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Chapter: 612

As Bill Gates said to Mary, the alchemists and scientists like them who dug, dug, abducted, cheated and even robbed from the European continent are the most precious property of the Yanhuang tribe.

Before they came to Yanhuang tribe, these scientists and alchemists all had a common feature, that is, they had been forced to die by their original life. If no one cared, they would have to throw their heads and blood away.

Whether it's the first four alchemists who followed the stone bear, or the later eighteen Arhats, plus the scientists and alchemists who have been brought over by Viscount Hank and the Fernando family in recent years, they can't get along in the European continent before.

They have their own abilities, at least much better than most ordinary people. But in this era, scientists or alchemists in the European continent are not promising. Unless the family behind you has enough strength, then you can become a real scientist respected by thousands of people.

Like Newton, like Cavendish

But in this era of Europe, the vast majority of alchemists or scientists have no prominent background, and as scientists or alchemists, doing experiments is a common thing. But the experiment is a work that consumes a lot of money, so if there is no support from a prominent family, these alchemists or scientists will be doomed to have no money to spend and no food to eat.

After these people were brought to the new world by the stone bear, their life naturally became excellent. Moreover, not only in terms of life, but also in terms of scientific research, the stone bear also tried its best to support them.

It can be said that after these scientists and alchemists came to the new world from the European continent, they were as happy as a mouse fell into a rice bowl and a weasel got into a chicken coop.

However, people are emotional animals after all, and they have such and such needs. After a long time, these scientists and alchemists are bound to have other messy ideas.

To put it in a bad way, this kind of comfortable life will make them forget the pain after a long time.

But there is no good way.

Even if the stone bear is willing to kill a few people who are most happy to hop, he is reluctant to give up.

Now what the tribe needs most is their knowledge in their mind, their practical ability and the ability to do experiments.

Before the tribal people were cultivated, the stone bear could not do without them.

Therefore, after discovering that some alchemists and scientists were ready to move, the stone bear strengthened the supervision of all alchemists and scientists.

Including the four alchemists who first followed the stone bear, they were all under such supervision.

It's absolutely impossible for the stone bear to let them go now. Even if we want to let them go home, at least we have to wait until the talents trained by the tribe can really take over their classes. Before that, we should do research honestly in the Academy of science and technology.

If you want to go, no way!

Even if you go slow, it's OK, but you can't leave the tribe!

It's not about the stone bear doing this to anyone, it's about all the European scientists and alchemists.

Stone bear also has no way, who let the tribe's scientific research talent is not enough?

It will take at least seven or eight or even ten years for the cultivated people to grow up completely.

In other words, before the end of the war of independence, these scientists and alchemists would never return to the European continent.

However, the stone bear did not blindly treat these scientists and alchemists by such means.

At a meeting of all members of the Academy of science and technology, Shi Xiong was very frank with these scientists and alchemists from the European continent——

"It's absolutely impossible for you to leave the tribe now. Don't forget who rescued you from the abyss. If I hadn't paid the price, I'm afraid that at least more than half of you have gone to see your God! "

These people are silent.

Of course, they understand that it's really hard for them to survive without the chief. Just like Adrian Carlos, he was about to be hanged and saved. It's all about saving lives. That's why Carlos worked so hard to build ships in Norfolk.

There are a lot of people like Carlos. Most of these people work at ease and have no messy ideas.

But there are more people who have been fooled by the Fernando family and Viscount hank. What the stone bear said is mainly to these people.

"However, if you come here far away from your hometown to contribute to me and my tribe, I will not treat you badly. To be fair, how are you living here? I can say to you without exaggeration, except that it is not your hometown, you have a better life here than in your hometown! Here, you don't worry about food or clothing, and you are respected by thousands of people. In your hometown, I'm afraid you will never get such treatment! "

"So why do some of you have other thoughts?"

"It doesn't matter if you have other thoughts, but don't express them now. I need you to stay here and work for me for another ten years! And bring me enough successors! And I tell you plainly, if anyone can do that, when you leave here and go back to your hometown ten years later, I guarantee that each of you can take away 10000 pounds! "

The effect of this is very powerful.

These scientists and alchemists are people who can't get along in Europe. They came to the new world just to have a meal.

If they pay ten more years, they will get ten thousand pounds. This is something they didn't even think about before.

The pound is still very valuable in this era. Ordinary workers work hard for a year and get only ten pounds. A small noble family can only earn two or three hundred pounds in a busy year.

Ten thousand pounds a year, that's a thousand pounds a year!

This figure, only those noble families at the middle level can make such money in a year.

The reward given by the chief is far beyond their imagination.

So, since that conference, most scientists and alchemists have settled down again. Even a small group of people still have other ideas, but they dare not express them easily.

Mary Gates said that to her father because she was young and she really wanted to go to Fort Detroit to see her compatriots back home.

But after Bill Gates' persuasion, Mary gates regained her original attitude.

Anyway, this is a good phenomenon.

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