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Chapter: 617

The shelling incident may have been a big earthquake for both the British and the army. But for the stone bear, it's just a small ripple.

Although it is not known whether this little ripple will eventually form a huge wave that can change the course of the war, the stone bear just needs to wait in silence.

OK, glad.

No, it doesn't matter.

He does not have so much energy to focus on the battlefield of the war of independence. At this time, the rapid development of the Yanhuang tribe is fundamental.

On this day, jorak Lulu came to the round office of the giant bear palace with a pile of materials. Shi Xiong warmly received the right comrade in arms who had already passed the age of no doubt but was still fighting in the front line of tribal management.

They haven't seen each other for more than a month since we last met.

Compared with the stone bear, Jorah krulu, the tribal leader equivalent to the later prime minister, is obviously busier. Stone bear sits at the top of the whole tribe to control the development direction of the whole tribe. It doesn't need to do some specific things, but Jorah krulu is not so good. He needs to work for many things.

"Chief, I have a piece of good news for you today." Just after sitting down and drinking two mouthfuls of tea, Jorah krulu threw out a topic that stone bear was looking forward to with uncontrollable excitement.

It's obviously not ordinary good news that can make the steady Joe lacroulu so excited.

So Shi Xiong personally lit a cigarette for Jorah krulu. After taking a sip, Jorah krulu said, "chief, according to the statistics just made, by the thunder month of this year (July), the population of our tribe has reached 2.27 million, which is 380000 higher than that of three years ago!"

"Really?" The stone bear's hand holding the cigarette shook involuntarily, and a large section of ash fell on the ground.

"That's right, chief. It's a number that can stand the test. Our demographic system has been completely established this year. Except for a few tribes living in extremely remote areas, we have set up neighborhood committees in 187 gathering places and tribes of different sizes according to your instructions. Even the tribes that live in remote areas can get some rough figures. Therefore, this time, after a thorough investigation of the population of all ethnic groups, we have come to the figure of 2.27 million. This number can be recognized. "

The stone bear, holding the cigarette in his mouth, hit his left palm with his right fist excitedly and nodded his head with a grin.

Since it is necessary to focus on the development of the internal affairs of the tribe, some organizations will inevitably become permanent organizations of the tribe, such as the "neighborhood committee", the most basic unit with proven high efficiency in later generations.

Three years ago, "neighborhood committee", the most basic administrative unit, began to be popularized in all ethnic groups. Compared with the previous tribal leader, leader of the gathering place and other administrative positions, this neighborhood committee undertakes more and more complicated tasks.

In order to make Yanhuang tribe really rise, the social form of the tribe must be constantly improved.

In fact, even though the stone bears have almost unified the whole new continent of North America, the social form of Yanhuang tribe is still in a semi primitive society. This social form is obviously not suitable for the rapid development of the tribe, so this social form must transition to a higher social form.

But Shi Xiong is also very clear that this kind of transition can not be too anxious, so when the tribe was renamed Yanhuang tribe, the grassroots tribes and gathering places of the tribe still retain the previous tribal leader and gathering place leader position.

After all, the whole tribe has not really been completely integrated, so the most basic administrative units based on clans and clans still need to be retained.

However, when the administrative unit of neighborhood committee is really and completely popularized in all ethnic groups, the former tribal leaders and the leaders of the gathering place will become similar to the later "village head", "township head" and even "county head".

The leader of a tribe or the leader of a gathering place is still the chief executive of a tribe or a gathering place, but the power in their hands will be greatly divided by the administrative unit such as the neighborhood committee.

No matter the leader of the tribe or the leader of the gathering place, they did not have the power to control the military force. The army was a force independent of the administration, which was directly controlled by the stone bear and the fierce bear army.

Most of the ordinary administrative power, such as building bridges and roads, farming and grazing, education and medical care, will be undertaken by the neighborhood committee.

Compared with the process of unifying the new world, the promotion of neighborhood committees is much more relaxed.

In order to promote this administrative organization, the whole Yanhuang tribe spent a full three years.

Now it seems that the effect is obviously very good. Because the stone bear has never heard of that tribe or gathering place resisting the neighborhood committee.

Obviously, in a long period of imperceptible influence, the neighborhood committee, which undertakes most of the administrative work, has been gradually accepted by the people.

The neighborhood committee has many responsibilities. It can be said that the neighborhood committee should do all the work of a tribe. However, the neighborhood committee has no decision-making power, they only have executive power. In other words, whether a work is to be carried out or not depends on the orders of the tribal leaders or the leaders of the gathering places, but how to do it is entirely in the hands of the neighborhood committee.

In other words, tribal leaders and leaders of gathering places are responsible for giving orders. Well, to be exact, they are responsible for transmitting orders from higher levels.

The neighborhood committee is responsible for the execution of orders.

Once the tribal leader or the leader of the gathering place becomes a "township head", "county head" or even "mayor", the administrative organ of the neighborhood committee will be transformed into another name - township government, county government or municipal government.

This kind of organization has been proved in later generations of China, so there is no pressure to carry the stone bear. He knows very well how powerful this kind of administration is.

Through this way, we can reach the most basic administrative departments. If Shi Xiong wants to, he can even grasp the situation of any ordinary people's family.

Just like the work of this census, without such a highly efficient grassroots administrative unit as the neighborhood committee, jorak Lulu would not have been able to get such accurate statistics of the population.

Compared with the smooth promotion of the neighborhood committee, Shi Xiong is more pleased with the rapid increase of the tribal population.

You know, when the northern expedition was just started, the population of the whole tribe was about 1.9 million. But after three years of recuperation, the population of the whole Yanhuang tribe increased by 380000, which is almost a 20% increase. It is absolutely an extraordinary number.

In this age, population is everything. If a tribe wants to really rise, a huge population is the most basic requirement.

It's like the Yanhuang tribe now has only two million people, but it occupies the whole new continent of North America, which is obviously a kind of abnormal development.

That is because of the strong strength of the storm bear army. But once the weapons and equipment of the European powers catch up, the Yanhuang tribe with a small population will be in danger.

Therefore, to increase the population of the tribe as soon as possible is also a basic national policy for the development of internal affairs.

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