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Chapter: 634

"Big eye, raise the gun aiming balloon for me. If I can't see the gun aiming balloon after 20 minutes, I'll put you in the coastal defense and shoot you out!" Before happy eyes can not find eyebrows of the river, holding the hand-held magnet telephone microphone, spitting stars flying wild roar.

In the artillery regiment of the fourth division, which was several kilometers away, the big eye of the microphone was also excited, spitting and flying around, and yelled at the microphone: "yes! Make sure you get the job done! "

Dayan is the head of the artillery regiment of the fourth division. He used to be a member of waier tribe, and he was also the first one to form an expeditionary army with Dahe.

Big eyes have a pair of extremely big eyes. In the words of jorak Lulu, this guy has a pair of bison eyes. Well, the relationship between the stone bear and the big eye is also good. In the words of the stone bear, this guy's eyes are much bigger than those of the swallow in the previous life. But no one can understand the stone bear's evaluation of big eyes. They don't understand why little swallow can have such big eyes

Compared with the other nine divisions of the fierce bear army, the artillery regiment of the fourth division is not the number one in the division. The main force of the fourth division was the shore defense artillery regiment. Although the artillery regiment of the Division also had a lot of artillery, it was mostly used as a mobile force.

After all, the main task of the fourth division is to protect Norfolk and its surrounding shipyards and industrial bases, so a large number of coastal heavy artillery is the focus of the division.

However, the big eye division's artillery regiment has a special gun aiming hot air balloon, which is different from the ordinary observation hot air balloon. The gun aiming hot air balloon is equipped with a large multiple gun aiming mirror, which is specially used to guide the coastal defense artillery and the division's artillery regiment.

Therefore, in order to carry out long-distance shelling, the hot-air balloon must be launched first, so as to make the rear heavy artillery hit more accurately.

"Shuigouzi, let all your shore defense Gunners cheer up. If anyone drops the chain for me, I'll dig a hole to bury you and make you a local dog!" After hanging up the call with Dayan, Dahe asked for the call to the shore defense artillery regiment.

At present, the long-distance communication mode among Yanhuang tribes is radio, but most of the short-distance communication modes have adopted hand magnet telephones.

It's not difficult to make, and it's very durable. It's a good communication device.

It's just that we need to set up a communication line to communicate with a hand-held magnetite telephone. However, it is not difficult to set up communication lines. The outer layer of logs with a diameter of 20 cm and a length of about five meters is carbonized and then coated with asphalt. The lower end of the logs is buried in the pit, which is the wire pole.

The top end of the pole is equipped with eight wire arms, on which the insulator made of glass is fixed, and then eight copper wires are laid, and the copper wires are crossed at intervals, and a communication line is completed.

Because the communication line of the telephone needs two copper wires to complete, such a communication line composed of eight wires can allow four hand-held magnet telephones to communicate at the same time.

In fact, this kind of communication line is no different from the oldest open line communication in China. It's just that Shi Xiong is not short of copper now, and he has luxury of replacing the galvanized iron wire on the open line communication line with copper wire

At present, such communication lines are very common in big cities such as Shangjing, Norfolk and Denver, as well as in some larger gathering places.

Troops like the fourth division, which had been stationed in a fixed place for a long time, also completed the installation of communication lines early. After all, this instant messaging system is much more convenient than radio communication.

At the other end of the phone is the regiment headquarters of the fourth division coastal artillery regiment. The head of the regiment is a strong man called "water dog" by Dahe.

Unlike the people in the tribe with big eyes and crooked ears, shuigouzi is a member of the Honghe tribe with a mad lion as its leader. Water dog son is the local people's name for North American otter, because this guy was very good at catching North American otter, so over time, he got the nickname "water dog son".

Although shuigouzi was a member of Honghe tribe, when Dahe was the logistics director of the expeditionary army, he followed Dahe and was a powerful subordinate of Dahe.

Later, when the fourth division was stationed in Norfolk, the water dog, with excellent water quality and steady work, was promoted to the head of the coastal artillery regiment by Dahe.

The water dog at the other end of the phone held the microphone a little farther away. When the sound of the river stopped, he asked, "chief, are you going to do those vasichu?"

"That's right. If those vasichu warships don't get close to us, Norfolk is OK. Once they are within the range of our guns, you'll give me a hard hit! You can't let go of any of them

This water dog son also followed excited up, he repeatedly promised: "boss, you can rest assured, those vasichu as long as dare to come over, I guarantee they all can't run!"

The year before last, when the coastal defense artillery regiment dealt with the three French sail battleships, its performance was not very good at the beginning. The first round volley only hit one shell. Because of this, the water dog was scolded by Dahe afterwards.

Since then, shuigouzi has practiced hard under his opponents. The quality of both loaders and Gunners is better than that of the year before last. It's not a single bit, but they still need to be tested in actual combat.

After putting down the phone, shuigouzi immediately got through to the second battalion of coast guard artillery at point Henry.

After so many years of construction, the coastal artillery regiment of the fourth division has 108 105 heavy guns and 212 76 guns.

The whole Norfolk was surrounded by 320 guns. Of course, the largest number of coastal defense guns is located on both sides of the Elizabethan River, but at point Henry at the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay Estuary, there are also 28 105 heavy guns and 42 76 heavy guns.

Point Henry and point Charles, 19 kilometers to the north, guard the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. Their geographical position is extremely important. But the North Point of Charles is now in the hands of the British, and the South Point of Henry is within the scope of Norfolk.

Because point Henry guarded the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, the fourth division coastal artillery regiment deployed a large number of heavy guns here. With an effective range of more than eight kilometers of 105 and 76 guns, half of the bay mouth can be controlled directly.

The range of the 105 heavy artillery is longer and its power is huge, but the firing speed of the 76 cannon is faster and its power is smaller, but it can't be resisted by the current sail battleship.

The combination of the two guns ensured the firepower of the second battalion of the coastal artillery regiment stationed at point Henry.

In the past, there were two famous lighthouses at Henry's point. One was an octagonal lighthouse built in 1792, which was the fourth lighthouse in the United States. Another reason is that the first lighthouse was later cracked, and a higher lighthouse was built nearby.

Now there are no two lighthouses here. The second battalion of the coastal defense artillery regiment's coastal defense guns are all located on a small hill with a height of 20-30 meters, about 300 meters away from the coastline. Now, the 70 shore defense guns have been stripped off, and the black gun barrel is exposed from the heavy reinforced concrete fort shooting mouth

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