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Chapter: 537

The stone bear doesn't know what the chief of Huron and Iroquois thinks and how he worries and worries. Now he only knows that he is very comfortable, not only comfortable, but also enjoyable.

Because the king's Court of the qipewa people was beaten down early, so before the cold winter came, the stone bear took the green Skylark and a pair of children from Shangjing. Because the stone bear wants to have a real winter with his family.

Although winter was not very warm in gaoshu tribe and Shangjing before, the winter there was definitely warm compared with the winter by Lake Superior.

The altitude of gaoshu tribe and Shangjing is about the same as that of Spring City in China, and the lowest temperature in winter is only ten degrees below zero. But by Lake Superior, it's 30 degrees below zero, just like playing.

It's like the location of the stone bear family now, that is, the small town of supirir at the west end of Lake supirir in later generations. Its latitude is about the same as that of Manchuria in China, and it's further north than Harbin.

And from here to the Arctic Ocean, it's almost a flat plain. The cold current from the Arctic Ocean and Hudson Bay can come here without any obstruction. Therefore, the winter temperature here often drops to minus 30 or 40 degrees, even the low temperature of minus 50 degrees is not uncommon.

In the future, even with global warming, there will often be a strong cold wave here, and the temperature will drop by 30 degrees in a day.

And compared with the snowfall of gaoshu tribe or Shangjing, the snowfall here is called real snowfall.

Gaoshu tribe or go to Beijing for a heavy snow, the snow depth is up to the calf belly, but if you come here for a heavy snow, you can find a place to go, then the snow can take away people's thighs. If you catch up with a Snowden and plunge into it by yourself, it will be gone.

When Shi Xiong remembered his previous life, he once read a piece of news, saying that in March 2010, there was a heavy snow in Inner Mongolia. The heavy snow gathered in a mountain nest and formed a Snowden, which just buried the railway. As a result, the train from Harbin to Baotou plunged into the Snowden, and the whole 15 carriages were buried by the snow

Is that heavy snow enough? But on this side of Lake Superior, such heavy snow is common.

Especially since December, the continuous snowfall here has blocked everything.

For example, when the stone bears woke up one morning, they wanted to go out and hang around, but the door couldn't be opened.

Eight year old huckler and four year old tatali were confused at the beginning. What's the situation? Why can't I open my door?

Trump was so strong that he tried to push the door open because of his strong body. But the door was pushed open by this guy, but the snow poured in all of a sudden

By the way, trump didn't push the door open. He pushed the whole door frame down

The heavy snow that had filled half the house made Huckleberry and tallie very happy. Although they have seen heavy snow before, where have they seen such heavy snow?

Two little guys, hand in hand, rushed over happily. As a result, they couldn't find them

The stone bear and the green Skylark laugh and scold, and dig the two little guys out of the snow. Now even the green skylark is happy, and the three children begin to play with the snow in the house.

Hard pressed boss Shi became a cleaner, but he watched trump and his two younger brothers and sisters have fun, and directly grabbed the guy's neck and dragged him over.

Want to play? No problem, but first you have to clear the snow in front of the door.

So trump became a bear tank. This guy arched out of the gate and then stood up. Three meters high enough for this guy's bear head to be exposed in the snow???

"I've got a big grass, and Trump's head comes out. How snowy is it?" The stone bear is confused.

Trump walked in front, and the stone bear pushed behind. At least he cleared the snow out of the door. At this time, the stone bear found that the snow was almost on the eaves of his house

It's also a tragedy to say that Shi Xiong is a chieftain and a tall and strong guy, so the house he lives in naturally has to be leeward and sunny. As a result, when he built the house, Shi Xiong chose such a place, but ignored it. Because of the return wind, it's easy to form a snow nest here

As a result, the heavy snow that began to fall from yesterday evening, under the action of wind, formed a small snow nest near the house where the stone bear lived. In one night, the snow almost buried the house.

The green Skylark took tatali's hand and came out. Eight year old hekale broke away from his mother's hand, yelled to help his father and brother clear the snow, and arched into the snow like a calf. After being pulled out by my father, my face and body will be covered with snow

Tatali looked at her brother playing happily. She looked at her mother with a look of begging. The meaning was very obvious - mother, let me have fun!

The green Skylark firmly grasped her hand, with an awe inspiring look, but her other hand was raised, as if trying to measure the height of the snow outside. As a result, her hand touched the unstable snow, and a large mass of snow fell on her and tatali's face, and the two of them were in a mess, Laughter and screams filled the room.

The shovel is useless to clean up the snow. The stone bear goes back into the house, finds a big board from the house, and then starts to clean up the snow with the board.

In fact, this snow is not that kind of extra snow. After all, it's the first snow of this year. But the location of the room chosen by the stone bear himself is not very good. As a result, he was buried here. The snow on the flat ground outside can only reach the thigh root, so when the stone bear heard a noise, a group of people came here with tools and began to clean up the snow from the outside.

There are many people and great strength. Without much time, there is a way to get in and out.

But the snow on both sides of the road is almost two and a half meters high

After going out, hekale and tatali are really crazy. The two bear children and a group of bear children outside come together, which really becomes a bear nest. A large group of bear children are having fun in the snow. Tatali, the youngest, often plays and can't find anyone. After she is dug out, the little girl is excited by the snow foam all over her body

In this way, the stone bear family began their first real winter by Lake Superior.

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