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Chapter: 585

Facts have proved that the stone bear's original decision to send the Wakaya tribe to the gaoshu tribe was extremely wise.

It was built by the high priest kabulu at that time. This is the real home of the high priest kabulu.

And vakaya, they are also the direct lineage of high priest kabulu. You should know that the ancestor who took the initiative to guard the ancestral land was the next high priest of kabulu. If she didn't insist on staying to take care of her ancestral land, then she was the high priest of kabulu.

However, it is difficult to say such a thing, but in any case, vakaya and these people are absolutely the pulse of high priest kabulu, which no one can deny.

They also know that this is the tribe established by high priest kabulu after the tribe moved to the south in those years, and the tribe of high priest kabulu has lived here for more than 200 years.

When they come here, they really go home.

In addition to the guards of the bear army, most of the people in gaoshu tribe are unwilling to leave here, mainly the elderly and women. Wakaya and others are the same. They are all old and weak women and children, so they can integrate here faster.

They stayed in gaoshu tribe for three days and watched with their own eyes. They quickly integrated into the tribe. Then they left here and continued to walk eastward.

The stone bear's trip is not only to pay homage to Baiyun and leiying, but also to send the guardians of the tribe to gaoshu tribe. He also has a more important thing, that is to go to Norfolk.

In the past, Norfolk even went deep into the thirteen colonies, so the stone bear did not take the green Skylark and their mother three, but left them in the gaoshu tribe.

You know, except for hecal who lived in the gaoshu tribe for a few months, tatali has never lived in the gaoshu tribe.

Moreover, with the addition of the guardian tribe, there are many children in gaoshu tribe now. If hekale and tatali are put here, they will surely have a wonderful summer for their brother and sister.

After everything was arranged, Shi Xiong led 500 Pro guards to the East.

The hard bone who accompanied the stone bear himself would also go to Norfolk with the stone bear.

Hard bone is not only the commander of the pro guard army, but also the commander of the water army. Although he has handed over many things of the navy to his subordinates in the past two years and shifted the focus of his work to the pro guard army, he is still a commander of the Navy. Therefore, before Shi Xiong selects the next commander of the water army, he must also take into account the major issues of the water army.

For example, when we go to Norfolk this time, we have to go.

Because news came from Norfolk that the first steel hull warship powered by steam engine was launched.

The plan of building warships with steam engines as power and steel as hull was secretly launched in the shipyard of Norfolk military harbor eight years ago. But this unprecedented steel warship, even those skilled workers who dug up from major European shipyards, have never been in touch with it. If it wasn't for the stone bear's golden finger to point out from time to time, how long would it take to build this steel warship successfully.

But even with the golden finger of the stone bear, it took eight years for the steel warship to launch.

But this is undoubtedly a great thing for the stone bear and the whole Yanhuang tribe.

The stone bear, who knows the power of steel warships, knows very well that once this kind of warship can really form combat effectiveness, then the four oceans in the world will become the bathtub of Yanhuang tribe!

Before the breakthrough of space technology, no one knows the importance of sea power better than stone bear! Even in later generations, sea power is still one of the core interests of all countries!

Yanhuang tribe was hundreds of years later than the European powers in terms of sea power, so if they want to catch up with and even surpass the European powers, they must find another way. Therefore, the new warship with steam engine as power and steel as hull has become the assassin's mace.

Now this mace has a little look. The stone bear must go and have a look with his own eyes.

Norfolk, the east capital, is just to the east of gaoshu tribe. The straight-line distance between the two places is more than 700 kilometers.

But if you want to go from the gaoshu tribe to Norfolk, you have to cross the Blue Ridge, so the journey is far more than 700 kilometers.

However, this route has been mature for a long time, because the trade group led by major hank came to gaoshu tribe to exchange salt, and it has been this route. Major Hank and Jamestown, where they were stationed, were not far from Norfolk.

The stone bear also took this route twice, which was the same route that the expeditionary army used to take in the East expedition of the Powhatans.

Stone bear, they are all cavalry troops on this trip, and the route is mature, so they move very fast. In just four days, they ran more than 800 kilometers and arrived in the east capital Norfolk.

Norfolk is located in the south of Chesapeake Bay, the largest Bay in the United States, where it is the largest naval base in the United States.

Later generations, including Norfolk, this large area has a very famous name - Hampton anchorage.

This huge naval base, covering an area of more than 36000 acres, is built on the natural deep-water port at the mouth of the James River. It is the largest naval base in the United States. They include Norfolk Naval base, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, little Crick Naval Amphibious Base, oshenna naval air base and Yorktown Naval Weapons base. It is also the site of the fifth Military Region Command, Atlantic Fleet Command, tactical air force command, Continental Army Command, and the headquarters of the Army Transportation Center.

It is no exaggeration to say that in later generations, this is the military center of the United States!

But in this day and age, it is far from the Hampton anchorage of later generations.

Now in this area, in addition to Jamestown, the earliest permanent British colony in North America, there are Williamsburg, the capital of Virginia Colony, and Yorktown, the prosperous seaport.

Today's Williamsburg is not a small city for later generations. Since 1699, Williamsburg replaced Jamestown as the capital of Virginia Colony, now it can be listed as the four major political, military and economic centers of North America, along with Boston, New York and Philadelphia!

But whether it's Williamsburg or Jamestown or Yorktown, it's not about the bear now. Although he had been to Jamestown and Williamsburg before his expedition to the Powhatans, he was really in no mood to pay attention to those two towns this time. His destination is Norfolk, the east capital of Yanhuang tribe on the South Bank of James River Estuary!

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