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Chapter: 569

"This... This is..." red cloud excitedly slipped down from the horse and walked towards the cliff.

Now even the stone bear and jorak Lulu look silly.

Before, when they came to the ancestral land, Hongyun and bakaluzu witch doctor were already excited. The old witch doctor even nearly pulled out. But now how does the stone bear feel that if he doesn't care, it's estimated that Hongyun will also be excited to smoke it

Stone bear also quickly dismounted, tight run two steps, a hand on the arm of the red cloud, Qiao laculu a see the situation is not right, also followed the horse ran.

However, Hongyun didn't seem to realize that she was supported. Her eyes had locked on the cliff and the weathered totem pole under the cliff.

This cliff is sunken inward, showing a negative angle, so it has the function of automatic rain blocking when it rains. So although the murals on the cliff have been blurred, at least we can see what they are.

It's just that the totem pole is really a bit out of shape.

I don't know how many years this totem pillar has been erected here. The edges and corners on the surface of the stone have long disappeared, leaving only some dimly variable shapes.

Moreover, this totem pole is different from that of most tribes or tribes. The totem poles of other tribes or tribes are mostly carved from a whole piece of wood, on which different gods are carved from top to bottom according to the status of gods worshipped by tribes or tribes.

Some totem pillars are also made of stone, but not a whole stone pillar. Instead, they are carved one by one, stacked one by one, and finally fixed.

In front of me, this totem pillar, which is seven or eight meters high and about 80 centimeters in diameter, was carved from a whole stone pillar. I don't know whether it was formed naturally or was carried here by others.

The gods carved from the top to the bottom of the stone column can only be discerned vaguely. The circular carving pattern at the top should be the sun god.

In the Iroquois or Cherokee, the highest god is Orenda, the supreme Sun God, and the next is the carving of various gods.

Shi Xiong remembers that after he fled to the gaoshu tribe with his uncle Gao Niu, he was recognized by the last high priest of kabulu, that is, Hongyun's mother.

Later, after Hongyun's mother died, he saw the totem pole standing in the gaoshu tribe for the first time.

The Maoniu tribe also has its own totem pole, but the totem pole is carved from wood. And the totem pole of gaoshu tribe is built with stones.

The top of the totem pole of gaoshu tribe is oronda, and the bottom is God of sky, God of earth, God of thunder, God of rain, God of wind, God of eagle, God of bear, God of wolf and many other totem gods.

Although the gods carved on the tall totem pole are not clear, the stone bear can still recognize what these gods are.

Strange to bear as like as two peas, the carved positions of these gods are almost identical to those of the totem poles of the high tree tribe.

The only difference is that this totem pole is carved with a whole stone pillar, while the totem pole of gaoshu tribe is built with many huge stones.

As like as two peas, the stone totem was still in front of the king's court, and the totem pole, which is located in front of the king's palace, is almost the same as the totem of the high tree tribe.

Moreover, when the stone bear gets close to watch this totem pole, he obviously has a feeling - if the three totem poles of gaoshu tribe or monongahira, Shangjing giant bear palace give people a sense of solemnity, then in addition to solemnity, the totem pole in front of him also has a kind of vicissitudes of time and a vague nobility.

Mingming's three totem poles of gaoshu tribe, monongjiaxila and Shangjing are more beautiful, but Shixiong feels that the three totem poles before this totem pole are like meeting the emperor's ministers

Yes, although the totem pole is broken, there is no four-color ribbon representing the "four sides" hanging on it, and there is no buffalo skin and eagle feather below it. Moreover, the totem pole, which is neither beautiful nor old and dilapidated, is just like a king standing high above. Although it is silent, it overlooks his subjects.

On one side, jorak Lulu obviously saw some differences. With surprise on his face, he asked the stone bear in a low voice: "boss, this totem pole seems to be..."

Stone bear turned his head and asked in a low voice, "do you feel it?"

Jorak Lulu nodded hard as he saw the ghost on his face.

All of a sudden, the stone bear felt his arm loose, and then with a "pop" sound, the stone bear and jorak Lulu who were talking in a low voice raised their heads at the same time. They found that Hongyun broke away from the stone bear's support and knelt down in front of the totem pole.

Hongyun's action makes two people feel that their guess is true.

Kneeling on the ground, red cloud burst into tears, crying like a child who can't find his parents.

But whether it's stone bear or Jorah krulu, they can hear a kind of joy from the cry of red cloud.

Shi Xiong and Qiao laclulu are a little at a loss. It is obvious that Hongyun, who knows more about the tribal history than himself, has recognized the origin of the totem pole and the murals painted on the cliff.

Sure enough, after crying for a long time, Hongyun began to salute the totem pole, and the salute she did was absolutely the highest sacrifice of the whole Cherokee people!

This kind of etiquette, only when the tribe held the most grand sacrifice and prayer or celebration, there will be a high priest with a large number of sacrifices.

Although there is no other sacrifice around Hongyun now, and she does not wear the exclusive dress of the high priest, no matter the stone bear or jorak Lulu can see how serious and devout Hongyun is.

It takes at least twenty minutes to finish all this etiquette.

Stone bear and Qiao laclulu dare not disturb red cloud, can only stand by and watch Red Cloud salute.

It wasn't until Hongyun finished the ceremony that Shi Xiong and Qiao lakulu got together.

Hongyun's eyes are red, but she has a very happy smile.

"Chief big bear, commander jorakrulu, I think you'd better gather all the top leaders of our tribe here as soon as possible. Because this is the most sacred place for sacrifice in our ancestral land. The mural on the cliff in front of us was painted by the ancestors of our tribe. And this totem pole is also the earliest totem pole of our tribe

Hongyun's voice is not loud, but it makes the stone bear and Jorah crurure's voice tender.

They did not expect that the Cherokee ancestral land, which had lost its people for more than 300 years, was still the most primitive sacrificial land of the tribe!

This is absolutely a great piece of good news. Compared with the good news, conquering the Iroquois is less important

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