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Chapter: 620

"Boss, do you mean we can send someone to encourage these black pterygium to defecte?" Rabbit mouth licked his deformity upper lip, face with a trace of excitement asked.

In the flickering light, the rabbit's mouth looks a bit ferocious.

"Well." The stone bear nodded with certainty, "it's not the best time for us to tear our faces with the Americans and the British, but we can't let go of these black pterygium. Previously, Jorah krulu also said that the development of our tribe needs a lot of labor force, but it is difficult to meet the labor force needed for the rapid development of our tribe just by the population of our tribe. Therefore, we must think of ways from the outside world. Those black pterygium, I think, is a very good source of labor

Jorah krulu also smiles and nods. Obviously, he also agrees with his boss.

"Good! Let me do it! I promise to do it well. " Rabbit mouth very happy said.

For him, he is adept at demagogues like this. Although he is a frightening intelligence chief, over the years of training, rabbit mouth has already developed an incredible "skill".

What's more, this kind of thing that is not on the table for the time being is also most suitable for him, who always walks on the dark side.

"Rabbit mouth, when you do this, you must be careful not to expose us. Don't you have a lot of vassichuns? Let them do it in a different way. "

"Boss, I understand that. Even if you don't say it, I'm going to do the same. Why don't I have so many vasichos? "

In recent years, with the growing strength of Yanhuang tribe, some colonists who could not survive in the thirteen colonies also secretly went to the territory of Yanhuang tribe to survive. Compared with other colonists, these colonists are more honest, so the stone bear also turns a blind eye to the actions of these colonists.

After the establishment of the thirteen colonies in the future, these European "pioneers" are still needed to integrate the colonists of the thirteen colonies. Now let them live a better life, and they can set an example in the future.

For these immigrants, the rabbit mouth naturally will not let go. Over the years, he had developed a lot of effective men among the colonists who had sneaked over.

How did you get the information from the thirteen colonies?

Jorah krulu also said with a smile: "rabbit mouth, spread your people out, quietly go to those plantations in the southeast to encourage those black pterygium. Well, in fact, I think if you add some black pterygium working in the mine, the effect of encouragement may be better. "

The rabbit slapped his thigh excitedly and made a big thumb at jorak Lulu with a smile.

"Boss, the chief's method is very good. I need your authorization to go to the mine and find some clever black pterygium to help me."

Stone bear light smile nodded: "this matter left to you to do, what you want to do is good."

After a little thought, Shi Xiong you said, "I will let the mixed seventh division of big spear cooperate with your work. When your work starts, the garrison area of the mixed seventh division will continue to expand. As long as the black pterygium escapes into the defense area of the mixed seventh division, they will be completely safe. "

The seventh mixed division is now stationed in the southeast of the tribe. Its commander, Dashu, was also a member of the gaoshu tribe.

Jorak Lulu clapped his hands and said with a smile, "that's right. The mixed seventh division with big Spears is sitting there. The owners of those plantations dare not come to find fault."

Rabbit mouth also said: "this is definitely a good way. Well, aren't those vasichu and black pterygium yearning for heaven? Then I will mobilize the people under my command to vigorously promote the beautiful life here, so that those vasichu and Heiyi know that there is a real heaven not far away from them. "

Three people just like you a mouth I a mouth of chat, until the dead of night, this is to determine a plan can be implemented. The purpose is to encourage as many black pterygium as possible in the plantations in the south of the thirteen colonies to flee to the Yanhuang tribe.

"Rabbit mouth, just do it! If this is done well, brother, I'll give you another credit! " Finally, stone bear happily clapped the board.

Because this matter can not be put on the table now, only the three of them know about today's discussion. And there's no record left.

This is not a bright thing, heaven knows, you know I know enough, there is no need to let more people know this.

Rabbit mouth's action was very fast. Not long after the end of this day's negotiation, in the defense area where the seventh division was stationed, black pterygium began to run from the East. And not only black pterygium, some white people also fled from there to Yanhuang tribe.

Obviously, although the war of independence started, not all the colonists liked to fight with Britain. The most important thing is that everyone knows that once the war starts, it will kill people.

At present, the war has not spread to the southern region of the thirteen colonies, but now the great army does not occupy an advantage in the northern battlefield. Sooner or later, the British will fight.

Once the British do fight, they don't care if you're a spy in the army or not. And the thief is like a comb, the soldier is like a grate. Once the war spreads to the south, no one will care who you are or what you have done. Once you let those people take a fancy to your property, it will be easy for them to seize the property, and even worse for them to lose both money and people.

In addition, bunny mouth people keep making rumors here, so many white people have the idea of moving west.

Anyway, the thirteen colonies have rebelled now, and no one has listened to the decrees signed by the British king.

When life and property are seriously threatened, it is the best choice to flee westward into the sphere of influence of that powerful tribe.

When white people are busy fleeing, they will naturally relax the care of those black pterygium in the plantation. As a result, black pterygium also began to follow the escape.

In just a few months, tens of thousands of white and black people have escaped from north and South Carolina and Georgia.

For these people, the stone bear instructed the seventh division to accept them all.

Anyway, they are refugees. It is our duty to protect them!

And these white people who had been afraid to flee to the West also had Hei Yi. After they came to Yanhuang tribe, they found that life here was really good, and these people soon settled down.

When they crossed the border and entered the Yanhuang tribe, they all saw the strength of the mixed seventh division. With such a powerful armed force for protection, these refugees are at ease.

The stone bear, on the other hand, looked from the southeast to the northeast. There, a battle is about to begin

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