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Chapter: 600

It's a great fight.

Standing on the high floating hot air balloon, Shi Xiong was satisfied. After three rounds of salvo fire, he sank three awe inspiring sail battleships. Even Shi Xiong could not ask his Gunners any more.

It's just that the Gunners don't have enough.

After all, it's the first actual combat. Originally, I wanted to have a good fight. But I didn't expect that the French warships would kill them without fighting. It's a little too unpleasant.

You know, in normal training, we usually play more than ten rounds

There are more coastal artillery Gunners who have shouting too boring. These shore guns were closer to Norfolk and the shipyard, and they did not participate in the defense because of their distance. Originally, they wanted to wait for the three French warships to get closer, and then they could fire a few guns to enjoy themselves. As a result

As for the four English sailing battleships far behind and the soldiers of the American Army far away, they were all stunned.

Although they were far away from the battlefield, none of the three French sailing battleships was small. The largest royal dove class II sailing battleship was more than 70 meters long. If it stood up, it would be almost 18 stories high.

So even if these three ships were floating on the water, whether it was the British or the army, they could clearly see the battle two or three kilometers away on the river without any barrier.

Whether the 105 gun is firing or the shell explodes, the loud noise is like thunder. Especially after far away, that kind of dull explosion sound is continuous, which is really no different from thunder.

The voice is the second. The most important thing is that they are three windsurfing battleships. They are the most powerful weapons in the world today. There is no weapon that can match this kind of windsurfing battleship.

In addition, it is recognized by all countries as a special anti beating tool. In the distance, the Dutch challenged the Spanish Armada, the first Anglo French war, and in the near, the seven-year war, which has just ended for more than ten years, all these sailing battleships played a decisive role in the naval battle. This kind of powerful warship not only has strong firepower, but also is particularly resistant to beating.

When the two windsurfing battleships close to each other after shooting at close range, that scene is a soul stirring.

When dozens of guns fire at the same time, they are often able to blow the sawdust of the opposite hull, which is full of flesh and blood.

But even so, if you want to sink a sail battleship, if you don't hit a volley of 20 rounds, it's impossible.

Some windsurfing battleships have been attacked by dozens of guns in a battle, but they can still keep floating on the water, which is enough to prove the firmness of this kind of windsurfing battleship.

But what's going on? Three strong sail battleships were sunk without resisting the three rounds of artillery salvo of the native Indians?

Jesus, the Christ, is God joking!

The American Army soldiers farther away, after all, have little contact with such advanced warships.

But the sailors and officers on the four British warships were really stupid. They have been floating on the sea for half of their lives, and they are most familiar with windsurfing battleships.

But they never thought that the windsail battleship would be so fragile!

In particular, the Royal dove's ammunition died, which was a subversion of their understanding.

Of course, they don't know. Now and in the past, all the guns on windsurfing battleships are guns firing solid ammunition. Although the penetration of solid ammunition is not weak in close range, it is very difficult to cause fire on enemy ships. Therefore, it is very difficult to see such things as ammunition being killed.

But just now, the cannons of the native Indians told them how terrible the "big fireworks" caused by the lethal explosion of ammunition!

In this case, both the British and the Americans were completely frightened.

The British, in particular, asked themselves that although they now had four windsurfing battleships, they were also given nothing in front of powerful guns. Even if we pull them up and join hands with the French to deal with that native Indian tribe, it is estimated that they will not survive the five round volley

The commander of the British fleet, in particular, immediately realized a lot after witnessing the short and fierce exchange of fire.

Other people's artillery is not only powerful, but also has a long range and high accuracy. At a distance of nearly two kilometers, they sank three sail battleships with three rounds of salvo fire. This kind of artillery is really terrible.

The commander of the British fleet would never have thought that an aboriginal tribe would have such powerful weapons. This is a subversive existence.

Therefore, the British fleet decisively turned around and returned to Hong Kong. The commander of the British fleet needs to report this at the first time!

This powerful native Indian tribe can't be provoked!

Who is willing to provoke? Anyway, I will never let my brothers against such a group of horrible guys.

As for the soldiers of the U.S. Army, they all ran away.

Those powerful and strong sail battleships can't hold the three rounds salvo fire of other people's artillery, and their own Kentucky rifles are not even farts in front of such terrible artillery.

Stay away from these terrifying native Indians

Seeing the British warship turn around and run away, the stone bear knows that his strategy of killing chickens and monkeys has been achieved.

Although this will also expose the existence of 105 heavy artillery, but now the stone bear does not care about those.

Now the Yanhuang tribe has completely stood up, not to mention the European powers. Even if the British, French and Spanish join hands, 100000 soldiers of the fierce bear army have absolute confidence to defeat them!

The stone bear doesn't believe that a group of European soldiers with flint guns can resist the attack of stormy bear soldiers with weapons roughly equivalent to the level of World War I!

At this time, nothing could be seen on the river except the two masts of the glory of Versailles. Well, there are about two or three hundred French sailors swimming on the river like ducks.

These French sailors were all divers from the glory of Versailles and the knight of the Royal. As for the Royal dove, few sailors could escape because of the explosion of ammunition.

"Tell me to pick up these Frenchmen and send them all to the mine to dig for me!" Stone bear light command way.

These sailors are all good laborers. Now the mine is short of people. With these hundreds of French sailors to supplement the past, the mine can produce a lot more mines

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