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Chapter: 580

The meeting lasted a whole day, and finally agreed on the list of materials and arms that could be sold to the outside world.

In this list, the most important thing is ammunition.

Based on the fact that smokeless powder can not be developed by European alchemists or scientists, stone bear decided to sell this kind of powder, which is a century ahead of the times.

Of course, the most widely used weapon of smokeless powder is the catapult. This kind of weapon can't be said to be an obsolete weapon for the stormy bear army now, but with the emergence of more and more 55 mortars and larger caliber mortars, and the fact that the range of the explosive bear rifle is similar to that of the catapult, this weapon, which once made great achievements for the stormy bear army, has now become a second-line weapon.

Although the catapults are still equipped in the army, they are not as many as they were a few years ago. At present, the fighting style of the fierce bear army is more and more inclined to the later "combination of infantry and artillery".

As more and more large caliber cannons and howitzers are equipped in the army, artillery ploughs are used all over the place before the battle, and then the barrage is advanced slowly, followed by infantry.

If you encounter difficulties, mortars, a weapon with great ballistic curvature, will come in handy.

All in all, the way the stormy bear army fights now is to use the effective range of weapons far beyond the enemy's reach to destroy the enemy.

Therefore, the effective shooting distance of the catapult is relatively close to the heavy firepower, it began to gradually become a chicken rib.

Of course, some of the "special operations" teams that stone bears can cultivate now still belong to conventional weapons. After all, this kind of weapon is light, portable and powerful. In some special operations, it has many advantages that other heavy weapons can't match.

However, although this kind of weapon has gradually become a chicken in the fierce bear army, it is a good thing in the hands of European powers.

This kind of weapon that can shoot accurately within 600 meters is really an artifact like weapon in the current era.

In terms of power, the catapult is more powerful than some large caliber naval guns or fortress guns because it launches a flowering bullet. After all, guns of this era almost fire solid ammunition. What's the power of that thing? In addition to bombing castles and military fortresses, which are immovable, the killing of personnel is much smaller.

Even the naval guns loaded on the windsurfing battleships had to be close to each other within two or three hundred yards because of their effective range. This is almost the same as hand to hand combat for windsurfing battleships.

Although the small caliber and light weight of the grenades spread from the Cherokee people, their firing accuracy is quite good at a distance of 500-600 meters, which is definitely much better than the naval guns, fortress guns and infantry guns currently used in various countries.

In addition, the cost of the catapult is too low. Even a six pound gun can make dozens of catapults, so the number of catapults equipped in the armies of European powers is very large.

This is probably the biggest change made by the stone bear to the European powers after it came to the world.

If there are more equipment for throwing cartridges, then the consumption of ammunition is a terrible number. Don't forget that the limit firing speed of the barrel can be as high as 20 or 30 rounds per minute, which is much faster than that of the rifle.

Once hundreds of barrels are fired, the amount of ammunition consumed in one minute is amazing.

Therefore, the grenade used in the catapult will be a huge input in the future.

Secondly, the sales volume of various living materials, especially cigarettes, salt and spirits, will never be worse than that of ammunition.

In particular, a special kind of cigarette specially prepared by stone bear for vasichus, once popularized, will definitely drive those Europeans crazy.

Yes, as early as a few years ago, Shi Xiong ordered French alchemist Jean Agust to secretly study the purification of "GUKE". After all, the famous "kekane" of later generations was purified from GUKE.

Stone bear hesitated for a long time about whether to release this demon, but finally decided to launch this kind of thing.

Stone bear knows that even if he doesn't do it himself, Europeans will do it in half a century.

What's more, Indians and white Europeans are hostile. On the battlefield, who cares what way you can kill the enemy? In this hostile relationship, no matter what method is used, as long as it can kill the enemy or weaken his strength, that is a good way.

It's going to kill me. Who's the best way to do it?

Jean Agust was one of the first four alchemists to follow the stone bear. He was proficient in medicine, so he was in charge of vaccinations before. Later, vaccinations began to cover the whole territory controlled by the Cherokee people, and he began to study "GUKE" secretly.

Now, Agust has purified high-purity GUKE, as long as this thing is added to the cigarette, then 100% will flourish in the European powers.

Of course, for this thing, the stone bear also made a very strict management. Everyone, including Agust and other R & D personnel, is not allowed to touch this thing without permission. And it can't be found in Indian territory.

Once you find out that someone dares to do something like this in private, if you don't say anything, you should shoot for two hours first!

This thing can only appear in the European side, whether it is British, American or French, Spanish or Dutch, but it can not appear in the Indian.

Now the team led by Agust has some stocks. As long as the British and Americans start to purchase Cherokee materials, some of the cigarettes will appear in the pockets of the middle and high-ranking officers for the first time.

The price of this kind of cigarettes with additives is several times higher than that of ordinary cigarettes. At the beginning, ordinary soldiers had no chance to enjoy it. However, once this thing starts to become popular there, the stone bear will gradually reduce the price, and strive to make this kind of cigarettes popular there in a short time.

Well, it would be better if it could flow into Europe as soon as possible

In this case, the stone bear has completely pulled his moral bottom line from the world to hell!

You know, in the original historical time and space, after the devil was released, it was highly praised by all countries for a long time. Governments of all countries even encouraged their own people to use it, and listed it as a high-grade drug!

If so, why don't I release this thing in advance?

In the words of stone bear, since we have decided to release the devil, it's better to let Lao Tzu be the devil than let others release him!

Buddha said: if I don't go to hell, who will go to hell?

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