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Chapter: 564

There are two mountains more than 200 meters high in the northeast and northwest of Cherokee's ancestral land. These two mountains are not high, but they stand out in such a flat place.

In the southeast and southwest, there are two rivers. These two rivers and the two mountains form a diamond which is not very standard.

The area of about 145 square kilometers surrounded by mountains and rivers is the birthplace of the Cherokee people.

But now, the land is full of Iroquois, and in a flat wasteland about two or three kilometers west of the ancestral land, two groups of men with cold weapons are confronting each other. On one side were a thousand stormy bear soldiers, and on the other were soldiers selected by the Iroquois.

Wearing a traditional animal skin dress, the stone bear rode on the back of Huofeng and stood alone in the front of the thousand fierce bear army. Next to him, there was a lazy trump.

That scene can be described in one sentence - a thief in the grass with two mines pinned to his waist

Stone bear doesn't have two mines pinned to his waist, but he has two throwing axes pinned to his waist. On his back, he carries the big bow that hasn't been used for a long time. On Huofeng's back, he carries an arrow bag, which contains more than ten huge iron arrows.

Well, there are several strong men behind the stone bear. In addition to the weapons in their hands, each of them carries a huge quiver bag, which contains the iron arrows used by the big bow of the stone bear.

Today is a fine day. There is no wind, the sun is high and the sky is clear.

In this early spring season, this is definitely a good day for outing, but here, the atmosphere is tense.

The stone bear opened his mind and showed the bear's tattoo that roared up. A fierce breath suddenly came.

The stone bear grabbed the trumpet in one hand, raised his other finger, pointed to the Iroquois opposite, and said with a loud smile: "I'm the chieftain of the Cherokee people, big bear. Where's your chieftain? Let them out! Don't you see me standing in the front? Why is your chief so bloodless? Dare not stand in the front? "

"Pooh! Is this the chief? Is this still a man? Let your chief stand up, I will choose six! Dare you? If you have an egg in your crotch, just stand up and say something

"Ha ha, I dare not! A bunch of counsellors! You don't dare to fight one out of six. You don't deserve to be chief at all! Why don't you just go home and hide in your mother-in-law's arms... "

Every time the stone bear said a word, the fierce bear soldiers in the rear laughed loudly.

The Iroquois on the other side were said to be blue and white, but they couldn't refute it.

That big man with a big horn in his hand can amplify the sound several times, even if it is hundreds of meters away. On my own side, if I want to refute, if I can't get through 100 meters, I will be blown away by the wind

Most importantly, they are right.

If you look at the chieftain, you dare to stand in front of all the soldiers and face a thousand pairs of hands. That's what a boss should do.

What about the boss? I'm afraid to show up in the back.

Even if you stand up and say something! Although the big man opposite looks terrible, what can you do if you stand up and say something? Can that guy kill you hundreds of meters away?

This is almost the common thought in the hearts of the 1000 Iroquois soldiers.

No contrast, no harm. This kind of contrast immediately let the Iroquois soldier taxi Spirit fell to the trough.

Other people's chief stood alone in the middle of the battlefield, more than 200 meters away from their soldiers, and only 300 or 400 meters away from his side. Other people's chief was not afraid at all!

If he was afraid, he would not stand in that position. It was really in the middle of the battlefield!

Some Iroquois turned to their rear. They all know what their destiny is today, whether they are dead or alive. They have already prepared for this.

But the problem is, Lao Tzu has left life and death out of the question, and you six chiefs have not come out to boost the morale of your brothers?

Let's see what the big chief opposite did!

Seeing the obvious decline of their own morale, six horse riding figures finally appeared in the rear camp of the Iroquois.

Seeing these six figures appear, a burst of cheers broke out among the Iroquois soldiers. Obviously, the chiefs of the six major tribes of the Iroquois alliance appeared at the same time.

Who knows what these six think? Maybe they don't want to come forward, or maybe they just want to fight with these 1000 carefully selected dead men. Anyway, no matter what the outcome, as long as the six of them do not appear on the battlefield, the six of them can guarantee the minimum personal safety.

But it's a pity that the big chief on the opposite side just opened the "group ridicule" trick, and immediately pushed the six chiefs to the wall.

These six chiefs are not idiots. They know very well that at this critical moment, if they still insist on not coming out, then the result of the battle will be determined. The Iroquois have absolutely no hope of winning.

Morale is invisible, but it works too well on the battlefield.

Therefore, the six chiefs had to show up for the morale of their soldiers.

In addition, the distance between the two sides was a little far. The six of them felt that even if the Cherokee raided, they could get back to their camp before the Cherokee caught up with them.

The six chiefs came to the front of the thousand Iroquois soldiers on horseback in full dress. They were talking loudly, and the Iroquois soldiers burst out with cheers.

Obviously, the six chiefs' attempts were not in vain. They recovered their low morale.

It may be that they feel that doing so is really a big boost. It can not only improve their morale, but also show their fearlessness in front of all the clansmen. So after finishing their words, the six chiefs rode forward for a distance and stopped about 300 meters away from the stone bear.

The six men made different postures on horseback. Some seemed to show that we were equally fearless, and some seemed to humiliate the Cherokee on the opposite side. Anyway, the six chiefs proved that they were not afraid of death with their body movements.

The reason why the six of them did so must be that they thought that the Cherokees could not kill them with cold weapons at a distance of more than 300 meters, so they dared to force at such a distance.

But they never know what a big bug the big guy opposite them is. Moreover, this big man once shot and killed a chief and seven tribal leaders of Yuchi people with the big and outrageous bow on his back at a distance of more than 400 meters!

So, when they saw that the big man across the street suddenly threw away the big horn in his hand, and then took off the absurdly large bow from his back with his backhand, they just felt a burst of unspeakable palpitation

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