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Chapter: 589

Shi Xiong didn't rush to the dry dock to see the built iron boat, but first walked around the base with hard bone and the river. Of course, accompanied by Jack Williams, David Addison and Adrian Carlos.

Williams and Dean were among the first four alchemists to follow the stone bear, but they no longer call themselves alchemists, but call themselves "scientists".

In fact, with their current inventions, they are more qualified to have the title of "scientist" than most of the so-called scientists in Europe. Among other things, look at the white steel in the workshop, look at the equipment full of industrial power, it's almost all thanks to Williams and Addison.

This kind of scene, in this era, even in those European powers can not see!

Even the stone bear can be very proud to say that the situation of this industrial base is at least one century ahead of those European powers!

In fact, in this era, invention is a very easy thing.

With the development of human beings, after thousands of years of farming era, the industrial revolution will be launched naturally. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, an idea or an idea could make you a real scientist.

This is the same as the Internet era.

Those Internet tycoons of later generations, in the initial stage, didn't they all rely on an idea or idea to finally succeed?

The same is true in an era when the industrial revolution is just emerging.

But now is the age of steel, and the Internet age is the age of code.

After a big circle, the stone bear was really satisfied.

The scale of Norfolk shipyard is far less than that of Shangjing industrial base. Even Daqingshan industrial base is more than ten times larger than here. But here, it is an industrial base with the highest technological content of the whole Yanhuang tribe.

Here, water has become only auxiliary power, here the main power source is the steam engine - the size of the steam engine!

Even under the guidance of stone bear, the open hearth steelmaking furnace built by Williams and Dean is powered by steam engine.

Although the steam engine is the most advanced power source, but the stone bear is not satisfied. Shi Xiong plans to take advantage of the period of the war of independence to start the research and development of internal combustion engine.

Now the Yanhuang tribe, which has laid the foundation of the five Great Lakes, has included the first oil producing area in North America. Bill Gates, who is proficient in chemical experiments, is now preparing to purify the black crude oil produced by the famous "oil stream".

In the original historical time and space, this oil stream in northeastern Pennsylvania was the site of the first oil well in the United States. At the junction of the oil stream and the Allegheny River, an oil city appears.

If there is no stone bear, this is the territory of Seneca, one of the six tribes in the Iroquois League. Now the stone bear has even defeated the whole Iroquois League, which naturally becomes the territory controlled by the stone bear.

In order to develop internal combustion engine, oil is essential. So Shi Xiong has sent a scientific research team headed by brother Gai to search for self flowing oil fields in Youxi.

It has not been affected by the war of independence, and the scientific research team headed by brother Gai is guarded by a regiment of soldiers of the fierce bear army, which is enough to protect their safety.

Of course, the internal combustion engine is still in its infancy. The power source used now is mainly steam engine, supplemented by hydraulic power.

The proportion of steam engines used in Norfolk shipyard is much higher than that in Shangjing industrial base and Daqingshan industrial base!

Stone bear is really satisfied with this situation.

But Adrian Carlos, who was next to him, was worried. He's full of questions to ask the chief.

Seems to feel Carlos's mood, on the way to the dry dock, stone bear took the initiative to talk to Carlos.

"Aduh, what useful experiences have you gained in building that iron ship? And how much can we sum up about this kind of steel warship? "

"My Lord, I have benefited a lot from the design and construction of this ship." Carlos said excitedly, "but chief, this ship is always an experimental ship. Now I can't determine the specific performance index of this ship. I have to wait until it is launched and tested before I have the bottom of my mind."

Stone bear said with a smile: "ah, this kind of thing is very urgent. However, no matter what we say, we have finally built such a ship. The design and construction process of this ship will certainly give our scientific researchers a lot of inspiration and give our shipbuilders good training. "

"Yes, chief, this ship has taught us a lot." Carlos said sincerely, "but chief, I have many questions for you. How do you know so many things? You know, at the beginning, I couldn't figure out what you pointed out to us, but the facts later proved that what you pointed out was really correct, so I really want to ask you, what are you... "

Carlos's words did not finish, was interrupted by the hard bone on one side, "Adrian, do you still do not understand our chief that the son of God's title is how to come? Our chief is really instructed by the supreme Sun God himself. It is because of the sun god's personal instruction that our chief knows everything

Although Carlos does not believe in the sun god, he is a true Catholic. He believes in God and Jesus Christ. So he believed that there were gods in the world.

Of course, he knew what his family's chief meant by the title of son of God.

Looking at Carlos's speechless expression, the stone bear said with a smile, "how do I know those things? I don't think that's the point. As an excellent ship designer and builder, I think you should focus on what you have learned in the process of ship design and construction, and then use what you have learned to design and build better and faster warships, rather than always focusing on me. What do you say, aduh? "

The words of stone bear made Carlos a little embarrassed. He nodded with a smile.

Stone bear patted him on the shoulder, "aduh, you are a very talented ship designer and engineer. I believe that with the ship's design and construction experience, you will design and build a more powerful steel warship in the future."

As they spoke, they came to the dry dock.

After Dahe personally opened the gate to the dry dock, a dark warship shining with the unique light of steel appeared in the eyes of the public

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