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Chapter: 555

Kuaima, as the commander of the first division and the highest commander of the North Road army, sent the news that the Hurons raised the white flag.

However, due to the limited distance of radio communication, Kuaima's radio telegraphy is not very detailed, but just tells the general process.

In fact, even if we don't talk about it, the stone bear can guess Huron's choice.

In fact, the Hurons have no choice at all. Otherwise the Huron chief would not have sent his brother to make peace.

Although the climate along the St. Lawrence River is not very good, it is much stronger than the North Bank of Lake Huron. Unfortunately, the Hurons who lived there for generations were driven to the west by the Iroquois.

The Hurons also want to find a good place to survive, but there are powerful Crees in the north and equally powerful chipewas in the West. Moreover, the Hurons have a good relationship with chipewas, so they can't occupy the chipewas' place.

Besides, as far as their strength is concerned, they can't beat others if they want to occupy the qipewa's place.

To the south are the Great Lakes, even the five major Hunan provinces, as well as the Ottawa people and the Yili people, which are also allies.

Even at the risk of being attacked by the Crees, it's impossible to move north. Unlike the Inuit, the Hurons did not live in the Arctic for generations. They had a good command of how to resist the cold and how to find prey in the cold tundra. If the Hurons continue to go north, the cold weather will be enough to wipe out the family.

So the Hurons were trapped on the North Bank of Lake Huron.

The average temperature is below zero at night for eight months of the year. Even in summer, the temperature is not very high. The point is that summer is short, and so is the time spent hunting. As for planting, you can only plant one season a year.

Therefore, it's very embarrassing that the Hurons belong to the position that grandmothers don't care for their uncles and uncles don't love among these Indian tribes along the Great Lakes.

Now the Cherokees, who are so powerful and frightening, are coming. The Hurons have no place to run or hide. Their only choice is to surrender or fight to the death.

Obviously, chief balzaca knows his strength too well. They don't even have the qualification to fight the fierce bear army. If they dare to fight to the death, then the only end for them is that the eggs touch the stones.

Since we can't fight to the death, and the Cherokees don't accept peace, the Hurons have the only choice, unconditional surrender!

Just a first division can easily crush the entire Huron clan, for which the stone bear has no doubt.

So, when the Hurons saw the soldiers of the first division killed, they had no choice but to surrender.

Of course, the Hurons surrendered unconditionally, which is undoubtedly good news. After all, the Hurons are also a tribe with a population of more than 50000 people. If they can win this tribe without fighting, the stone bear has always welcomed them.

Moreover, this kind of direct and unconditional surrender of the tribe, after the integration is particularly smooth. Just like the Pueblo, OSACHI, jokto and Navajo, the process of integration is very smooth.

Because once they surrender unconditionally, they can't help crossing that barrier psychologically.

The good news also made Shi Xiong order the middle road army to take a rest day and celebrate at the same time.

More than ten days' March made the soldiers tired, and the Engineering Battalion in front also needed to build a floating bridge on the Niagara River.

Because the location of crossing the Niagara River is in the upper reaches of the Niagara River, that is, the mouth of Lake Erie. The straight-line distance from where to Hamilton is less than 100 kilometers. Therefore, the soldiers take a day off without delaying the attack.

After all, along the way, the officers and soldiers of the second division and the mixed seventh division have completely frightened the Iroquois who were harassed. It's been three days since I saw the Iroquois harassed.

It is estimated that by this time, the Iroquois had gathered all the main forces, and were preparing for a real decisive battle with the stormy bear soldiers somewhere.

The stone bear didn't care about the choice of the Iroquois. Whether it is the second division or the mixed eighth division in the south, as long as they arrive at the designated place, there are only two endings for the Iroquois: one is to surrender after being beaten and collapsed, and the other is to surrender unconditionally.

But stone bear estimates that the Iroquois are 90% sure they will choose the former. After all, the Iroquois have been around for hundreds of years, and they have never lost here. Even if the Iroquois were involved in the seven-year war 20 years ago, they wisely chose to stand on the side of the British, and they won again.

This tribe, which has never tasted failure for hundreds of years, is easy to develop arrogance and even arrogance. Therefore, they are very tough now. Even if they hit the south wall, they will not easily turn back. Instead, they will continue to try to collapse the south wall with their own heads!

But stone bear now like to cure all kinds of iron head!

After a day of trimming in Hamilton, the army continued to March East. Two days later, the army gathered on the West Bank of the Niagara River.

However, the stone bear did not follow the army to the Niagara River. He and jorak Rulu, who came here, inspected the place where the army was about 20 kilometers away from the Niagara River.

If the stone bear is now the president of the Cherokee people, then Jorah krulu is equivalent to the Prime Minister of the Cherokee people.

Thanks to his outstanding contribution to the internal affairs over the years, Shi Xiong is very relieved to leave the internal affairs of the tribe to him. Jorakulu is also the third in name of the whole Cherokee race, second only to the stone bear and the high priest kabulu. However, the power in his hands now is recognized as the second leader of the tribe.

Now, under the protection of hundreds of Pro guards, the stone bear and jorak Lulu stand next to a natural river near St. Catherine.

"Giola cruro, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you will see the great waterfall on the Niagara River. Without that waterfall, the natural channel of Niagara River would be a golden waterway. But because of the existence of the great waterfall, the golden waterway was cut off, and ships could not navigate between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. So we have to find a way to bypass the waterfall and find a new waterway to connect the two great lakes, so that we can take a boat from Shangjing to the East and reach the Atlantic Ocean in the East

Jorak Lulu looked down at the map in his hand and said, "chief, do you mean that we are going to build an artificial canal here just like you said before, which is called Chicago?"

The stone bear nodded, looked up at the natural river not far away, and exhaled a mouthful of white gas

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