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Chapter: 595

The impatient stone bear took a group of people out of the engine room. At the back of the engine room, they saw the propeller shaft that was seeping in.

The Carlos is propelled by two shafts and two propellers. Two steam boilers correspond to one propeller shaft.

It is the No.1 propeller shaft that seeps in, and the No.2 propeller shaft does not seep in, which is very normal.

However, the water seepage of No. 1 propeller shaft is not serious, which makes stone bear feel relieved.

In fact, this is a very normal situation. After all, this is a new ship, and it is also the first steel warship in the world. The technologies used are technologies that have never been used before. It is normal if there is a problem, and abnormal if there is no problem.

It's just that Shi Xiong has paid too much on this ship. That's why he was worried just now when he heard that something was wrong.

Now seeing that this situation is not serious, Shi Xiong's mentality soon recovered.

"Adele, stop the test for the time being. First dock the ship at the dock of the shipyard. Let's discuss how to solve the problem of propeller shaft seepage, and then start the test." The stone bear made a decision soon.

Adrian Carlos nodded: "chief, that's what I think. In fact, I can guess the reason for this, because we don't have better lubricants. "

The stone bear nodded. Why didn't he know the problem?

If you want to say that other machinery and equipment can be manufactured and researched by the R & D team with golden fingers, you can't just make lubricants. Even the most primitive mineral oil engine oil, you have to first make petroleum fractionation equipment.

As for calcium based lubricants, which are commonly known as "butter" in later generations, they are more difficult to handle than mineral oil

"Well, let's use the present method for the time being. I'm arranging someone to research and develop better lubricants, but this can't be urgent. I need you to see how to make our propeller shaft stay watertight for a longer time on the basis of the existing ones. "

Stone bear can't help it. Although he knows a little about the principle and knowledge of petroleum fractionation, he only has a general idea. All kinds of experiments need to be done, which takes time.

Fortunately, it's 1776, and there are still several years to go before the stone bear plan starts to attack the Europeans and Americans. Taking advantage of this period of time, it is proper to get what should be done.

Now Bill Gates has taken his team to the northeast of Pennsylvania in search of oil.

It's not hard to find oil. The oil stream is not in vain. There, oil comes out by itself.

If we find oil and do all kinds of experiments, we will be able to get things out sooner or later, such as firewood, gasoline, engine oil, kerosene and so on.

Although we met such a little unpleasant in the final stage of the test, today's test is still very good.

The happiest thing is undoubtedly the speed of the ship.

Although the Carlos was designed on the basis of the Caldwell class destroyer, because of its thicker steel plate, even though its size is similar to that of the Caldwell class destroyer, its displacement is nearly double that of the Caldwell class destroyer.

I can't help it. The weight of the steel plate used by Carlos is much more than that of the Caldwell class destroyer. In addition to the weight of keel, deck, bridge and artillery, it is inevitable that the displacement of Carlos will exceed that of Caldwell class destroyer.

But even if overweight so much, Carlos can still run the speed of the 13th and 4th quarter, which is absolutely a big surprise.

Although the speed of the Carlos will be reduced due to the waves, it is estimated that if the ship advances at full speed in the open sea, it can also run at a speed of 12 knots. With this speed, Carlos will not be afraid of any sailing battleship in the world!

The first launch test can have such a result, which is beyond the expectation of the stone bear.

As an experimental ship, Carlos needs at least a few more or even a dozen or dozens of tests for similar tests before it can conduct sea trials. Once the sea trial is successful, the Carlos class armored ship will be completely finalized.

Again, it takes time.

This is an inevitable process.

The introduction of any new theory and the invention of any new thing are actually a process of continuous accumulation.

The Carlos is a platform for constant accumulation.

It's not terrible to have problems. What's terrible is that we don't know how to solve problems or can't think of solutions. Once all the problems on the Carlos are solved, the accumulation process will eventually evolve into a final explosion - accumulation.

In the original historical time and space, it took hundreds of years to evolve from windsurfing battleship to armored ship.

Therefore, the stone bear is not worried now. Test slowly, find problems slowly, and solve problems slowly.

A lot of things can't be done in a hurry.

Once the really qualified Carlos class armored ship goes to sea and can fight, the experience accumulated in the process of building this class of armored ship will become extremely valuable.

The experience accumulated in the construction process of this class of armored ships can be used to promote the whole industrial level of the tribe.

From materials to machinery, from power to communication, to other aspects, there will be a great improvement because of the success of Carlos class armored ship!

This kind of promotion is not only the improvement of the overall strength of Yanhuang tribe, but also the process of Yanhuang tribe catching up with and surpassing the European powers, but also the process of Yanhuang tribe's overall transformation!

But stone bear is very clear that this process is doomed to be a very difficult process, even if there is their own golden finger, this process will be extremely difficult! Eight years to build an armored ship with a displacement of less than 2000 tons is enough to prove how difficult the process is and how high the threshold is!

But similarly, as long as Yanhuang tribe can firmly cross the threshold, then Yanhuang tribe is destined to stand on the top of the world!

Stone bear has no doubt about this.

This is why he is willing to spend so much manpower, material resources, financial resources and energy on the Carlos.

It's just like the reason that the later Taizu ye said that he would do two bombs and one star is the same!

This is a complete process of accumulating and finally breaking out to complete the transformation.

Only when such a process is completed can a country really stand up.

In the past, Huaxia completed this process with the strength of the whole nation in just a few decades, so Shixiong is confident to lead Yanhuang tribe to complete such a gorgeous transformation!

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