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Chapter: 536

In 1775, the autumn crops did not catch up with the planting.

Even if the stormy bear army speeds up its March, and even if the stormy bear army directly sweeps over the chipeways, Ottawa and Miami people in a crushing manner, it is October after they have completely conquered all three tribes.

Conquering these three tribes was not as fast as expected, especially the chipewa. The 3000 kilometer Lake coastline was enough to break the legs of the bear army.

Even if the stone bear later mobilized some smaller inland river armed transport ships to go up the north of Illinois, then directly into Lake Michigan through the Chicago River, then into Lake Huron through Lake Michigan, and finally into Lake Superior through the natural river channel between Lake Huron and Lake Superior, there was no way to help the bear army, The most important thing is to help the bear army transport some materials and ammunition.

After all, more ships to Beijing only need to transport food and personnel.

Starting from Shangjing, some ships went up the north side of Mississippi, and some ships went northeast along the Ohio River to pull some people and food. When they came back, they brought the qipewa, Ottawa and Miami people to Shangjing.

This job alone accounts for 80% of the transportation capacity of Shangjing. Therefore, there is no surplus transport capacity to help the soldiers of the fierce bear army speed up the expedition. Then, it was not until the middle and late October that the three tribes were completely occupied by the fierce bear army. By this time, the weather around the great lakes has become very cold

Judging from the topography of the North American continent, the Great Lakes are actually a huge vent. The cold current from the north to the south of the mainland will always be the first to enter the territory of the United States through here. Therefore, even if there are five Great Lakes here as an adjustment, it is still inevitable that the temperature will get colder and colder day by day.

Fortunately, most of the waterways of the Great Lakes were not frozen in October, so the bear Stormers, who had freed up their transport capacity, began to set up defense lines, or attack bases, on the lines of Susanne Marie, Detroit and Cleveland.

From the end of October, the first and second divisions of the fierce bear army will be stationed in this line as the main force, and the third division, the mixed Fifth Division and the mixed Sixth Division will return to Shangjing for repair. The mixed seventh division and the mixed eighth Division will be transferred here from Shangjing to assist the first and second divisions in building this defense line.

These four divisions will stay here until April next year, for half a year. They will spend a long and cold winter here, which is also the longest and coldest winter in their life.

In order to ensure that the soldiers can safely spend this winter, the stone bear also came up with a lot of ways.

For example, the stone bear carried the Chinese "cellar".

This kind of "house" has been used for thousands of years in Northeast China. Half of it is underground and half of it is on the ground. It has good thermal insulation. People in Northeast China have used it for thousands of years and it has been used very well. The most important thing is that it's very convenient to repair this kind of cellar.

Now the Cherokees are not short of irons, and the bear soldiers are equipped with a shovel. In the Great Lakes region, there are abundant water resources, and the trees are very luxuriant, with thick trees everywhere.

When repairing a cellar, dig a big enough pit about two meters deep on a slope facing the sun and close to the water source. In the middle of the pit, top it with a big tree, put logs on it, hold it firmly with big nails, then cover it with thick thatch, and cover it with thick soil. A cellar will be repaired.

It takes two days at most for a class of soldiers to build such a cellar.

Once the cellar is repaired, it should be padded with dry soil, and then a fire Kang should be built to make a big stove. The chimney will stretch out from the reserved chimney mouth above the cellar. Once the stove is lit, the whole cellar will be very warm.

No matter how cold the weather is, it's absolutely impossible to hide in the cellar. And after these cellars are repaired, I don't worry about not using them. Even if the soldiers of the fierce bear army continue to March eastward after this winter, the people who are added later can also live in these cellars, which are absolutely good houses for living in this area.

In addition, the winter here is terrible. Even though the defense line from Sue Saint Mary to Detroit to Cleveland is long, even the Hurons and Iroquois are not afraid to go out on a large scale in winter. Moreover, most of the area of this defense line is lakeshore, and only a few key land transportation routes need to be guarded to prevent the Iroquois and Hurons from sneaking attacks.

The fierce bear army takes regiments as a unit, and a total of 40 regiments are distributed on this line of defense. Three regiments are usually stationed in key areas, and artillery regiments are also stationed in these key areas. With these 76mm cannons, it's enough to defend an area with a frontal width of 16 kilometers.

Although other regiments have no cannons, the 76mm mortar and 55mm mortar, as well as a larger number of grenades, are enough to ensure the safety of the officers and soldiers of the bear army.

Even in the last cold wave, when the temperature drops suddenly and the lake freezes, the Iroquois or Hurons walk on the ice near the lake shore, the stone bear doesn't worry.

Because each regiment stationed in the area, there is a hot-air balloon left behind. Even if these balloons cannot be launched at night, once they are launched during the day, they can see the area 180 kilometers away with a telescope at an altitude of 500 meters. Even if the Iroquois and Hurons wanted to sneak through the frozen lake, it was not so easy.

Stone bears don't think they can walk 100 kilometers on the ice in one night

As for the small-scale attack, the stone bear is not worried. The weapons in the hands of the Iroquois and Hurons, even if they come to more than one thousand or two thousand people, are not enough for one group to plug their teeth.

The fact also proves that this arrangement of stone bear is very correct.

Because just before this line of defense was fully formed, the Iroquois and the Hurons unexpectedly joined hands to launch several sneak attacks. Of course, they did not attack on a large scale, but sent dozens of small-scale soldiers to sneak attack from the mountains, from the lake shoreline, or even in canoes.

As a result, these sneak attackers were naturally killed by the soldiers of the bear army without hesitation. The most spectacular one was that the Iroquois sent a team of more than 1000 people. As a result, the hot-air balloon observer saw it early. The twenty 76mm cannons of the artillery group just shot two rounds in a salvo, and the more than 1000 people completely evaporated in the world

Since then, no Iroquois or Hurons have been seen to attack.

It is estimated that their chief is worried about how to resist the advance of the bear Army soldiers after the spring of next yea

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