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Chapter: 559

In fact, as the stone bear judged, the Iroquois did not escape.

When the pontoon was completed, some soldiers of the second division and the mixed seventh division bravely crossed the Niagara River and moved eastward for more than 30 kilometers, they saw a large number of Iroquois soldiers.

Although the current Iroquois alliance is still the top tribe in the whole North American continent, its strength is far from its peak.

In fact, even if there were no stone bears, the Iroquois would be driven away by the Americans in three years.

When the war of independence broke out last year, the Iroquois tried to remain neutral at the beginning, but they could not resist the deception of the British and the Americans, and the originally United tribe split.

Later, in 1779, the father of the United States, Watson ton, sent three columns to infiltrate the territory of the Iroquois, set fire to more than 40 Iroquois tribes in succession, and finally drove the Iroquois out of their ancestral land.

The Iroquois, who had no place to go, finally suffered from division. They had to flee north to Canada to escape the pursuit of the Americans. Later, he was driven to the Ohio Valley by the British

In a word, the tribal alliance, which used to be extremely powerful, is now at the end of the day.

However, the random entry of the stone bear has made some changes.

At least now the Iroquois alliance, which should be on the side of the Americans and the British respectively, has been split for some time, but under the strong pressure of the bear army, these six tribes are ready to fight the bear army together again.

The six major tribes of the Iroquois alliance, together with some small tribes, are enough to build an army with a population of more than 30000. In addition, they have a large number of muskets in their hands, which is the strength of the Iroquois alliance.

At present, the area of the core territory controlled by the Iroquois is not small. From the west to the East, it can reach the later snow city. The whole South Bank of Lake Ontario and the South Bank of half Lake Erie belong to the Iroquois core territory.

As for the location of the Iroquois court, which is the core area of the Mohawk, it is about near Rochester.

However, the large number of Iroquois soldiers assembled in front of the fierce bear army were obviously the main force of the Iroquois, but they did not protect their royal court. Instead, they laid a defense line about 70 kilometers west of their royal court.

"That's where we used to be! Behind the Iroquois are the ancestral lands of the Cherokees Red cloud rare gaffe, she stood on a hill bag, excitedly pointed to a distance position said.

It's not only her, but also the more than ten sacrificial priests around her. Now bakaluzu, the great witch doctor of the tribe, is almost breathless. Obviously, these sacrificial priests who know the history of the tribe most recognize the land behind the Iroquois soldiers.

Although stone bear is a chieftain, he is a man who became a chieftain on the way. Therefore, he does not know about the ancestors of the Cherokee people, let alone their ancestral land.

Let alone the stone bear, it is estimated that the whole tribe does not know the ancestral land except for a few sacrifices. After all, before the stone bear appeared, the people who recorded the important events of the tribe were all done by the high priest or other sacrifices of the tribe.

These sacrifices are the real inheritors of a tribe.

Even if these sacrifices can only record the events of the tribe through knots and slate paintings, they are also inheritance!

Stone bear curiously looked at the excited red cloud and bakaluzu. After they gradually recovered, he asked, "high priest kabulu, are you sure that the place in the distance is where we used to be?"

"It's definitely our ancestral land, I'm sure of that!" Red cloud took a deep breath, still some excited reply.

"I have a lot of knots and slate paintings, some of which are special records of the ancestral land. These knots and slate paintings are preserved by every high priest of kabulu." Red cloud looked at the stone bear and said seriously.

The stone bear also nodded. He had seen the things in the red cloud room with his own eyes. Although he didn't know what the ropes with knots of different sizes recorded, Shi Xiong knew that they were absolutely precious things.

The North American Indians without words recorded the important events of their ancestors and tribes through knots and slate paintings.

"Our ancestors have said that our ancestral land is in a flat land surrounded by semicircular mountains. There are two rivers on both sides of the ancestral land. These two rivers will eventually converge in the valley to the north of the ancestral land and finally flow northward into the Great Lakes. And a day's walk from ancestral land to Thor's land (due West) can reach Thor's water! Big bear, look, is the terrain in the area ahead the same as that recorded by our ancestors? Also, we just came from the water of Thor, and it's just one day, so this must be our ancestral place! "

The stone bear nodded silently.

Hongyun is right. Although you can't see the real landform of the area in front of you from this hill, the hill, which is more than 200 meters higher than other places, is indeed a semicircle wrapped with a flat land. And under the sun, you can see the light reflected by the two rivers.

Most importantly, isn't walking from Niagara Falls just the time of day?

Niagara Falls means "Thor's water" in Iroquois!

In Iroquois, the land of Thor stands for the west, and the source of Thor is the Niagara Falls!

The stone bear shook his head and said to the black wolf: "prepare a hot-air balloon immediately. I will go to heaven with high priest kabulu and great witch doctor bakaluzu to have a look! I want to make sure this is our ancestral home

The black wolf excitedly saluted, turned around and ran down the hill. After a while, the roar of the black wolf sounded below.

Stone bear and Kuaima picked up the pole in person. Bakaluzu, who was already unable to walk, sat on the pole. Red cloud followed him. Four people quickly walked down the hill.

Half an hour later, bakaluzu and Hongyun, who were covered in thick fur, sat on the hot air balloon under the guidance of the stone bear. Then the stone bear himself shook the hand-held hair dryer, and the hot air balloon began to lift off slowly.

The huge balloon caused some commotion among the Iroquois a few kilometers away, but it soon subsided. Stone bear they don't care about this, but stare at the land which is more and more clear because of the rising height!

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