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Chapter: 550

Colonel Alvin Osten is the highest military officer stationed in the fort of Detroit. He also commands four other military fortresses on the shores of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Lake Huron.

The fact that he became a captain of the Royal Army of the British Empire at the age of 31 is not because of his outstanding military ability, but because he has a good father.

As a matter of fact, the surname Auston shows the family background of Colonel Auston. Because the surname Auston, in the British Empire, stands for the meaning of noble birth.

It is true that Colonel Alvin Osten came from a large aristocratic family. His father was a real count.

It's a pity that Alvin Osten still has great difficulty in succeeding his father as Earl, even impossible, because there are three brothers above him.

Therefore, Alvin Austin wisely chose not to compete with his brothers for the title of Earl of Austin, but when he was ready to go to college, he chose the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst, which had just been established for more than 20 years, and his choice was strongly supported by his father Earl of Austin.

Later, after graduation, Alvin Osten went directly to the Royal Army of the British Empire. With the support of his father, he developed rapidly in the army. At the age of 30, he had become a lieutenant commander in the Royal Army of the British Empire.

The Auston family had a large industry and many plantations in the thirteen colonies of North America. Moreover, the Auston family also had a great influence in fur trade.

During the seven-year war, the fur trade of the Auston family in the new world of North America suffered a huge blow, and the later Pontiac uprising almost shut down the fur business of the Auston family.

However, as the British began to take over the French territory and gained an overwhelming advantage over the Indians in the Great Lakes region, the fur business of the Auston family began to recover.

Count Auston saw the opportunity and began to work.

In 1771, Alvin Osten, who had just become a lieutenant colonel, was sent to the new world by the British army. In compensation, of course, he was promoted to the rank of Colonel Osten.

This year, Alvin Osten just celebrated his thirty first birthday.

Instead of being sent to the thirteen colonies on the east coast, Colonel Alvin Osten went directly to the Great Lakes region and became the top military officer of the Detroit fortress and the top military officer of the other four fortresses.

Colonel Osten knows exactly what he was sent here for. He didn't come here to fight the local Indians, but to expand his family's fur business.

Therefore, in the four years since taking office, Colonel Auston has had a good relationship with the Indian tribes around him. No matter they are Ottawa people, Miami people, Huron people, Elaine people and Chippewa people, they are willing to sell their fur to this gentle Englishman.

The fur business of the Auston family also developed rapidly after Alvin Auston became the top military officer of the Detroit fortress. Last year, the Auston family once became the largest fur trader in Britain.

It's all about Alvin Osten's hard work.

In order to reward his four sons, the old Earl of Auston even began to operate in Britain, making his four sons a real general.

Although the ostons are powerful in politics and business, they are much weaker in the military. And Alvin Osten's outstanding performance made the old Earl see the family's hope to establish its own power in the military.

But man is not as good as nature. Just when the operation of the old Earl of Auston was about to be completed, the sound of Lexington's gun changed the whole of England.

The wily Earl of Auston knew very well that it would be a very dangerous thing if his son took part in the fight between the East and the colonists. On the contrary, if the son is still stationed in the Great Lakes, it will be much safer.

Moreover, although his majesty promulgated the "1763 declaration" to prohibit the colonists from expanding westward, the British government and military will never let go of the 13 military fortresses in the five Great Lakes area that they have already reached.

So, under the operation of Earl Auston, Alvin Auston continued to stay at the Detroit fort. Then the old Earl of Auston prepared to wait for the war to change obviously, and then put his son to work near the east coast to earn military contributions.

In Earl Auston's understanding, the bitter colonists could not defeat the powerful Royal Army and navy in any case. At that time, as long as his son has a good performance in a battle destined to win a big victory, then under the operation of the family, his son's general should not run away.

Alvin Osten knew the plan of the old Earl of Osten for a long time. He didn't want to rush into the eastern battlefield at this time. It's too dangerous there. It's far less safe to stay here.

Unfortunately, just when Colonel Alvin Osten thought that there could be no enemy here, a wave of native Indians who were so huge that they almost scared him to pee suddenly came to the vicinity of Detroit fort.

Colonel Osten was really scared to pee because he saw for himself how powerful the Cherokee army, the second division of the bear army, was. In particular, the kind of cannon that can shoot miles and produce a violent explosion almost made Colonel Osten think that he had seen a ghost!

How could there be such a powerful gun in the world? What's more, what they launched was a flower bomb! This is simply impossible!

Even though there were two thousand British Royal armies stationed in the fortress of Detroit, Colonel Osten did not dare to move at all.

The damned staff member wanted to test the aborigines' intentions and lured them with pounds. More than 20 drunkards wanted to attack the aborigines' camp. As a result, they killed 14 of them!

This kind of toughness made Colonel Osten even more worried and afraid. He was afraid that these native Indians would even the Detroit Fort if they didn't agree with each other!

After personally ordering the removal of the damned staff officer, Colonel Osten began to collect all the information about the Cherokee tribe, which made him even more afraid.

This Indian tribe, rising in the middle and south of the Appalachian Mountains, almost unified the new continent of North America in just ten years! Now, they are preparing to wage war against the remaining Indian tribes in and north of the Great Lakes region. Obviously, the Cherokee are preparing to unify the new continent of North America!

But if they really conquered all the remaining Cherokee tribes, would they drive the British Empire out of the continent next?

Although the news that Colonel Osten got was that the kingdom had a good relationship with the Cherokee tribe, and that the Ferguson rifles with an effective range of 200 yards now equipped in the army were said to have been developed by this tribe, and that the catapults with a very light weight but an effective range of more than 600 yards were also developed by this tribe. But that doesn't mean the tribe won't turn against the Empire in the future

If that's the case, the fortress in Detroit will definitely be the first target to be destroyed!

Now, it is said that the chief of the Cherokee people has also come, isn't it

A decision was suddenly made in Colonel Osten's mind!

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