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Chapter: 570

Stone bear walked over to pull up red cloud and asked seriously, "high priest, are you sure that this is the place where ancestors worship? The most important place in the ancestral land of our tribe? "

"Yes! I'm sure! " Although Hongyun was very excited and her eyes were red with tears, she still nodded in affirmation.

"You should know that the inheritance of our kabulu sacrifice is very special. As early as my mother selected me from our brothers and sisters to replace her as the next kabulu sacrifice, she would teach me a lot of inheritance of kabulu sacrifice every day. In these heritages, in addition to the unique ability of our vein, the inheritance of ancestral land is the most important. "

"In the inheritance that my mother taught me, there are many things about the ancestral land for sacrifice. For example, the ancestral place of sacrifice is in a valley with several caves. The ancestral place of sacrifice has a cliff with many pictures, and under the cliff, there is a totem pillar carved with a whole stone pillar! "

Red cloud more said more excited, she pointed to the cliff and the totem pole said: "you see, in front of all this, and inheritance is how consistent?"

After a pause, Hongyun said more excitedly: "especially in the inheritance left by my mother, there are some records about these rock paintings. These rock paintings are actually important events recorded by our ancestors from the appearance of our tribe to the expulsion of our tribe by the Iroquois. Among them, the first painting of rock painting shows our tribe appearing in the cave of this valley under the protection of Orenda and the protection of Thor. Then, our tribe grew from the caves in this valley! "

"As for the last painting, it's about the Iroquois and the delavais betraying us, and then they join hands to drive us out of our ancestral land, and our ancestors are forced to move south. If you look at the first and last paintings of these rock paintings, although it is difficult to identify them, you can see what they are about. In particular, the last painting is still relatively clear. After all, it has only been painted for more than 300 years. If you look carefully, you can definitely see what it is. "

Jorak Lulu was stunned, but when Hongyun finished, he didn't look up at the rock paintings. After all, it's not easy to identify the contents of the rock paintings.

Jorak Lulu pulled the stone bear and said in a deep voice: "just now, Bobcat said that some people in the valley were imprisoned in the cave. Do you think these people could be..."

Red cloud was stunned. She immediately got excited again, took the stone bear and said, "go, let's go to those caves quickly! We have to prove it to those people... "

The strength of Hongyun's hand was so huge that even with the size and strength of the stone bear, he was pulled to stagger.

After standing firm, the stone bear patted Hongyun on the shoulder and said softly, "don't worry. This place has been completely controlled by the fierce bear army. We don't have to worry so much."

"No! You don't know? There is one thing recorded in the inheritance of kabulu sacrifice. When we were driven out of our ancestral land by the Iroquois and the delavais and moved southward, one of the daughters of the then high priest kabulu insisted on staying in our ancestral land. " When Hongyun said these words, he had calmed down.

"Ah? Have you ever had someone in your ancestral land? How is that possible? Would the Iroquois agree with you? " Stone bear asked incredulously.

"It's not impossible. According to the heritage records, at that time, the tribal chief and high priest kabulu put down harsh words to the Iroquois, saying that the ancestral land of the tribe must be protected. What's more, there are only a few people left by the tribe, only a little more than 100 people. These people will not pose any threat to the Iroquois. At that time, the chief and my ancestors also said that if you Iroquois do not agree to this, then the tribe will spare no effort to fight to the end. "

"At that time, although the population of the tribe was only 50000 or 60000, it was also a big force. If the tribe really decided to fight to the end, the Iroquois could not bear the loss. So the Iroquois agreed. When the tribe moved to the south, some of the people in our kabulu sacrifice line were left here. Moreover, my mother also told me that the ancestor left behind at that time was originally the candidate for the next high priest determined by the then high priest kabulu! "

Stone bear and jorak Lulu were stunned. They didn't expect that there were so many twists and turns in it.

"In fact, if those imprisoned are really the people of our tribe who stay here to take care of the ancestral land, then they are the orthodox high priest of kabulu. I am the collateral branch of the high priest kabulu... "

The stone bear was speechless for a long time, and finally patted Hongyun on the shoulder and said, "if those people are really from your high priest kabulu, then I will treat them well. As for you, Hongyun, you are the real high priest of kabulu in our tribe. I always insist on that, and all the people also insist on that. Therefore, in the future, you must not say that you are the collateral branch of the high priest cabulus, you are the inheritor of the orthodox high priest cabulus

Then the stone bear turned to look at Jorah krulu and said, "you know this, so you have to keep it a secret."

Stone Bear looked at Hongyun and jorak Rulu again and said seriously, "only three of us know about this today. We can't let the fourth person know about it. Do you understand? If it's leaked out, it will certainly lead to tribal unrest! At this time, tribal stability is the first priority. Nothing is as important as that! "

Jorah krulu and red cloud are not fools, they naturally understand the importance of this matter. Now that the Cherokee have laid such a great foundation, if the high priest, the spiritual leader of the tribe, suddenly comes out with any bad news, it will be a great event for the whole tribe.

Seeing that Hongyun and jorak Lulu nodded, Shi Xiong turned around and waved to his own personal guard. When the personal guard came, he said, "now you take people to completely block this place. No one is allowed to enter here. Anyone who violates it will be killed! In addition, radio the back and ask them to bring my dress, as well as the dress of the high priest and the high commander. "

The pro guard chief is the rock bear's iron rod. Naturally, he won't ask why, so he hurried down to arrange these things.

Stone bear then turned to Hongyun and jorak roulu and said, "we are going to meet those people. I think we should use the highest etiquette. If they really care for the survivors of their ancestral land for more than 300 years, then they can afford our etiquette! "

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