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Chapter: 598

In fact, when Henry Antoine's fleet was shelled by Norfolk's coast guard guns, their fleet only reached the mouth of the Elizabethan River less than two kilometers away.

Just behind them, at the mouth of the James River, four British flag sailing battleships had just chased from Jamestown.

One of the four windsurfing battleships is a class II battleship, and the other three are class III battleships.

The four windsurfing battleships arrived at Jamestown port three days ago from Kingston, Mecca, the Hague, the Caribbean, for replenishment. They are ready to leave Jamestown tomorrow to support the British army.

Since the signing of the Treaty of Madrid by the British and the Spanish in 1670, the Spanish ceded Jamaica, an important island in the Caribbean Sea, to the British, it has become an important stronghold of the British in the Caribbean Sea.

It was only the earthquake of 1692 that destroyed the port of royal, Jamaica's largest port city at that time. The British began to build Kingston city to replace the port of Royal.

After more than 80 years of development, Kingston has become the largest city in Jamaica. Although it has not replaced Spanish town as the capital of Jamaica, it has become the largest city in Jamaica.

Even the British fleet in the Caribbean moored at this port.

So when Henry Antoine's fleet failed to bombard Jamestown, the four sail battleships came out.

Now the British are not the kind of people who have been beaten up. The important port of Jamestown has been shelled. They have to fight back.

However, when the British warships chased out, Henry Antoine did not find that there were British pursuers behind them. After they turned into the Elizabethan River, the British chased them to the mouth of the Elizabethan river.

And just as the British pursued Henry Antoine's fleet, on the North Bank of the mouth of the James River, near Hampton harbor, a large army guerrilla group of about 300 men also gathered there.

The army guerrillas originally wanted to cooperate with the French warship's shelling to raid Jamestown, but they did not expect that the French shelling did not achieve much effect, so the guerrillas returned to their base in the wilderness.

Yes, at this time, there was still a wilderness near Hampton harbor. There was no big port city in later generations, but just a lot of wilderness.

Naturally, the guerrillas of the Grand Army found the British warships they were pursuing. They wanted to use fireworks to inform the French warships and let them run away quickly, but they didn't expect that the French warships went straight into the Elizabethan River

As a result, when the coastal defense guns deployed on both sides of the Bank of the Elizabethan river began to fire, although they were far away, both the British and the guerrillas of the army saw this horrible large-scale "fireworks show".

When the first test shell, which was used to correct the firing coordinates, exploded in the river not far from Henry Antoine's fleet, all the French panicked.

Although they don't understand why the enemy's artillery can hit so far and have such terrible power, they all know that their fleet is suffering from artillery attack at this time!

However, these French sailors are well-trained soldiers. They adjusted their mind in a short time and prepared to turn the bow to leave the narrow river.

Compared with the huge body of the windsurfing battleship, this kind of river with a width of only three or four kilometers is too narrow. The battlefields where windsurfing battleships gallop are on the boundless ocean. In this narrow river, windsurfing battleships have little use.

But just as the French sailors tried to adjust their sails and turn their bow, twelve 105 mm coastal guns from the East Bank of the Elizabethan River shot the first round of salvo fire at the same time.

Because the first test shot of the shell has successfully achieved cross fire, so the first round of volley is extremely accurate.

One of the shells hit the three-stage windsurfing battleship in the front. The powerful 105mm high explosive grenade "bit" the front deck of the ship for a full third, and swept away all the French sailors standing on the front deck.

The 76mm artillery and 105mm artillery used by Yanhuang tribe now are separately loaded ammunition. With Yanhuang tribe's current technical strength, although it can make fixed loaded ammunition, it's too troublesome to make that thing. Therefore, the fixed loaded ammunition is only equipped with a small number of artillery specially for launching fixed loaded ammunition, such as the 105 main gun on Carlos.

Defensive guns such as shore defense guns and fortress guns, which don't need fast firing speed, mostly use split ammunition.

However, even if the cannonball is packed separately, according to the memory of previous life, the stone bear also let the R & D personnel develop the armour piercing bullet warhead and high explosive bullet warhead.

Armour piercing warheads are specially used to deal with fortress gun fortifications, while high explosive warheads are specially used to deal with the sail battleships of European powers and to do a lot of damage to the enemy in the land squadron.

The French warships broke into the forbidden area, so they would use high explosive warheads to deal with the three windsurfing battleships.

This kind of high explosive warhead, which is filled with nearly three kilograms of high explosive chemical charge, can not only produce huge destructive force to the target, but also produce hundreds of fragments after the high explosive chemical charge explodes.

When the warhead explodes, these fragments will burst out at more than three times the speed of sound. All unprotected soft targets, mainly unprotected personnel, will be killed mercilessly by these fragments

This is the first time that Yanhuang tribe has applied the 105mm artillery in actual combat after they developed it.

And this kind of 105 artillery close to the later World War I did not disappoint the stone bear who stood on the hot air balloon to watch the battle.

In the first round of volley, although the stone bear could not bear to look directly at the low hit rate, a shell finally hit the French warship, and then the French king knight became the first unlucky ghost under the 105 artillery of Yanhuang tribe.

This gun not only completely destroyed the front deck of the king's Knight, but also sent more than 20 French sailors standing on the front deck to see their father Jesus. Moreover, the fire caused by high explosive bomb also burned several sails on the front deck of the king's knight in a very short time.

The stone bear standing on the hot-air balloon had already seen the four British warships coming up, so he said to the flag officer around him, "sign the flag below and tell them that we don't need captives. We must sink these French warships. Well, at the same time, tell them to raise their shooting percentage for me. What are you panicking about? We're on shore and the French cannonball won't hit us at all. Let's fix the battery. If we can't improve the hit rate at this distance, after the battle, all the artillery will run around Norfolk for ten laps! His sister's, really when the shell does not want money, hit such a big target hit rate is still so low, deserve to be punished

The flag officer who was in charge of the flag language immediately honestly typed out his boss's words in the flag language. The soldiers who looked up at the flag language at the bottom turned pale when they saw the flag language

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