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Chapter: 558

Both sides of the Niagara River used to belong to Iroquois territory, but now there is no Iroquois here.

Especially near the mouth of the upper Niagara River, the stone bear also saw a large gathering place. It should have been the territory of some Iroquois tribe before, but now it has been empty.

There are a lot of "long houses" in this tribe, which is no big difference from the long houses of the high tree tribe and even the Cherokee people. The relationship between the Cherokees and the Iroquois can be seen from these long houses.

Even though the two tribes used to be thousands of miles apart, they were really one family.

Unfortunately, the family that should have loved each other had to fight each other.

In this regard, the stone bear is also very helpless.

On the one hand, in order to ensure the inheritance of "blood orthodoxy", some side branches had to be driven out of their ancestral land; on the other hand, they fought desperately to return to their ancestral land.

It's hard to say who is right or wrong. If you want to complain, you can only complain about fate.

Hongyun also saw the big and small open tribes. At this time, she followed the stone bear to stand on the East Bank of the mouth of the wide upstream of the Niagara River, looked at the opposite land from afar, and said with great emotion: "Dali bear, the opposite is the ancestral land of our tribe. Our tribe lived in this area until we were driven out of here. "

Then she turned her head, looked at the stone bear seriously and asked, "big bear, will you lead our people back to our ancestral land?"

Stone bear also very seriously said: "this is a must! We've been preparing for so many years, and we've built such a large territory. Isn't it for the glorious return to our ancestral land? I think our ancestors also want us to return to our ancestral land with the supreme glory. They will watch us return to our ancestral land in the sky. "

"Are the Iroquois afraid? They gave up even the tribes here. " Red cloud light asks a way, but the stone bear hears the excitement hidden in her tone.

"Yes, the Iroquois are afraid, so they have lost the qualification to occupy here again. And we will completely replace them as masters here. Here, it is destined to be our territory, and no one can take it away in the future! " The tone of stone bear is full of affirmation.

"However, if we want to completely occupy here, we still need to fight a tough battle. If I am not wrong, the Iroquois should have all gathered at this time, waiting for the final battle with us. "

"We're going to win, aren't we?" Although Hongyun already knows the answer, her face still looks forward to it.

The stone bear nodded with a smile. "Of course, our tribe has the most powerful storm bear army in the world. Those Iroquois are not our opponents. The storm bear soldiers will be able to easily kill them."

"Will they run away?" Hongyun seems to be interested. Before, she paid little attention to military affairs.

The stone bear shook his head and looked across the river. "No, they won't run away. And they have no place to escape. Now they can only fight with us. "

After a pause, the stone bear pointed to the northeast and said, "now, the first division of Kuaima has conquered the Hurons, and their cavalry troops have rapidly marched to the North Bank of the St. Lawrence River. Even though the number of these cavalry units is only a few thousand, these brave soldiers have completely cut off the possibility of the Iroquois fleeing to the north. No matter how many Iroquois there are, they can't cross the St. Lawrence River by force under the blockade of cavalry troops with many grenade throwers. To the north, they have no way out. "

The stone bear's finger pointed to the southwest. "In the south of Lake Erie, our mixed eighth Division has reached the predetermined position, which completely cut off the possibility of the Iroquois fleeing south."

"What about the east?" Red cloud asked, "the Iroquois can run to the East. Aren't they always on the side of the British?"

"No, they won't run east, because there is no condition for them to survive in the East." Stone bear is very sure to say.

"Why don't they run east?" Hongyun doesn't know much about strategy.

The bighorn sheep, who had been standing behind them, took two steps forward and stood beside Hongyun. Then he coughed in a low voice and said, "Dear high priest kabulu, in fact, the reason why the chief chose to carry out the northern expedition at this time, especially the attack on the Iroquois now, is mainly because the vasichu himself has made a real fire. Now, in the East, the British and their colonists are fighting fiercely. They are too busy to deal with themselves. Who can control the Iroquois? The most important thing is that there are many Iroquois. If they run eastward now, there is a great possibility that the British and the colonists will turn their guns to the Iroquois. If that happens, the Iroquois will have no chance of survival

Seeing that there was still a puzzled look on Hongyun's face, the stone bear laughed and explained, "if the Iroquois had run east ten years ago, there would have been a chance to survive. But not now. Because in the seven-year war, the Iroquois were firmly on the side of the British and helped them defeat the French. However, after the outbreak of the British civil war, two of the six tribes that formed the great League of Iroquois had defected, and the two tribes took the side of the colonists. Although the remaining four tribes of the Iroquois alliance still stood on the side of the British, both the British and the colonists were very wary of the Iroquois at this time, and they did not know who the Iroquois were going to help, so they would certainly attack the Iroquois. To the East, there is no chance for the Iroquois to survive. "

At this point, Hong Yun fully understood what had happened in the past year, and she also understood the embarrassing situation faced by the Iroquois.

In fact, just as the stone bear said, the five tribes of mohak, oneda, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca that formed the Iroquois alliance, together with the tuskarla people who joined the Iroquois alliance 60 years ago, constitute the current Iroquois Grand Alliance. Among them, the mohawks are the core and elder brother of the Iroquois.

During the seven-year war, the six tribes firmly stood on the side of the British, and the British defeated the French. However, after the outbreak of the war of independence, the six tribes split, and the four tribes headed by the Mohawk still stood on the side of the British, but the other two tribes were fooled by the Americans to stand on the side of the Americans.

So now, both the Americans and the British are very wary of the Iroquois, because they don't know which side the Iroquois will really stand on.

Now the two sides are at a critical moment of stalemate, and the Iroquois will have an overwhelming advantage on which side to join. So in this case, no matter the British or the Americans, they will never allow accidents to happen.

Once the Iroquois dare to enter the eastern battlefield, the British and Americans will never mind turning the gun to kill the Iroquois first, so as not to disturb them!

So, the Iroquois really have no place to escape!

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