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Chapter: 619

Shi Xiong and Qiao laclulu had a deep discussion. The two giants of Yanhuang tribe had a deep communication around the current situation and future of the tribe. They even had lunch in the circular office.

At dusk, jorak Lulu was ready to leave. But at this time, the stone bear seemed to think of something and called out jorak Lulu who was about to walk out of the gate.

"By the way, I heard that black pterygium often comes from our Southeast. Have you heard about it?"

Stone bear's words made Jorah krulu stop. He looked back at his boss and nodded with certainty, "I know about this, but the specific situation is not very clear. There is less information in the following newspaper. What, does this matter affect our tribe? "

The stone bear nodded slightly. After a little meditation, he said, "don't go. I'll call the rabbit's mouth. He should know about this."

Hearing what the stone bear said, jorak Lulu came back and sat opposite the stone bear. When the stone bear finished giving orders to his guards, he asked, "chief, is the black pterygium that escaped very important?"

After rubbing his temple and lighting a cigarette from his cigarette box, Shi Xiong said, "well, if we make good use of the black pterygium that vasichu captured from the African continent, it will greatly promote our tribe. Before we did not pay attention to the situation of these black pterygium, but now it is not too late

"But the minority people seem to be very unpopular with those black pterygium. The clansmen believed that the black pterygium was sent by the devil. Most of the black pterygium who had escaped before went to the mines except a few who stayed in some tribes. These black pterygium also seem to be willing to go to the mine. Although they are tired, they can eat enough there. "

Ever since the Cherokee began to expand, especially after they took over the territory of the Crick and the bowatan, black pterygium often escaped from the colony. Even now, several black pterygium run to Norfolk, the eastern capital.

These black pterygium also seem to realize that a very powerful Indian tribe has risen around them, and the colonists of those colonies do not dare to provoke this powerful tribe, so black pterygium, who grows tobacco and grain in the colonies, often flee here.

This situation has been going on for more than ten years now. Up to now, the number of black pterygium escaping from the colony is not 10000, but 8000.

As the leader of the tribe, jorak Rulu naturally knew about the escaped slaves. But he didn't know what these slaves meant to the tribe.

But the stone bear knows.

In this era, the number of black pterygium in North America is not a small number. Although there are no exact figures, stone bear knows that when slavery was abolished in England in 1831, about 4 million black pterygium lived in the new world of North America.

Now the number of black pterygium may not be as good as 50 years later, but it is absolutely not much less. After all, with the growing demand for labor in the thirteen colonies of North America, from the second half of the 17th century, the market of black pterygium began to move from the West Indies to the new continent of North America. Now the new world of North America is the biggest market for black pterygium.

Stone bear estimates that the number of black pterygium living in the new world of North America now, if not four million, must be at least three million, which is even more than the number of colonists living in the thirteen colonies of North America.

Black pterygium is really a group of people who are very sympathetic. Since the Portuguese began to sell black pterygium in Africa in the 15th century, the time of selling black pterygium has been more than 300 years. Stone bears have seen a figure in their previous lives, that is, in the four hundred years of selling black pterygium, ten million black pterygium were sold from Africa to Europe, the West Indies and the new continent of North America.

According to the proportion that every time a black pterygium is successfully transported to the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean, 10 black pterygium will die in ships across the Atlantic Ocean. In the 400 years of trafficking in black pterygium in the whole African continent, at least more than 100 million black people have died

By contrast, the Spanish massacre of native Indians in central and South America was nothing.

These poor black pterygium are really miserable.

However, in this case, Shi Xiong had no other idea than to show his sympathy.

After all, in the past, he did not have the strength to sell black pterygium from Africa to the new world, nor did he have the strength to rescue millions of black pterygium.

But at this time, the stone bear has the power to liberate those black pterygium.

If all the three million black pterygium were liberated, the Yanhuang tribe would have more than three million workers. You know, most of the black pterygium sold to the new world are strong adult men, and the rest are young women - Black women dedicated to giving birth.

In any case, the labor force of more than three million is a huge supplement to the Yanhuang tribe. The most important thing is that as long as the black pterygium is well fed and dressed, the black pterygium is still obedient.

Over the years, these black pterygium have been oppressed by the colonists, and they have developed a submissive nature. As long as they give these black pterygium a bite to eat, they will not resist easily, and their biggest resistance is often to sneak out because they don't have enough to eat or are abused by their host

Shi Xiong and Qiao laculu exchanged some information about black pterygium. Of course, Shi Xiong said that Qiao laculu listened.

Well, many of what Shi Xiong said came from hearsay in his previous life.

Rabbit mouth speed is very fast, stone bear and Qiao lac Lulu chat not long, the Yanhuang tribe's biggest intelligence leader came in in a hurry.

It's worthy of being the intelligence chief. Stone bear just mentioned black pterygium, and rabbit mouth immediately began to talk about the situation of these black pterygium.

There are thousands of black pterygium who have escaped from the thirteen colonies in recent years. Most of these black pterygium work in mines, and a few work in the farmland of some tribes.

And the condition of these black pterygium is also roughly as what the stone bear said. They are very honest. As long as you give them a mouthful of food and a piece of clothing to protect them from the cold, these black pterygium are really the top three.

This is not exaggeration. When the Spaniards entered central and South America, they wanted to trade the Indians living in central and South America as slaves like black pterygium. As a result, the Spanish sadly found that the Indians did not want to be enslaved, and they had a strong sense of resistance.

The most important thing is that Indians are far less capable than black pterygium - one black pterygium can even support four Indians.

It was because of this fact that the Spanish finally raised their butcher's knife to the Indians.

Now there are at least three million black pterygium who can work in the thirteen colonies. How can the stone bear let these people go?

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