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Chapter: 618

One of the priorities of jorak Lulu's work in the past three years is the promotion of neighborhood committees. Now it seems that it has reached the goal previously expected.

"Chief, the increase in the population of our tribe has the most direct relationship with the substantial increase in our food production." Jorak Lulu pinched out the cigarette end, took out a document from the pile of materials, and spread it out in front of the stone bear.

"So far, our tribe has cultivated about 800000 hectares of farmland, mainly in the southeast and along the two sides of the river. Of the 800000 hectares of farmland, about 400000 hectares are planted with major crops such as corn and wheat. If the average yield per mu of land is 200 Jin per mu, there will be two crops a year. One hectare of farmland can harvest 3000 kg of grain a year, and 400000 hectare of farmland can produce about 1.2 million tons of grain a year. That's enough for everyone in our tribe to eat. "

"The other 400000 hectares of farmland are used to grow other cash crops and high-yield crops. For example, there are about 150000 hectares of farmland used by our tribe to grow potatoes, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. These high-yield crops are an important supplement to the tribe's food. In addition, 250000 hectares of farmland will be used to grow tobacco, soybeans and other cash crops. "

The stone bear nodded.

With the popularization of education, the metric units used by stone bears in previous generations began to be popularized among the tribes. Take farmland as an example. The unit of Mu and acre is not very used by stone bear. He is more used to metric unit.

One hectare is equal to 15 mu, and 800000 hectares is 12 million mu.

That's not a small number, but it's still too small compared to the vast new continent of North America. After all, 12 million mu, or 800000 hectares, is only 8000 square kilometers. What is the land area controlled by Yanhuang tribe now? The whole United States of America and half of Canada, which is more than 12 million square kilometers of territory.

Only 8000 square kilometers, less than one thousandth of the territory controlled by Yanhuang tribe.

But even this figure is close to the limit of farmland that the tribe can cultivate. In the absence of modern agricultural machinery, it's really not easy to cultivate such a large area of farmland with manpower and cattle.

In other words, the per capita cultivated area of the whole Yanhuang tribe is about six mu.

And now there is no fertilizer, so the yield per mu is not high. In the intensive farmland, the yield of corn and wheat may reach four or five hundred jin per mu, but most of the farmland is still in a relatively extensive farming situation. The average yield of grain in a season can reach two hundred jin per mu, thanks to the fertile soil and water in these farmland.

In later generations, an adult man needs to eat about 600 Jin of staple food a year. If more than two million people in Yanhuang tribe were all adult men, they would need about 1.2 million tons of grain a year.

After all, the number of adult men in Yanhuang tribe only accounts for about 40% of the whole tribe. Women, children and the elderly make up the remaining 60% of the population. Therefore, under the current cultivated area and yield per mu, the food of Yanhuang tribe is enough to eat.

In addition, there are high-yield crops such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin lanterns that can yield more than 1000 Jin per mu. Now Yanhuang tribe can no longer worry about food. If you add the meat from hunting and animal husbandry, there is no shortage of food.

It is also because there is enough food that the population of the tribe can be improved so quickly.

Food is fundamental, which is an iron rule in any age.

Moreover, with the continuous increase of grain production, the population of Yanhuang tribe will be more and more. In turn, with the continuous increase of population, more farmland will be reclaimed to continue to improve grain production.

This is a complementary process.

"Chief, to maintain the current situation, I think the population of our tribe will double in another ten years or so." Jorak Lulu said excitedly.

"Yes! At present, this situation is very good. We must maintain it well. Jorah krulu, when you are training successors in the future, you must also pay attention to this aspect. It is an unshakable law of our tribe to increase grain production and population in the past 100 years! " Stone bear said firmly.

"Don't worry, chief. I know how to do it." Jorah krulu seems very confident, "now I have found several good seedlings in my hands. If I focus on training them later, when I am old enough, the next president will understand that there are successors."

"Ha ha, I'm relieved if you think so."

The two men who controlled the whole Yanhuang tribe lit another cigarette, and Qiao laclulu said, "in addition to the population and food, the current traffic condition of our tribe has also been significantly improved. Now the roads from Shangjing to Xidu and Nandu have been built, and the road to Dongdu has been built to Daqingshan industrial base. As for the road to Beidu, it will take several years. "

"Well, I'm not in a hurry. There are no roads for our tribe in Europe now. In the area of roads, we have been in the forefront of the world. "

Jorac Lulu nodded with a smile. Over the years, jorak Lulu has been following the stone bear, and he has already figured out a lot of things, such as what the world looks like and what the situation is like in Europe. So what the stone bear said, jorak Lulu can understand.

"Chief, there's also the canal excavation work. The Chicago canal is about to be excavated, but the Welland canal is estimated to take three years."

The length of the Chicago canal is half less than that of the Welland canal, and there are natural rivers to draw on, so after three years of digging, it is inevitable that the canal will soon be excavated. It's just that the Welland canal, which connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, has less than one-third of the length of the whole canal, so it takes more effort to dig.

However, once the two canals are dredged, you can take a boat from Shangjing to the Atlantic Ocean! By then, the great lakes will be fully connected with the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean. This is absolutely of strategic significance for the development of the tribe.

"Well, continue to follow the current momentum. Don't mess. Keep your feet steady. Step by step, step by step

"Don't worry, chief. I've always paid attention to this. And now there are special people in charge of these jobs. After these jobs are completely completed, these people will all grow up. "

"Good! That's it! There are about six or seven years left for us now. We must lay a solid foundation in this period of time! "

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