went north along the Mississippi River and arrived in Minneapolis in a few days. In fact, we have already entered the territory of the chipewas.

However, the first division and the cavalry did not stop. Even though they met many kipewa tribes along the way, they did not stop because of these small tribes.

This is not the time to waste time on these small tribes. Since we have decided to raid the chipewa, we should reach the chipewa's nest as quickly as possible and in the shortest time. Even if the kipewa of those tribes want to report, they have to run faster than the cavalry.

Not to mention, under the command of the stone bear, the Ranger, as a scout, has been out for tens of kilometers long ago. Once he meets a qipewa who wants to escape on horseback, if he doesn't say anything, just kill him!

As a result, the stone bear is hardly worried that the chipewas will get the news ahead of time.

Near Minneapolis, the Mississippi River joins into a wide river. Stone bear knows that this river is another important tributary of the upper reaches of the Mihe River, the St. Croix River, which is also the boundary river between Wisconsin and Minnesota. If you continue to go northward along this wide tributary, you can go straight into the core control area of the chipewa people.

The qipewa people, also known as the ojebwa people, are indigenous tribes active in the Great Lakes region. They are concentrated around Lake Superior and use ojebwa language. The qipewa people are a settled people. They live by fishing and planting corn, pumpkin and cherry. They have a relatively perfect social structure.

In the original historical time and space, the chipewas learned the use of muskets from the French and the British, and thus defeated the lakotas of the Soviet grand League in the West and expanded their territory. At the same time, the chipewas were also the first Native Americans to sign detailed treaties with Europeans.

However, the chipewa people at this time were far from the same. Although they had a large population and harsh conditions created a large number of fierce soldiers, the chipewa people at this time were not the chipewa people who defeated the Lakota people decades later in the original historical time and space.

In fact, even the chipewa, who defeated the lakotas, were far from the enemy of the bear army.

Don't forget, the Soviet Union where the lakotas lived was completely conquered by the bear army four years ago.

In this way, the scouts strangled the chipeways who wanted to ride a horse to report, and the large army followed closely. Only two days later, the fleet reached the upper reaches of the St. Croix river. There was no more sailing ahead, so the first division joined the cavalry again. By this time, they were not far away from the king's Court of the chipewas

Taking advantage of the speed of horses and transport ships, stone bear played a North American version of Blitzkrieg in this era

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