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Chapter: 538

Because of the stove, Kang and fire wall, even if the temperature outside can often drop to minus 30 or 40 degrees, the room is still warm as spring.

Even if you go out, don't worry, because people here are all wearing pure natural "fur"

Just as Fang Qingping, a famous stand up crosstalk actor, said in his crosstalk that the furs worn by the primitive people are absolutely pure natural furs, the furs they wear in winter are also pure natural furs.

There's no way. At this time, it's not like the prohibition of hunting wild animals in later generations. The modern people of later generations paid a huge price for their ancestors' unrestrained hunting, one of which is to win those wild animals higher than their ancestors.

It's not allowed to kill this one, and it's not allowed to catch that one. Anyway, as long as they are hairy, they can't all be protected.

But now, in the North American continent, in this area that has not been abused by human beings, wild animals are the source of food, body length and clothing for Indians.

With the first heavy snow coming, it began to snow in supirir, which is near 47 degrees north latitude.

Keep going, keep going. Before the previous heavy snow has melted, new snow will cover it again. After several snowfalls, the whole land will be covered with snow.

The vast lake also began to freeze. Of course, before the lake freezes, the St. Louis river that flows from west to East and finally flows into Lake Superior has been completely frozen.

Then, the surface of the Great Lake begins to ice from all around to the middle. After a cold wave, you can find that the ice bound area of the Great Lake extends a lot further.

When they return to the United States in December, they will be able to walk on the ice from the shore to the island in the middle of the narrow lake, which is more than 10 kilometers long, sandwiched between Lake Superior and the Gulf of superior.

The Great Lakes are all formed by glacial erosion, so the lakeshore of the Great Lakes and many islands in the lake are mostly craggy Cliffs, and there are few gentle places to see, let alone beaches.

But this long, narrow island across the mouth of the St. Louis river has a beautiful beach. On the East Bank of this long and narrow island in the middle of the lake, there will be a long beach after thawing in spring. It is said that this is the longest beach in the world. In the summer, this beach will become the favorite of the local people.

This beach is also the favorite of the local people. Over six miles of beach is an excellent natural beach. There are countless beach volleyball fields and beach football fields on this beach

It's a pity that stone bear didn't see this beautiful beach in his previous life. Although he saw it now, it's just winter.

All in all, at least this year, the stone bear can't play with his wife and children.

However, although you can't play with water, there are still many places to play and have fun in winter.

For example, ice fishing is a good game.

In this season, the Iroquois and Hurons dare not sneak attacks on land. The cold wave and snowstorm, which will come at any time, are the most powerful killers in the wild in this era. No one dares to wander in the wild in this season.

So in addition to the necessary vigilance, the soldiers of the bear army relaxed.

Stone bear, as the boss, naturally has to take a bunch of brothers with him.

Ice fishing is a very interesting and healthy activity.

Now, although the whole lake has not been frozen, it has completely frozen within the range of tens of kilometers from the shore. And the closer to the shore, the thicker the ice. Like the stone bear, where they are now, the thickness of the ice is more than one meter.

This kind of ice thickness, let alone walking, even running tanks are no problem, so people can enjoy playing on the ice.

It's just that it's not easy to chisel such thick ice. There are no electric drills or electric saws these days. If you want to chisel the ice hard as iron, you have to chisel it little by little, so it's really a very physical work.

But once the ice is cut a hole, it will be lively.

The fish under the ice are just as desperate as they are to get out of these ice holes. Some big fish can even jump out of the ice holes directly, and then hop on the ice for a few times, which will end their lives

To use the northeast old saying, the scene is really "beating roe deer with a stick and scooping fish".

In this era, Lake Superior is not a later generation. Let alone Lake Superior, the whole great lakes have been deprived of fish for a long time due to excessive fishing and lake water pollution.

Later, Lao Mei felt that it was impossible to go on like this, so she began to close the lake for fish culture. It took decades to recover the ecology of the Great Lakes.

But at present, there are more than one fish in the Great Lakes. There is only one chipewa people around Lake Superior. The whole tribe has less than 100000 people. Even if they are allowed to fish hard, they can't catch all the fish in the Great Lakes.

A bunch of bear kids look silly at the edge of the ice hole. Where have they seen such a scene?

Not to mention the children, even the adults are looking silly. Most of these soldiers live in the south central part of the North American continent, and many of them have never seen such a scene.

The only one happy is trump.

It's a real brown bear, and fish is one of their favorites.

In the past, trump went fishing in the river. It was very hard. He was so busy that he couldn't catch many fish in half a day. But now, there is no need to splash the water at all. The fish will jump up by itself. How can there be such a good thing under this day?

So trump didn't feel too cold. He just sat down next to the hole in the ice, jumped up a fish, put out his big claw and pressed it directly on the ice, and then half of the fish disappeared

Not much time. Even with Trump's big stomach, he couldn't eat any more.

Shi Xiong was also a bit embarrassed. He had made some simple fishing rods and wanted to teach the children how to fish. As a result, the fishing rod couldn't be used at all, which was a bit embarrassing

Trump had a good time eating fish, and then he was forced to eat it.

The climbing plough made by stone bear was once again tied to trump. In a flash, trump, who had just eaten, turned into a rickshaw puller.

The other children are not idle. The dogs pull the plow as well.

In addition to ice fishing and dog plowing, the stone bear also spent more than 20 days riding on the dog plowing, taking his family and a large number of helpers to the later apostles islands to see the famous ice cave in Lake Superior.

This famous winter scenic spot of later generations is still unknown to outsiders, so when a group of local buns from the South saw the magnificent ice caves, ice waterfalls, icicles, ice swords, ice drops, ice towers, ice beads and other scenery, they all looked as if they were petrified

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