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Chapter: 584

Sacrifice is always heavy.

Even though Baiyun and leiying have been dead for ten years, they will be very sad when stone bear and green Skylark stand here.

"If my father and sister were still alive, how happy our family would be." Green Skylark eyes with tears, tone with vision to her husband said.

"Yes... Ah..." Shi Xiong murmured, but he couldn't say anything.

Hekale and tatali are also weeping in a low voice. They are young and don't understand the meaning of the memorial ceremony, but they can feel the sadness from their parents and can't help crying.

The green Skylark touched the heads of the two children, and then whispered, "let's bury Sheila here, too. Our family has its share."

The stone bear nodded silently, picked up the shovel and began to dig a hole nearby.

Sheila is now put in a small pottery pot. Now it's getting hot. The stone bear can only bring Sheila's ashes into a pottery pot.

Trump seemed to know something. He saw his father dig a hole to bury the earthenware pot containing Sheila's ashes. That was to say that he would do nothing, holding the stone bear's thigh and crying sadly.

But, whether it's human or animal, it's always good to live in peace.

Finally, Sheila was buried in the pit dug by stone bear himself, and a small stone tablet was erected, on which was "Tomb of loyal dog Sheila" written by stone bear in Chinese

After staying in the cemetery for most of the morning, when the stone bear family came out, they could see from a distance that the mining people and the soldiers of the bear army all stood up and looked at their greatest chief from a distance.

Obviously, the news that the stone bear came here has been known by these hardworking people.

Many of these people were originally from the Xiaohe tribe, but most of them were older and didn't want to leave here, so they continued to live here.

Naturally, they knew who was buried in the cemetery behind the mountain, and they knew that their chief would come here almost every year, so they were used to seeing each other.

It's just that those people who have never seen the stone bear, as well as the soldiers of the fierce bear army, are all excited. But because of the etiquette, they can only pay attention from a distance.

In this case, the stone bear couldn't walk away, and there was Dashan, an old friend of the stone bear. So at noon, their family stayed in Xiaohe tribe for lunch.

The practice of the chief was naturally welcomed by all the people and the soldiers of the bear army. They brought out the best food and drink for their great chief. Some old people in the tribe who had known the stone bear family for a long time served as companions, and they also sighed during the conversation.

In the afternoon, the stone bear family took a boat back to the Tennessee River to join the fleet. Then the fleet continued to set out upstream and arrived at the gaoshu tribe two days later.

Like Xiaohe tribe, gaoshu tribe is still inhabited, but they are all old people of gaoshu tribe.

They are also reluctant to leave the tribe that has lived here for a lifetime, so they insist on staying. On the one hand, it is to take care of gaoshu tribe. On the other hand, gaoshu tribe also has a lot of good jobs to do, and they live well here.

Gaoshu tribe can be said to be the origin of the whole Yanhuang tribe, so there are still soldiers of the fierce bear army here. It's just that there are not many people, only one company, about 100 people.

These soldiers of the fierce bear army stationed here are all the children of the gaoshu tribe. They usually spend half a day training every day, and the rest of the time is hard work with the elders who stay here.

The refined salt, liquor, peanut oil, white flour and high-grade cigarettes produced by gaoshu tribe are the most popular products in the market. At present, the salt, wine, peanut oil and cigarettes used by the whole Yanhuang tribe and the Europeans all originated from here. In addition, this is the place where the chieftain, the son of God, lived in those days. All these things were ordered by the chieftain, the son of God in those days. Therefore, all kinds of products produced here naturally bring a circle of sacred and high-level halo.

So even if the gaoshu tribe doesn't produce much every year, it is very popular. Ordinary people simply can't see the things produced by the gaoshu tribe. These things can only appear in the hands of high-level people, whether in the tribe, the European continent or the colonies.

Therefore, the more than 300 people living here and the more than 100 officers and soldiers of the bear army live very well here.

When the stone bear took the 100 people who guarded the tribe to this peaceful and comfortable place for thousands of kilometers, the people of these tribes headed by Wakaya immediately fell in love with it.

Uncle grey moose and Li Lei, the former leader of gaoshu tribe, still live here.

The grey moose, who is 60 years old this year, has a long life in the whole tribe, but the old soldier is still very strong and has a strong voice.

Lilei was the leader of gaoshu tribe a long time ago. When Gao Niu and Shi Xiong came to gaoshu tribe, it was after Lilei nodded and agreed that they could gain a firm foothold in gaoshu tribe.

Later, Li Lei was stripped of his position as the leader of the tribe by Hongyun for one reason or another. After Li Lei's brother Dajiao became the leader of the gaoshu tribe, Li Lei, who became the elder of the tribe, was completely stable.

Later, when the tribe moved, Li Lei, who had seen through a lot of things and became peaceful, did not follow him to Beijing. Instead, he took the initiative to stay with the grey moose to lead the people who stayed here.

Obviously, Li Lei and grey moose have done a good job. They have made this a real paradise.

Now, Li Lei has no resentment against Shi Xiong for a long time. The changes of the tribe over the years have made him sincerely accept Shi Xiong.

"Big bear, these people are..." however, Li Lei's name for stone bear is still the same as before. It's not that he can't change his words, but because Li Lei doesn't think it's necessary. He still calls stone bear this way, and he just treats stone bear as his own junior, just like his uncle Gao Niu.

Shi Xiong doesn't mind Li Lei's name at all. Instead, he likes it very much. After all, there are fewer and fewer people who can call him that

Stone bear said with a smile: "Uncle Li Lei, these people are also the real people of our gaoshu tribe. They used to be part of high priest kabulu, but more than 300 years ago..."

Stone bear whispered to Lilei and grey moose about the origin of these people, and they were very sad. Of course, they immediately accepted them.

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