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Chapter: 582

At the end of April, the five lakes area is still cold and windy, but in Shangjing, it is already warm in spring and the grass is growing.

The fierce bear army's achievements in recovering the ancestral land and conquering the tribes in the five Great Lakes region arrived in Shangjing early by wireless telex, and the people living in Shangjing had already passed the stage of surprise. However, after more than a year, the chief returned to Shangjing and brought back the people who worked hard to protect the tribe, which still caused a sensation in Shangjing.

When Shi Xiong's fleet arrived at shangjinggang wharf, almost all the people who could get away from him gathered near shangjinggang. They wanted to welcome the return of the chief and the guardian tribe with the most enthusiastic cheers.

With the news of the fierce bear army's victory in the north, it is the information of these guard tribes.

Now almost all the people know that in the remote area of the five lakes, there is still a remnant who has been there for more than 300 years, just to protect the ancestral land of the tribe.

Although the feat of guarding the tribe didn't show much reaction among other tribes, for all the Cherokees, they were undoubtedly the heroes of the tribe.

After more than a month's recuperation and adjustment, the people who guard the tribe headed by the old woman Wakaya are now in good health. Their faces are obviously round and their bodies are much stronger.

Especially the more than ten children, the scenery along the way makes their faces show the innocence that they haven't seen for a long time and the naughty that should belong to their age.

When the fleet arrived at Shangjing port, the cheers all over the sky made these survivors incredible.

Whether it's the mountain like crowd, the deafening cheers, or the magnificent city and the tall buildings in the distance, these people are shocked.

Vakaya even asked the stone bear in fear: "chief, is this our royal court? How could it be so big? How can there be so many people? "

Vakaya is the oldest one among the survivors and the leader of the guardian tribe. But even she, let alone having seen such a scene, never thought that there were so many people and such a magnificent city in the world.

For more than three hundred years, they have been struggling to survive in their ancestral land. Many people even think that the world is so big

Shi Xiong nodded with a smile and said in a loud voice: "Wakaya, and my dear people, this is the Royal Court of our tribe, and also the Yanhuang Empire to be established soon. (PS: Here I would like to thank my book friend brother" mourning Wu Huaxia "for his suggestion. Lao Mo has considered the name of the Empire for a long time, and finally his suggestion to mourn Wu Huaxia makes Lao Mo feel the best.) At the same time, it will become the most powerful and prosperous city in the future! Here is the pride of our whole tribe and of all the Indians! "

These words made vakaya and the survivors standing in the bow of the ship excited. Their original worries disappeared completely, and they were replaced by the same proud look on their faces.

The survivors who guarded the tribe did not turn from okron fortress to Tennessee River and went directly to gaoshu tribe, because after discussion, almost all the people who guarded the tribe wanted to see Wang Ting. Naturally, stone bears will not refuse this small request, let alone they should come to Beijing to accept the praise and cheers of all the people.

The largest ship in the lead slowly landed on the dock of shangjinggang, but Shi Xiong didn't rush to get off the ship. Shi Xiong took an electric horn and made an impromptu speech.

"My dear people, you must have known the news of the great victory of the northern expedition of the fierce bear army, but here, I still want to tell you. Since last year's worm month, our stormy bear soldiers set out from Shangjing and went all the way north. The first one they conquered was the Elaine people. Then our stormy bear soldiers divided into three groups and continued to attack northward. Finally, at the end of last year, we succeeded in winning the three tribes: the chipewa, the Ottawa and the Miami. "

The words of the stone bear made the people below cheer together again.

When the cheering voice was lower, the stone bear continued: "after winning the three tribes in the South and west of the Great Lake region, our stormy bear soldiers spent a cold winter in the distant and cold five Great Lakes region, and then launched an attack on the Hurons and Iroquois in the East and northeast of the Great Lake region last month. The Hurons wisely chose to surrender, while the Iroquois chose to fight to the end. So, our soldiers completely defeated the Iroquois, and successfully recovered our ancestral land

The cheers resounded from heaven and earth again. This time, even the ship and the pro Guard soldiers who had been walking along the shore with the fleet were shouting together.

This is a praise to the heroes of the fierce bear army. All the soldiers who took part in the Northern Expedition are entitled to enjoy this kind of cheering.

The cheering lasted for a long time. When the voice gradually weakened, the stone bear said, "my people, when we recovered our ancestral land, we found some people..."

The stone bear's big hand pointed to the survivors standing on this ship and the second ship, "they were the people who left to protect our ancestral land when our tribe was forced to leave our ancestral land and move south."

At this time, the crowd below became quiet. They have long heard of the experience of these people, but now they still want to hear the legend of these people told by the great chief, the son of God.

"Before I met them, I didn't expect that there was such a group of heroes in our ancestral land watching our ancestral land silently. Yes, they are the biggest heroes of our tribe. Like our soldiers of the bear army, they are heroes that our tribe can never forget. "

The tone of stone bear is a little excited.

"Do you know? At the beginning, there were only 150 of them who took the initiative to stay to see the ancestral land. Moreover, they were tightly sealed in our ancestral land by the Iroquois, and they were not allowed to go out! So they can only survive in that small place. The cold winter there is beyond your imagination, and they can only rely on the only land and a small number of prey to survive there. In many cases, they can't eat enough, even their own children

"But that's it. They've been there for more than 300 years, just to protect our ancestral land..."

Shi Xiong spoke out what he knew in a low voice in public. The people watching on the dock immediately cried a lot. They were also deeply moved by the feat of guarding the tribe.

"... so, my people, they are the biggest heroes of our tribe! Come on, welcome our hero who has been away from home for more than 300 years to come back home with your greatest cheers! Thank them for all they have done in the past three hundred years with your greatest enthusiasm... "

The cheers, which were much louder than just now, rang out again. Many people were full of tears and cheering. And these survivors, led by Wakaya, are also laughing with tears

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