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Chapter: 622

In this age of no telegraphy, no radio, it is very difficult for St. Redge to know the information hundreds of kilometers away from him.

So he had no idea why General William Howe's troops were not in Albany.

The military plan was made by General William Howe himself.

If William Howe's army was destroyed by the army, St. Redge would not believe it. General William Howe is commanding an army of nearly 20000 people. If this army is defeated by the big army, then Britain should not fight with the United States, and go back to Britain by boat.

So St. Redge quickly decided that General William Howe and his army should be caught in something.

To be a colonel, St. Redge is not a vegetarian.

Compared with the captain Auston in the fort of Detroit, St. Redge is a serious fighter from the bottom. He should have a good military quality.

Therefore, although there is no definite information about William Howe, St. Redge made the decision to move north and support brigadier general bergoin in the first time.

St. Redge knew exactly what his mission was to contain the army in the West and eventually join brigadier general bergoin with General William Howe.

Now that William Howe is out of sight, St. Redge can only take the initiative to move closer to the bogoin department. Let alone the fact that bergoin's department is under siege by the army, the situation is very bad, so his Western army should support brigadier general bergoin.

Under the leadership of St. Redge, the four thousand West Route Army abandoned the stronghold of sknektadi and marched to Saratoga in the Northeast overnight.

Perhaps it's because Horatio Gates was excited about the 7000 soldiers who were holding bergoin head-on.

As long as he can take out bergoin's army, this battle will be his biggest victory since he became commander of the New York North army.

Horatio Gates has no worries about whether he can win the 7000 of bergoin.

After all, there are 12000 troops here, 12000 to 7000, and with all the preparation, Horatio gates is not worried about swallowing bergoin's army.

"Philip, have Arnold's forces cut off bergoin's back?" Looking at the map, Horatio gates asked without looking back.

Next to him, a major general who was seven or eight years younger than him was also looking at the map. The major general was Philip Skyler.

Philip Skyler pointed to an area on the map, then drew a line with his finger and said, "Arnold's troops have arrived at the predetermined position in the evening yesterday. His troops have now cut off bergoin's escape route to the north. Now bergoin is surrounded by us and he can't run."

Horatio gates nodded with satisfaction, his face full of happy smile.

Philip Skyler, who was beside him, had a helpless look on his face after glancing at him.

Although Skyler is eight years younger than gates, he has higher qualifications in the army than gates. As early as the year before last, when the war of independence broke out in 1775, Skyler was named major general and became one of the only four major generals in the army at that time. At that time, Horatio Gates was only a brigadier general, and his rank of major general was promoted last year.

Even in the first half of this year, Gates was only Skyler's deputy. Unexpectedly, Skyler's fortress tekondroga was beaten down by bergoin. Because of the defeat in the battle, Gates was named commander of the New York North army, and Skyler became Gates's deputy.

That's right. The fortress tekondroga, which John bergoin attacked in early July, was captured from Philip Skyler.

At that time, the defeated Philip Skyler fled south with the remnant, met major general Horatio gates and Colonel Benedict Arnold, and then the three parties formed the main force to block the bergoin department, and successfully blocked the bergoin department in Saratoga.

In the eyes of Skyler, Horatio Gates was lucky. He had just become the commander of the New York North army, when he met a battle that was almost doomed to be a big victory - even Skyler didn't think that bergoin could escape from the encirclement of the army.

Once the battle is won, Gates' reputation will be greatly improved.

In order to prepare for the battle, gates brought in troops from Albany and sknektadi fortress, together with some guerrillas, and gathered more than 12000 soldiers near this small Saratoga.

Moreover, as a result of early preparation, the army also occupied a favorable terrain and surrounded seven thousand bergoin soldiers in a small encirclement.

If there were enough heavy firepower, it would not cost much to annihilate bergoin. Unfortunately, the army did not carry enough heavy firepower in order to block the bergoin department.

In addition, the Indian soldiers under bergoin were not afraid of death, so the battle might take a long time.

But that's not a problem. As long as bergoin can't jump out of the encirclement, it's almost certain to eat this army.

William Howe's main force is in Philadelphia, hundreds of kilometers to the south. William Howe is absolutely impossible to rescue the bogoin department. And the other British army that landed in the West had a big army on its way to deal with them.

It can be said that in order to eat the bergoin department, Gates has made the plan to the extreme.

In the eyes of Horatio gates, the bogoin department in front of him is a bear that has fallen into a trap. There are no reinforcements outside and there is a shortage of ammunition and food inside. Sooner or later, the bear will be killed!

But what Horatio Gates didn't expect was that the British West Route Army, which should have been blocked on the way, had already broken through the ambush, and was now quietly killing the flank of the army in the dark.

Saratoga is situated in a valley plain about five or six kilometers wide. To the east of Saratoga are Lake Saratoga and the Fish River, and to the east there is the wider Hudson River. To the west of Saratoga, there are the continuous high mountains of the Adirondacks, in which mount Massey, the highest mountain in New York State, lies.

As long as the north and south ends of the valley and plain are blocked, bogoin will not be able to run.

It's also a carefully chosen siege site for Horatio gates.

But when Horatio gates thought the encirclement was perfect, there was a continuous gunfire in the west mountain area.

The gunfire changed the faces of Horatio gates and Philip Skyler.

In order to prevent the bergoin department from fleeing to the western mountain area, gates deployed a defense force composed of more than 1000 people at the edge of the mountain area. And the sudden gunfire came from that direction

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