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Chapter: 631

There is no doubt about the importance of the Bingham Canyon copper mine. Whether it was in the United States or the Yanhuang tribe, the status of the copper mine is extremely important.

As a non-ferrous metal, copper does not belong to the category of precious metals, but it has a wide range of applications. For Yanhuang tribe, there are many places to use copper in the future, so this copper mine must be well mined.

Bingham gorge copper mine not only owns copper, but also has many kinds of associated minerals, the most important of which are gold and silver.

If the proportion of gold and copper is not too large, this mine is called copper gold mine.

Yanhuang tribe is bound to be founded in the future, and once the country is established, the status of gold and silver will be improved a lot immediately. Gold and silver are indispensable precious metals, both for trading with Europe and as reserves.

There is no shortage of gold in North America, but most of it comes from the Rocky Mountains. In particular, several famous gold deposits in the past are located in Nevada further west of Bingham Canyon copper mine. Before the stone bear planned to conquer and develop the west coast, the gold mining there was still very difficult.

Therefore, Bingham Canyon copper mine may be the most important copper mine of Yanhuang tribe in the next ten years.

The stone bear even thought that he would take Mexico down if he had a chance later. The rich silver reserves in Mexico made the stone bear envious.

In the previous life of the stone bear, Canada is the country with the largest proven silver reserves in the world, while the United States and Mexico are also in the top five. Now Canada and the United States are in control. If Mexico is taken down, half of the silver in the world will be in their own hands.

Similarly, the United States and Canada are also rich in gold reserves, which is also proved in the previous life of the stone bear.

So why should Europeans occupy such a vast and rich North America!

Before I have no soul to wear, it's nothing to do with me. But now Laozi's soul is worn, this vast and rich continent can't be occupied by others!

Stone bear stayed in Bingham Canyon copper mine for a full month, not that he didn't want to go back, but when he wanted to go, a heavy snow blocked all the roads.

The Great Salt Lake is located in the rocky mountain basin. Because of the terrain, heavy snow is common here in winter. And the amount of snow here is no less than the Great Lakes and Canada to the north.

Salt Lake City is a famous skiing resort in North America. After a heavy snowfall, the snow on the ground is more than one meter deep. If you catch up with a Snowden, you can't see if you fall in it

This is a mountainous area, not like the Great Lakes area in the north, so once it snows, let alone go home, it's hard to get from the gathering place to the mining area. It took thousands of people three days just to clean the road from the gathering place to the mining area.

Fortunately, there are enough grain reserves in the mine. Otherwise, nothing can be transported in due to the weather.

As a result, the stone bear had no choice but to stay here for more than a month, and then set foot on the way back to Beijing.

It was March 1778 when Shi Xiong returned to Beijing. At this time, Salt Lake City was still cold, but in Shangjing, almost at the same latitude, it was already spring.

Just back in Shangjing, Shi Xiong knew one thing.

That is, although there was no great victory in Saratoga, the French declared war on Britain a few days ago!

History seems to adjust back to its original track unconsciously.

Now even the stone bear does not know whether the French Declaration of war on Britain is good or bad.

In the original historical time and space, because of the victory of Saratoga, the French saw the weakness of the British, so they decided to declare war on the British in early March 1778.

In this era, although Britain is the most powerful country in Europe, there are few people in Europe who like Britain.

Needless to say, Spain and the Netherlands lost their first place in Europe because they were defeated by Britain. The two countries naturally have little interest in Britain.

As for France, it is Britain's nemesis.

If Spain and Holland have been afraid to do anything to the British since they were defeated by the British, the French are still eyeing the British even if they are defeated in the seven-year war.

Do you really think the French are so willing to cede territory as big as New France and French Louisiana and India to the British?

The French lost more than half of their overseas colonies in a war, which was almost fatal to them.

But the French can't beat the British at this time, so the French are also very frustrated.

All of a sudden, there was a sudden internal strife among the British, and more than two million colonists in the new world of North America suddenly jumped out to fight for their own independence. This immediately gave the French an opportunity.

The importance of the thirteen colonies in North America to the British is something that any country in Europe knows very well. It is no exaggeration to say that the thirteen colonies of North America are the most important overseas colonies of Britain, which are even more important than India, which was just captured from the French!

Now all of a sudden, the British are rebellious. It would be strange if the French did not take this opportunity to regain their lost face and colony.

In the original historical time and space, it is generally acknowledged that because of the great victory of Saratoga, France declared war on Britain.

But in this time and space, Saratoga's great victory became the most tragic battle in which more than 10000 people were killed and injured on both sides. The army did not take advantage of it, and even lost more than the British, but the French still declared war on Britain.

Obviously, whether there is a victory in Saratoga or not, the French are already the bastards, determined to continue to deal with the British.

Stone bear estimated that the fundamental reason why the French declared war on the British was Louis XVI, who was controlled by the queen.

When Louis XV was in power, the French lost to the British in the seven-year war, which led to the loss of a large number of overseas colonies and the sharp decline of French financial revenue. When Louis XV died and his grandson Louis XVI came to power, he had no money in his pocket and caught up with a particularly powerful and luxurious queen, so Louis XVI also wanted to get more money.

Under such circumstances, it is not surprising that Louis XVI aimed his eyes at the new continent of North America.

It is obvious that Louis XVI wanted to recapture the Lost Colony of North America, which would ease the situation of empty Treasury and high debt. Therefore, whether there is a great victory in Saratoga or not, it is inevitable that Louis XVI will declare war on the British.

Just declare war when you French declare war on Britain. Why send the Navy around the waters near Norfolk?

Does Louis XVI want to get back the face he lost in Norfolk?

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