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Chapter: 627

A great war unfolded without any accident.

In terms of the number of people on both sides, this campaign can be regarded as a large-scale one since the outbreak of the war of independence. However, compared with Thomas gage's capture of New York and William Howe's capture of Philadelphia, the number of participants on both sides in this battle is far less.

However, in terms of tragedy, this unexpected battle stirred by stone bear can definitely rank at the top of all the battles during the whole war of independence.

Even the stone bear didn't think that he just wanted to give more blood to the British and the army, so that the two sides could hold each other for a longer time. Then he used the radio to ask the commander of the mixed ninth division, ohamoka, to bombard the St. Redge department, so that the careless commander of the British army could be more vigilant and avoid the failure of oriskani.

As a result, the saint Reid was awesome. He not only avoided the failure of the battle of oris Carney, but also successfully rescued the trapped Bo Ge.

But it was such a variable that bogoin, who was full of anger, launched a surprise attack on Arnold's Department, causing a large number of casualties in the army, even Arnold died.

This can be regarded as poking a hornet's nest. After finding the place that bergoin had repaired, the angry Horatio gates brought all the people to the door.

On one side was the angry and irrational army, and on the other side was the more fierce British army, so the two sides fought in this small valley.

Of course, the stone bear didn't see the battle with his own eyes, but the soldiers of the reconnaissance battalion of the mixed ninth division soon radioed what they saw to Shangjing thousands of kilometers away.

When the stone bear read all the information, he was speechless.

Without him, this battle is too fierce.

Before the war, there were less than 20000 people on both sides. But when the battle, which lasted almost a day and a night, ended, there were less than 10000 soldiers standing on both sides.

Half of the army and half of the British lost their lives or were injured in the battle.

You know, whether it was the battle of Boston or the battles of New York and Philadelphia, although there were many people on both sides, there were not many dead and wounded. Once the commanders of both sides see that there are too many casualties, they will evacuate or evade in time.

Although these commanders do not know the saying "save people, lose land, and save people and land", they still understand the same truth. Therefore, in the original historical time and space, even if the whole war of independence was over, the total number of casualties on both sides was only more than 70000.

But now, in this time and space, just this battle, which did not appear in the original time and space, has brought down nearly 10000 people on both sides of the war!

Now it is not as fierce as the two world wars of later generations. Tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people are killed in a battle, and tens of millions of people are killed in a war. In the war of independence in the 18th century, the number of casualties in a campaign was 10000, which was absolutely terrible.

Neither the army led by Watson ton nor the British army could bear such heavy casualties.

But for the stone bear, this sudden battle is undoubtedly an excellent thing.

The battle was a bloody process for both the army and the British. The emergence of this battle will undoubtedly make the two sides in the war deeply hurt. Of course, it will further deepen the hatred between the two sides.

As long as the hatred is worth it, are you worried that both sides will not continue to fight?

The most important thing is, what will the army do after losing the Saratoga victory that should have existed? What kind of choice will the powers that are covetous in Europe make?

In the original historical time and space, France, Spain and the Netherlands saw the opportunity because of the great victory of Saratoga, so France first declared its recognition of the existence of the United States and declared war on Britain. Although Spain and the Netherlands did not recognize the United States, they declared war on Britain one after another. In the original historical time and space, Britain was attacked by European powers.

And the war of independence has completely changed from a civil war into an international war.

Because of the support of the European powers, not only the military support, but also the support of various materials, the army finally defeated the British.

But now, Saratoga's victory is gone, the British army still has a great advantage over the army in the northern battlefield, and the prospect of the war of independence is still unclear.

Will these European powers join the war of independence in advance to declare war on Britain, or will they continue to wait and see?

But all this is not a problem for the stone bear. As early as ten years ago, the stone bear began to plan how to use the war of independence to make the Indian tribes rise completely. After more than ten years of planning and accumulation, Yanhuang tribe has achieved the original goal of stone bear.

As long as we wait for the end of the dog to dog war, it will be the time for Yanhuang tribe to completely turn over.

At that time, whether the British win the war of independence or the army win the war, the vast, rich and beautiful land will be taken back by the Yanhuang tribe.

This is the ultimate goal of stone bear. He has been preparing for this goal for 13 years, and he is ready to wait for several years to achieve it.

Stone bear summoned bighorn sheep and jorak Rulu to the circular office and showed them the information from the front line.

Two people after watching is also a face of ignorant circle.

Although before, when the Cherokee conquered all tribes, there were more people killed in a battle than in this battle, and the two people, especially the bighorn sheep, were used to the bloodbath, but it was incredible that these vasichus could kill each other so fiercely.

"Ha ha, this is the power of hatred." Stone bear explained with a smile, "they are blinded by hatred and can't see the road ahead clearly."

Bighorn sheep and Jorah krulu shrugged at the same time, which they learned from the stone bear.

"Chief, is it time for us to increase the shipment of arms and other materials?" Jorak Lulu asked with a smile.

"Well, it should be. The emergence of this campaign will certainly pour a whole ship of oil on the fire of the war of independence, which can't be put out even if we want to. Unless they can't fight each other in the end, the war will probably end. But what does that matter to us? Now we are going to sit in the Diaoyutai and sell our arms to them

Big horn sheep said with a smile: "chief, the soldiers of the fierce bear army will ensure the safety of these arms and materials!"

The big three muttered in the circular office for a long time, and everyone knew what they were saying.

But the next day, the number of ships and convoys dispatched from Shangjing suddenly increased, and a large number of elite soldiers of the fierce bear army also began to escort these transport ships and convoys

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