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Chapter: 58

Although it is late autumn, today's weather is very good, the sun hanging in the sky expelled the dense fog in the valley, and the temperature also picked up a little.

On the litterliver River in the west of the tribe, almost all the gaoshu tribe, men, women, old and young, came to the river. Today, they are ready to come to watch a historic event at the call of leader Li Lei.

The things made by the guardian a few days ago caused a sensation in the gaoshu tribe, but then the tribe people couldn't understand the things made by the guardian.

What are those two weird things for? Iron and steel and taming bison people know what's going on, but the Quyuan plow and the Columbine car completely confuse them.

Today, leader Li Lei said that the guardian will experiment with the new Quyuan plow and columbine in the farmland by the river. He emphasized that this will be an epoch-making experiment, so he asked all the people in the tribe to watch it as much as possible.

When the people came here, they didn't see the guardian, but the bison with a cow nose ring was eating the grass on the ground leisurely. The bison stood beside her, with a bruised horse on her face.

At the other end of the field, more than a dozen strong men, with heavy stone shovels and bone sticks in their hands, stood there coldly, as if waiting for something, under the guidance of the same black faced wolf tail.

For wolf's tail, people are not interested in it any more. The duel that day showed them the strength of wolf's tail. Now almost all the people are attracted by the docile bison.

"Is that really a bison? Why do you look so obedient? "

"Nonsense, of course, it was the buffalo tamed by the guardian. When I caught this Buffalo, my two boys also went with me."

"I didn't expect that a small iron ring could tame a bison."

"Yes, the guardian is really powerful. I heard from Mo Mo Cao in our family that the guardian once said something like "water points tofu, one thing drops one thing". I don't know what that means, and my daughter didn't understand it. However, the guardian said that no matter how powerful the beast is, it also has weakness. As long as we grasp the weakness, we can subdue it. It's like this bison. "

"Yes, the guardian is amazing. How can he think of so many things?"

"Shh, I have a secret here. You can't tell anyone. I heard that our guardian used to be a fool, but after the attack of the chekasa on their longhair cattle tribe, the seriously injured Guardian got the guidance of the great sun god in his coma, and his injuries were cured by the great sun god. "

"Ah? It's true? Doesn't that mean the guardian is an angel of God? "

"Shh! You can't talk nonsense about that. If you let the kabulu priest hear it, you will be punished. "


The "buzz" is all over the fields, even if the farmland looks more like a wasteland, but it's really a tribal food field.

When leader Li Lei, worshiper kabulu and guardian Da Li bear came together from a distance, the people's voices were much lower, while the eyes of the wild fox standing beside the wolf's tail burst out with hatred.

Stone bear naturally didn't see those hostile eyes. Even if he did, he didn't care. Does an adult Kodiak brown bear care about the eyes of some wild dogs?

Standing on the big stone where the stone bear once squatted, Li Lei said loudly, "my people, gather you today to witness this new agricultural tool developed by our guardian adult for the tribe. The guardian said that as long as we use this kind of farm tools to grow food, our food will be multiplied by next year's harvest, and then the food produced in the field will be enough for our tribe to eat. "

Li Lei's words surprised all the people. Although the gaoshu tribe is still a semi farming and semi hunting nation, its people are used to getting food from the ground. If next year's grain production can really double, doesn't it mean that there will be no time for starvation?

It's a great event!

Heaven and earth, the biggest belly!

This is a universal principle!

As long as you can satisfy the clansmen, they will definitely support you! If a red deer can lead the people of the tribe to eat and drink enough, then the people don't mind making this red deer the leader.

This is the reality! All the good things in the world are not as important as having enough to eat.

Moreover, some shrewd clansmen have heard leader Li Lei's name for the guardian, which has changed from the former "Guardian" to the present "Guardian". What does that mean? Obviously, this is because the leader also admitted what the guardian did and was deeply moved by what the guardian did.

"... however, there are some people in our tribe who don't seem to recognize the work done by the guardian, so today I'm going to take this opportunity to prove that the guardian is right." Although Li Lei's voice is not big, all the people can hear it.

"Is there anyone who doesn't recognize the guardian? Is it the wolf tail Gang? "

"These guys, didn't the guardian beat them that day?"

"Well, I don't think wolf's tail will be disheartened today..."

Li Lei's voice continued: "in view of the current situation, I plan to have a competition. Wolf tail led nine people to plough the farmland with the tools in their hands. There is only one Guardian. The guardian will lead the cow to compete with the wolf's tail with his farm tools. In the end, we will see who ploughs more land within the specified time, and then the winner will be

Once again, the voices of discussion began to ring.

"Isn't that fair? There are ten people in wolf's tail, but there is only one Guardian. How can the guardian compare with them? It's not fair. "

"Yes, even if the guardian has a tame cow as a helper, there are ten people on the other side of the wolf's tail."

"Ha ha, what are you afraid of? Didn't you watch the duel yesterday morning? At that time, there were more people with wolf tail than now, but they were still beaten by the guardian? Don't worry. I don't think the wolf tail can match the guardian. "


The sound of discussion came to the ears of the stone bear. The stone Bear looked slightly and said, "how can they fight against quyuanli with the backward primitive tools they took by the wolf's tail? Don't mention ten people. Even if there are fifty more people, they can't match my old ox + quyuanli! Is it true that the ploughing artifact is called in vain? "

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