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Chapter: 590

From the side, this steel warship is standing on the keel pier and side pier of this huge dry dock.

At this time, there was no water in the dry dock, and some workers were still busy, as if they were making a final inspection of the steel warship.

The dry dock is very big. At least when stone bear saw the dry dock for the first time, an idea came out of his mind - what a big pit!

As a matter of fact, in his past and present life, although Shi Xiong has seen many ships, even super freighters and oil tankers of more than 100000 tons, he has never seen a real dock with his own eyes.

In his previous life, he only heard about this kind of special place for building or repairing ships on the computer.

It's hard to catch up with the shock of seeing a dry dock with one's own eyes, no matter the pictures of the dry dock seen on the computer network or some military magazines.

Even though the dry dock is not very big, it is a "super huge pit" with a length of more than 80 meters, a width of more than 12 meters and a depth of seven meters.

Yes, this dry dock is actually a big pit, square big pit!

Here, even in Adrian Carlos's territory, he said with a slightly excited face: "Dear chief, this dry dock is a dry dock that took more than three months for more than 300 people to build. However, at the beginning, the dry dock often seeped or even leaked. We laid the keel while checking for defects and mending the leakage. It was not until half a year later that we completely completed the dock. "

Stone bear nodded with satisfaction.

In Europe, there were docks as early as the end of the 15th century. After nearly 300 years of development, docks have been popular in European countries for a long time. Adrian Carlos, as a ship designer and construction engineer in the kingdom of Spain, naturally knows how to build docks.

However, after all, this dock is specially used to build steel warships, which is naturally different from the dock used to build windsurfing battleships.

However, no matter how well the dock was repaired, it was not as attractive as the warship sitting quietly on the keel pier and side pier.

According to the later classification standards of warships, this ship is a typical flat armor destroyer. Four black and thick chimneys are located in the center of the hull, and guns can be seen on the front and rear decks.

From the side view, the whole ship is square, without bulbous bow, and without the fluency of modern warships of later generations. But in this era, it is not easy to make such steel warships.

This is a real armored ship powered by steam!

If in the original historical time and space, the first ship powered by steam will take another 30 years to appear. And the Claremont, which was on trial on the Hudson River, was nothing more than a wooden boat.

The world's first armored ship powered by steam will not be born in France until nearly a century later. However, the "glory" was not a real all armored ship, but simply nailed the armor to the outside of the wooden hull.

In any way, as long as this steel warship can be launched and successfully tested, it will be nearly a century ahead of the most powerful naval power in Europe.

"Chief, the idea and design of this ship is really a genius idea. How did you come up with steel hull? God, if it wasn't for your guidance, I would never have thought of building a warship with steel hull and steam engine power in my life. " Carlos seemed excited, but at the same time, he was a little nervous.

"I just don't know if this ship can float as designed and really sail on the water after it is launched..."

This steel warship can be said to be built by him, which embodies all his efforts.

The most important thing is that the design concept of this ship has surpassed this era for more than a century, which naturally has a huge impact on Carlos.

When the steel warship with a displacement of less than 1000 tons was successfully built, the excitement in his heart could no longer be suppressed.

Stone bear can understand this mood, he patted Carlos on the shoulder, warm voice said: "aduh, I think this ship will be able to meet the design requirements."

Stone bear naturally won't tell him that almost all future military warships are made of steel

Carlos clenched his fist as if to cheer himself up.

Stone bear said with a smile: "now let's talk about some data of this ship. Although I also participated in the design of this ship, I am not sure about some specific parameters. "

At the mention of this, Carlos was in a good mood immediately, and he immediately said: "chief, when the ship was built, I slightly modified the data. I think the length of 90 meters was too long, and the width of 9.5 meters was too narrow, so after strict calculation, I reduced the length of the ship by 8 meters and increased the width by 1.5 meters, In this way, if the ship can really sail on the ocean, its seaworthiness will be better. "

The stone bear nodded, but did not make a sound.

Carlos continued: "that is to say, the final length of the ship is 82 meters, the width is 11 meters, and the height from deck to bottom is 8.4 meters. According to the design, the whole hull of the ship is made of about 20 mm steel plate and riveted technology, with a total of about 400 tons of steel plate. If it can float successfully, the designed draft is about 3.8 meters, and the full load displacement should reach 2000 tons. "

"In terms of power, we have installed four steam boilers with the largest power we can produce at present, and each two boilers corresponds to a turbine. As for efficiency, to be honest, I have no idea. After all, I've never designed a ship powered by a steam engine before... Well, I think the power of this ship should be excellent. "

"As for weapons, we have two single barrel 105mm guns in the bow and stern of the ship, which are our four main guns. In addition, six 76mm guns were used as auxiliary guns, and 16 76mm mortars were used as auxiliary firepower. Although the number of guns carried by this ship is very small, our guns are all guns that fire flares with great power. Moreover, the effective range and accuracy of our guns are far more than those of the British and French guns. Therefore, we should have an absolute advantage in weapons. "

"As for other parameters, they can't be determined at present. They need to be determined after launching and sea trial."

These data sound good, but Shi Xiong knows that these data are only design data on paper. As for how the ship is, as Carlos said, everything will be known after it is launched.

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