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Chapter: 551

Because the weather is getting warmer soon, the stone bear did not continue to go south, but stayed in the second division.

Once they attack the Iroquois, the stone bear is ready to follow the soldiers of the second division. After all, the position of the second division is the most important, and it is also the closest place to attack the Iroquois.

Comfortable after a few days, just to run for most of the winter tired drive away, that day early in the morning, stone bear's Pro guard chief told stone bear a news.

"Chief, there are a few vasichus out there who want to see you. One of them claims to be the top military officer of the Detroit fort. Would you like to see him? "

Stone bear was stunned for a moment. He didn't know why the top military officer in Detroit wanted to see him, but since they were here, stone bear couldn't turn them away. Anyway, the tribe has always maintained a good relationship with the British.

"Let them in." Stone bear just hesitated a little and made a decision.

When stone bear saw Alvin Osten with the rank of Colonel on his shoulder, he was surprised at the age of Colonel Osten. This guy, who seems to be at most thirty-four or fifteen years old, can become a colonel at such a young age. It's really commendable.

You know, my old friend, Colonel James Jones, the highest military officer ever stationed in Jamestown, is in his fifties!

Of course, Colonel Auston was also surprised by the overbearing size of the stone bear. Even if he was a European, he had never seen such a strong man.

Where is this man? This is a giant bear!

Especially in the stone bear's side, there is a real giant bear that looks lazy!

Especially when the bear saw Auston, he opened his mouth and yawned at them, which almost scared Auston to pee his pants.

Although there were still a few people following Osten, only Colonel Osten was allowed to enter the big tent, and his men were left outside.

Looking at the handsome young blonde colonel who was scared by trump, the stone bear patted Trump's big head angrily and said, "go outside and play by yourself. I want to talk to the distinguished guests. You are not suitable here!"

Although Colonel Osten didn't understand the stone bear, he clearly saw that the giant bear got up lazily, and then really "glared" at himself, and then walked out slowly from behind.

Of course, when trump got up, he had a clear view of his body, which made him feel a palpitation again.

The stone bear stood up with a smile, walked forward a few steps, stretched out his hand, and said in fluent English, "big bear, chief of the Cherokee people. Nice to meet you, my friend

The stone bear's fluent English with bright Lundun accent stunned Colonel Auston for a moment, but then he held out his hands and shook them a few times. Then he said with a smile: "Alvin Auston, the highest military officer of the British Royal Army in Detroit fortress." As he said this, Auston's smile became stronger. "Chief, I really didn't expect you to speak such fluent English. If I closed my eyes and listened to you, I would think I had met a friend from my hometown."

Stone bear laughs a little, this little compliment is very comfortable.

"Sit down, Colonel Auston." Stone bear asked, "what would you like to drink? Green Tea? black tea? Coffee or wine? "

"Wow, chief, you are really rich here!" Colonel Osten had come to please the chief, so he didn't mind throwing away his face and licking the chief's ass.

"I prefer tea. I prefer black tea."

Seeing that Colonel Osten sat down, the stone bear nodded to the guard who was standing next to him. Then the guard turned and went out.

Stone bear also sat on the chair opposite to Colonel Osten, with a tea table made of solid wood between them.

"Come on, taste the cigarettes of our tribe. It's popular in your colonies, isn't it? " Stone bear picked up a box of refined cigarettes from the tea table and took out two. One of them was handed to Colonel Osten. Osten took them in a hurry.

"Chief, cigarettes are really popular here, but I've never seen such exquisite cigarettes before." Auston gave another flattery.

"Ha ha, this kind of cigarette is not for external use, it is only used in the high level of our tribe." The stone bear said with a smile. He picked up the delicate origami and shook it against the wind. The fire came out. "Come on, light it and taste the smoke. If you like, take some back later. I don't lack these things here. "

The magic origami shocked Colonel Osten again, but he soon came and lit the cigarette in his mouth.

After a deep puff, Colonel Auston's face immediately showed satisfaction. "Wow, I have to say, this is the best cigarette I've ever smoked. It's mellow but not spicy. It's really a top grade good cigarette. "

The stone bear also lit his eyes with a smile. After taking a puff, he asked, "I don't know what captain Osten is doing here this time?"

"Ha ha, chief, I don't have anything else to do this time. It's just that I've heard from my staff that you're here, so I'll pay a special visit. After all, the relationship between our British Empire and your tribe has always been very good. Now that you have come to Detroit, if I don't pay a visit, if my superiors know about it, and if I don't respect the big hat of my friends, I can't afford it. "

After the initial shock and discomfort, Colonel Auston showed his agility and demeanor as an important member of a noble family.

"Ha ha, don't be so polite. Over the years, I have known some people in your country very well. Don't you know if Colonel Osten knew Captain James Jones who had been stationed in Jamestown? That's an old friend of mine, but now he's back in England. We haven't seen each other for a long time

"Well, Colonel Jones is my elder. He has a good relationship with my father. I always regard Colonel Jones as my goal." Colonel Osten showed a proper humility.

When it was time to speak, the pro guard came over with a tray. There were two steaming cups of tea on it, but one was black tea and the other was green tea.

Shi Xiong likes green tea, but he doesn't like black tea. However, black tea is very popular among the British, so there are many people in the tribe who are planting black tea now, and the harvest is not small when they sell it to the colonies.

After a cup of tea and a chat, Captain Auston asked the real question of his coming here.

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