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Chapter: 604

The most important work of rabbit mouth is the promotion of flavored cigarettes and string sales in the European continent. As for secretly retaliating against the Iroquois, it's just a matter of passing.

So, two people discussed for a long time in the circular office about how to add cigarettes to match the sales. Until dusk came, rabbit mouth politely refused Shi Xiong's dinner invitation and left the giant bear palace in a hurry.

This day's discussion opened many doors to rabbit mouth. Although Shi Xiong was only a museum worker in his previous life, he lived in the era of information explosion. The insidious methods he saw on the Internet alone add up to countless.

Therefore, in terms of how to expand the promotion of flavored cigarettes and string sales in the European continent as soon as possible, the stone bear only slightly changed some of the later dark methods, which is enough to make the rabbit mouth eye opening.

Rabbit mouth got so many valuable methods, naturally want to go back to a good summary, and then become their own way to deal with those vasichu. So he didn't even have the mood to have dinner with the stone bear. He just wanted to promote these methods.

The work efficiency of rabbit mouth is very high, which is what stone bear is very satisfied with. In particular, the work of rabbit's mouth in feeding cigarettes and string sales is particularly satisfactory to stone bear.

Once the large-scale promotion of flavored cigarettes, it can reduce the physical fitness of Europeans in silence, and the addiction is great. Later generations of those messy things have long proved the power of this "material".

As for chain selling, it can also shake the whole European economic system in silence.

There is no need to prove that people are profit driven. The vast majority of people like the way of making money without effort, which also does not need to be proved.

There is a very simple truth. There are two kinds of jobs. One is to work hard to earn money in the hot sun, and the other is to lie in an easy chair holding hot tea and earn money without work. These two kinds of jobs are put in front of 100 people and let them choose. It is estimated that at least 99 people will choose the latter way of work instead of the former.

And this kind of marketing method, just to meet the people's psychology of getting something for nothing.

How powerful this thing is? Later generations have seen it with their own eyes.

This kind of marketing method, which only needs to use your mouth and then trick your relatives and friends to join in, can earn a large amount of "capitation fee", will bring disaster to future generations. However, even if the state has used legal weapons to crack down on this kind of marketing, and even declared it illegal, a large number of people still participate in this kind of illegal activities.

There is no way. This kind of marketing method that allows people to get something for nothing and make huge profits is too attractive to many people.

Similarly, this kind of marketing method can still play a huge role in this era.

In the end, once this kind of marketing method is popularized in the whole European continent, it will be the nobles at the top who will benefit because they joined earlier. And those who are most exploited must be the ordinary people, because they joined late.

This will create a final situation in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The aristocracy will still enjoy the good life brought by this huge profit, while the poor will get deeper and deeper because of this way.

This kind of situation will quickly worsen the already antagonistic class formation, and eventually lead to political turmoil in European countries, even the official coercion against the people!

This is what the stone bear wants to see most.

Now it seems that the work of rabbit mouth is fruitful. Now a group of aristocrats in the European continent have joined this kind of chain marketing organization.

The fish has swallowed the hook deeply

When to pull the fishing line depends on the meaning of the stone bear.

But anyway, this is undoubtedly a very happy thing. But what made the bear happier came the next day.

Jean Agust, who could not get along in France at that time but voluntarily signed the "voluntary contractor", was rescued from the fortress of okron by the stone bear, who was also the sacrificial guardian of cabulus at that time. Since then, he has been participating in various researches under the stone bear.

Because Agust was proficient in medicine, most of the research he participated in was about medicine.

Well, it's worth mentioning that the first piece of glass in the gaoshu tribe was born in his hands.

The alchemist who was fished out by the stone bear with his wife and children has now become the chief pharmacist of Yanhuang tribe. Although the status of bakaluzu can not be compared with that of bakaluzu, the tribal wizard, the importance of bakaluzu is far from that of Jean Agust.

More than ten years later, Agust has entered the age of five, and his wife beibella has also given birth to a son and a daughter. Now his two children are educated in the tribal schools.

In the past two years, under the guidance of the stone bear, Agust has been carrying out an extremely important medical research project. Now, this project has made breakthrough progress, so early this morning, Jean Agust went to the giant bear palace to report his good news.

"Chief, we have made a breakthrough in penicillin extraction. We successfully extracted a little penicillin powder yesterday! Although the water content is still slightly higher, I think that since we have broken through the technical difficulties of the first purification, it will be relatively simple to carry out the second purification. Therefore, I think we are close to the completion of the penicillin purification work you gave me! "

As soon as he entered the door, Jean Agust yelled excitedly, regardless that this is the highest decision-making place of the whole Yanhuang tribe. I can see that this guy is really excited.

Agust's words let the stone bear's face also show a touch of surprise. He decisively ended his conversation with jorac Lulu, stood up abruptly, walked up to Agust with excitement on his face, pressed his hands heavily on the shoulder of the French alchemist, and asked in a deep voice, "let me tell you what you said is true? Have you done the purification of penicillin? "

There was a look of pain on Agust's face, and he grinned: "chief, would you please lower your strength first? I think my shoulder has been scratched and broken by you... "

Stone bear embarrassed to open his hands, but his eyes with hope, staring at the French alchemist.

On one side, Jorah krulu also came quickly, his face also with incredible surprise, "let me, you really purified penicillin?"

Agust nodded excitedly, then carefully took out a small sealed bottle from his pocket with a pinch of gray powder in it

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