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Chapter: 611

Bill Gates looked up at the sky and said to his daughter with a smile, "Mary, let's go out for a walk. It's been nearly half a year since we came here. We've only been busy with the Research Institute. It seems that we haven't walked outside to have a look at the scenery here. "

Mary gattston, who had untied her heart knot, jumped up with excitement. She quickly put on a heavy bearskin cloak, put on a bearskin hat, and walked out of the room with her father's arm in her arms.

It's already in the middle of winter, and there was a heavy snow just a few days ago. When I went out, I could see snow shining white in the moonlight everywhere.

Just as father and daughter were about to walk out of the gate of the Institute, a man wrapped in heavy fur came out like a ghost, stood beside gates and asked in a low voice, "Mr. Gates, are you going out with Miss gates?"

Bill Gates nodded, "I just want to go out with my daughter and have a look at the night here. I'm usually busy with my work, and I haven't enjoyed the scenery around me. Besides, I don't work very well these two days. I need to relax and relieve the pressure. "

"Well, Mr. Gates, I'll have someone protect you and miss gates."

The man who couldn't see his face clearly said such a sentence and then disappeared strangely. After a while, gates found several shadowy figures in his own distance. Needless to say, they were all elite soldiers of the bear army.

Gates and his daughter looked at each other and found a bitter smile on each other's faces. Then they said nothing and walked out.

Tonight's weather is fine, a round of digging like a silver plate of the moon slanting in the sky, emitting endless silver moonlight.

The snow everywhere on the ground reflects the moonlight, making the whole wilderness bright.

Father and daughter walked along the cleaned road for a short time. Mary let go of her father's arm, squatted down in the roadside snow, grabbed a snowball, and then threw herself into the roadside dense forest, which immediately aroused dozens of unknown birds to fly up.

Under the bright moonlight, these dozens of resident birds who don't know their names chirp in the air, as if complaining that Mary has disturbed their dreams.

Mary looked at the birds in amazement. After a long time, she clapped her hands and continued to hold her father's arm.

"Father, I really envy those birds now. They are more free than us." Mary's voice was small as if she was whispering, but Gates could hear the complaint in her daughter's voice.

With a bitter smile, Gates said in a low voice, "boy, there's no way. As long as we have not left the tribe, then we are the most precious property of the tribe. You have lived here for 12 years, and you should have known that. So you shouldn't complain like that. "

Mary lowered her head and kicked a pebble. "I just... I just think it's really unfair for the tribe to treat us like this. After all, we have made so much contribution to the tribe that we shouldn't be treated like this."

"No, my child, you think too simply about some things." Gates shook his head slightly. "The chief has to treat us like this. Don't forget that when we first came here, the tribes were almost in a semi primitive state, and they were far from being comparable with those countries in the European continent. But now, countries on the European continent are trying their best to seek the tribes. Why? Because now the tribe has developed so powerful that even the French, Spanish, Prussians and Austrians can't afford the tribe. And the role we play in it is huge. "

"Then why are we still under surveillance?" Mary asked, puzzled.

"Because we are so important to the tribe now, we can't make any mistakes." Gates turned his head and said to his daughter seriously, "if I were the chief, I would protect and monitor us most strictly."

Mary didn't say a word. At the age of 20, she understood a lot. It's just that her rebellious period seems to come a little late, which is why she has such a performance tonight.

"Son, you grew up in the tribe. In the past ten years, you have learned a lot with me, Jean, Jack, David and later Gadi. Now you can say that you are the most extensive researcher in the whole Academy of science and technology except for being younger. I ask your child, "do you like doing research?"

Mary nodded quickly and said, "I like doing research. Every time the research results come out, I feel very happy. I'm really happy with this kind of research life without other things to worry about. "

"Yes, you like such a life, but have you ever thought about why you can live such a life now?"

Seeing that his daughter did not speak, gates continued to whisper, "have you ever thought that if we go back to Britain, can you still live like this? Can we live such a life without worrying about food and drink, clothing, anything and just focusing on research? "

Mary hesitated for a moment, but finally sighed and said, "well, father, I know you're right. I, I just don't feel comfortable with this kind of ubiquitous surveillance. "

"Ha ha, my child, it's not uncomfortable. If you want to live such a life, you must be open to such surveillance. In other words, it is precisely because of our scientific research ability that we can become the most valuable property of the whole tribe, and we can enjoy this kind of life without care and then be able to concentrate on doing research. We use my research results to enhance the strength of the tribe. In turn, the tribe will use its best efforts to provide us with the life we want. It's just a very common trade. Just like when the chief risked to save us, Jean and your aunt beibella, and the price we need to pay is to work for the chief in the tribe, this is just a deal. "

After a pause, Gates said earnestly: "my child, because you have been learning from those uncles since you were a child, your knowledge can be said to be the most extensive one among us. And you are still so young. As long as you can settle down, you will surely take over the position of president of the Academy of science and technology in the future. "

"But I think if we go back to the UK, we can enter the Royal Academy of Sciences with our ability."

"Son, you think too simply. Who are those people at the Royal Academy of Sciences? Those people have titles, and the families behind them are aristocrats. Although our Gates family used to be a small aristocrat, the family has long been ruined. Your grandfather, your grandmother, your uncle and your uncle all lost their lives in smallpox a few years ago. Now we have only you, me and one of your aunts alive in our family. And your grandfather's Baroness has long been deprived by your majesty... Even if we go back, the days are not as good as you think. And what you may not know is that even if we can really join the Royal Academy of Sciences, we have to face the ubiquitous discrimination, oppression and even more intolerable insidious means all the time. Even if we go back, we should not only start from scratch, but also face all kinds of difficulties. The hardships are not what you can imagine. By contrast, we're here in heaven. "

Mary was silent for a long time before she let out a long breath. Although he didn't speak, he took his father's arm and added some strength.

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