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Chapter: 565

Even if it's early spring, the rivers are still frozen, and the weeds and trees haven't turned green, it's still a complete original ecology, so there's a different kind of beauty here.

But today, the two opposing armies have completely destroyed the atmosphere here.

In particular, the Iroquois, who were just excited by the six chiefs and were howling, made the place extremely noisy.

However, this kind of noise disappeared completely in just a few seconds. Suddenly, the needles fell from the vast wasteland. The howling Iroquois seemed to have been strangled by an invisible hand, and the howling stopped suddenly.

No, because these Iroquois soldiers saw an incredible scene with their own eyes.

If there is slow motion playback, they will clearly see that the big man standing hundreds of meters away suddenly takes out a big and frightening bow. Although far away, many Iroquois soldiers with good eyes can still see the big bow, which brings endless pressure to people.

A lot of Iroquois soldiers who can see the big bow are even wondering whether such a big bow can be pulled by human beings?

But the facts soon gave the answer.

In full view of the public, the huge and amazing bow was pulled into the shape of a full moon. Then, the hand holding the bow string released the bow string. An iron arrow with black light was like a black lightning that cut through the sky. In a very short time, it crossed the distance of 300 meters and accurately shot into the chest of chief Yoda Seneca.

Who knows how much power is attached to this iron arrow, because after this iron arrow easily penetrated chief Yoda Seneca's chest, it hammered into the back of the horses under his hip. The sharp arrow almost instantly broke through the fur and flesh of the horses and came out from behind their buttocks.

The huge power made the horse fall to the ground in an instant. The iron arrow, which was more than one and a half meters long, was nailed to the ground with people and horses alive!

It's a slow thing to say, but it only took a few seconds.

The other five chiefs didn't even react when udasenkalian and his horse were nailed to the ground by the iron arrow.

At this time, the 1000 Iroquois soldiers were frightened to find that the big chief, who had just shot this amazing arrow, had once again pulled the huge bow into a full moon.

The next moment, chief Huke of the oneda became the second man to be nailed to the ground.

It's just that chief Hooke and chief Yoda Seneca are a little different, because his steeds are not nailed to the ground or injured. Because the huge iron arrow full of the breath of death just hit chief Hooke's face. The huge impact instantly rushed chief Huke away from the horse, then the iron arrow penetrated chief Huke's head, and finally he was nailed to the ground with chief Huke!

In less than ten seconds, the two sheikhs who were alive just now were nailed to the ground!

The most important thing is that the distance between the killers and the victims is more than 300 meters!

Those Iroquois soldiers had never thought that in this world, in addition to the artillery, there are any cold weapons that can kill so accurately at such a long distance.

Now, these Iroquois are finally an eye opener. It turns out that the big bow in the opposite big man's hand is not a decoration. It can really kill people, and it can kill people at such a long distance!

It's definitely a terrifying killing weapon.

Two chiefs were shot in a row, and both the Iroquois and the four remaining chiefs responded.

The thousand Iroquois soldiers behind exclaimed in unison, and made their chief run back quickly.

The four chiefs who had not died also came back, turned their horses around and ran back as hard as they could.

Unfortunately, just when the four chiefs turned their horses' heads, the third iron arrow came through the air. Unfortunately, this time, the chief of the mohak nationality, who is also the chief of the Iroquois League, was shot in the back by this iron arrow, and then penetrated the neck of the horse, and the horse was nailed to the ground.

The exclamation of the Iroquois soldiers stopped abruptly once again, but then they burst out more exclamations.

Because the fourth iron arrow broke through the air again under their gaze.

At this time, the remaining three chiefs had turned their horses around and began to run back desperately, but although the horses ran far faster than people, they still couldn't catch up with the black iron arrow like lightning.

The fourth chief to be shot was the tuskarola chief, morzuk. He died miserably, because the iron arrow just hit him in the back of the head, and then most of the skull was lifted, red and white splashed on the ground.

Morzuk was also the only chief who had not been nailed to the ground. His head was blasted by the great power attached to the iron arrow

If we say what Yoda Seneca and their six most regret, it is definitely that they should not run more than tens of meters to force.

If they didn't run these tens of meters more, they just need to drill into the crowd when the stone Bear Archery, and the stone bear won't find them.

But they ran dozens of meters more, and then the tens of meters became the life and death barrier they could no longer cross.

The fifth chieftain was nailed to the ground with his horse after running back about 10 meters.

The sixth chief was much better. He was about to run back to the battle line of the Iroquois soldiers, and was thrown down by an arrow.

The sixth chieftain was lucky. The arrow of stone bear didn't kill him on the spot. Because this iron arrow was shot from his back and came out from his belly.

However, it doesn't matter that he didn't die on the spot. The special iron arrow shot by the stone bear is more than 10 cm long and about the same thickness as the big thumb. The most important thing is that the three edged arrow has three deep blood grooves on it - this kind of blood groove is very insidious. I can't shoot you, but I can bleed you!

All the Iroquois soldiers were dumbfounded when they watched their six chief being shot one by one at a distance of more than 300 meters under their own eyes.

They couldn't make any more noise. They could only look at the five dead and miserable chief and listen to the groan of the sixth chief

For a time, the needle can be heard on the whole battlefield!

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