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Chapter: 628

In the winter of 1777, the stone bear did not appear in Shangjing, but in the mountains about 900 kilometers west of Denver.

Although the latitude is far lower than that of the Great Lakes, the stone bear thinks that the winter here is more difficult than that of the Great Lakes.

Although the temperature of the Great Lakes is low in winter, it is not uncomfortable. But not here. The temperature here in winter is not much higher than that of the Great Lakes. The most important thing is that the prevailing cold wind blows on the face like a knife, which is really unbearable.

Now the location of the stone bear has a very famous name in later generations - Salt Lake City.

That's right. In this winter, the reason why the stone bear can come here with the piercing wind and the heavy snow that can reach the thigh root is that the copper mine that the stone bear ordered a few years ago has begun to produce copper ore. Well, copper ore alone is not enough for the stone bear to come here in the cold winter. The most important reason is that not only a large amount of copper ore has been produced here, but the black pterygium, who is responsible for the main mining task, discovered a very rich silver gold associated vein while mining Copper ore

Copper is a very important strategic metal material, which is far more useful than gold and silver.

But gold and silver, which are more valuable, are obviously more attractive than copper. Even though the stone bear is the supreme leader of a huge tribe, when a gold mine with abundant reserves appeared, he still couldn't bear the excitement and went here to watch the copper gold mine.

In this large basin surrounded by several mountains, there are not only mountains and valleys, but also deserts and lakes. The copper mine named by stone bear is located between the Great Salt Lake and lake Utah, the largest salt lake in North America.

The Great Salt Lake is the largest salt lake in North America, while Utah lake, which is only 50 kilometers away from the southern end of the Great Salt Lake, is a freshwater lake.

Between the two lakes is Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah.

Of course, in this era, there is no Utah or salt lake city. In the past, it was only the area where the huxiuni, Utah and Paiute lived. However, seven or eight years ago, this place was already taken into account by the Cherokee people. Now all the people who live here, such as the xiuni people, the utahite people and the Paiute people, have only one name - the Yanhuang people.

To be fair, it's not a good living area. The natural environment is a bit bad, and the output is not rich.

The area of the Great Salt Lake in the north is much larger than that of the later. In this era, the area of the Great Salt Lake is more than 6200 square kilometers, larger than the Qinghai Lake in China.

However, in the 20th century, the area of the Great Salt Lake rapidly shrank to less than 4000 square kilometers, and one third of the lake disappeared.

Although the Great Salt Lake has a large area, there are no other living things in this huge inland salt lake except some shrimp and algae. The salt content of this lake is as high as 25%, which is second only to the salinity of the Dead Sea on the planet.

Under such a high salinity, the water of the Great Salt Lake has great buoyancy. Like the dead sea, people can't sink in it

With such a large lake and no aquatic products, coupled with the harsh natural environment, it is really not a good gathering place. Compared with the rich five lakes area, the barren area can make people cry.

However, there is not nothing here. Under the mountains, there is a huge amount of metal deposits, including an amazing copper mine with large reserves.

In later generations, there is a world's largest open-pit copper mine - Bingham Canyon copper mine.

But a few years ago, no one in the world knew about the Bingham Canyon copper mine except the stone bear.

Now, the mountain range less than 100 km in length in front of the stone bear is the oak mountain range where the later Bingham Canyon copper mine is located.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Americans discovered an open-pit copper mine in Bingham Canyon in the mountains near Salt Lake City, so crazy Americans began to dig for more than 100 years.

Stone bear once heard of a terrier in his previous life, saying that when it comes to excavator technology, it's definitely big Lan Xiang. But no one on this planet dares to be number one if the Americans call themselves number two.

The origin of this sentence is actually from the Bingham Canyon copper mine.

Since 1906, the crazy Americans began to excavate this copper mine. First, they dug out a mountain hundreds of meters high. But when the mountain was dug out, the Americans found that there were still more copper mines under the mountain. So the Americans went on digging crazily. It took several decades to dig a huge pit with a width of four kilometers, an area of 7.7 square kilometers and a depth of 1200 meters!

This pit is unique on earth. No man-made pit can be bigger than this one.

Later generations have calculated that if the width of the mine were all built into a stadium, the stadium would be able to accommodate 9.5 million people!

In more than a hundred years, crazy Americans dug up five billion tons of ore here, and extracted 12 million tons of copper, thousands of tons of silver and hundreds of tons of gold from these ores!

In this pit, which is similar to the shape of a square funnel, the walls are full of dense spiral tunnels, and the tramcar at the bottom of the pit pulls the ore along the spiral tunnel to the outside of the pit.

If these spiral mines are straightened, the length will reach 800 kilometers!

All in all, in the previous life of the stone bear, this huge mine, which has been dug for more than 100 years, is a miracle.

But now, it's still a big mountain, but a small gap has begun to appear in the corner of the mountain, which was dug out by thousands of black pterygium miners in recent years.

Well, it's worth mentioning that in addition to those black pterygium who escaped, there are more than 1000 Iroquois who were secretly sent here by rabbit mouth.

The 1189 Iroquois were the seven Iroquois tribes who were in charge of them, and the immediate relatives of the six chiefs of the Iroquois alliance.

At that time, the Iroquois were very unhappy with the evil they had done to Wakaya, who was guarding the ancestral land, so they let the rabbit mouth retaliate against these people. In addition to more than 40 children were given to others, the other culprits were all brought here to mine by rabbit mouth.

This copper ore bear still carries on the name of the previous life - Bingham Canyon copper mine.

But now the scale of this copper mine is countless times smaller, and only a few people in the whole tribe know about this copper mine. The miners here are all black pterygium, and the guards outside are the elite soldiers of the fierce bear army.

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