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Chapter: 638

In Luc's eyes, the Brittany's investigation and exploration were effective.

The Brittany, which is only four kilometers away from point Henry, can clearly see what is floating in the sky. Although the captain of the Brittany does not know what it is, a big guy floating in the air does not seem to pose any threat to the fleet.

Because since seeing the big guy clearly, it seems to be motionless in the air. It should be fixed by ropes or something.

The most important thing is that the large caliber mortar gun at the stern of the Brittany fired four rounds in a row. Although the shells fell into the sea far away from the coastline, didn't the opposite shore defense gun fire?

When the captain of the Brittany asked the signalman to tell the flagship what he had seen through the flag, Julian Luc made a judgment immediately.

The thing floating in the air should be a kind of sentinel like existence. Although Luc could not understand how these native Indians made such a big group fly, since the big guy couldn't move in the air, there was no threat to the fleet.

As for that aboriginal tribe's shore defense guns did not fire, that is more clear.

This aboriginal tribe may really have a kind of powerful artillery, but as I judged, the range of this kind of artillery is very close, and it should be a kind of Fortress gun similar to the large caliber mortar gun.

Thinking of this, Luc could not help complaining to himself about Henry Antoine.

You say you are a senior naval general with rich experience in naval warfare. How can you lead your fleet into the inland river?

The warship in your hand is a sailing battleship sailing on the sea, not an inland river armed transport ship sailing on the inland river.

If it were in the sea, the powerful guns of that aboriginal tribe would not be able to hit their warships.

Alas, it's a pity that the three warships

Since we haven't found anything suspicious, let's do it directly!

As a result, the flag was issued by the flagship glory, and the eight Royal French Navy sailing battleships formed a row and stormed the mouth of Chesapeake Bay.

In Julian Luc's plan, he first destroyed the stationary coastal guns at a long distance, then rushed into the Bay, continued to destroy the remaining coastal guns, and finally came close to fire.

It's near noon, and if it's going well, it's an hour or two to destroy those coastal guns, then end the shelling on the aboriginal tribe before night, and lead the fleet out of Chesapeake Bay when night falls.

This kind of sailing battleship across the ocean is best to sail on the sea, which is the safest

But Julian Luc never knew that at this time, standing on the top of a coastal artillery fortress, the water dog was looking at his eight warships with a telescope, listening to the signal soldiers nearby constantly reporting the distance between the fleet and the coastal artillery.

Julian Luc's fleet has no escape with the hot air balloon.

Eight warships of the Royal French Navy's Guadeloupe fleet soon entered the farthest firing circle eight kilometers away from the coastal artillery, but the water dogs did not order to fire.

In fact, in terms of the range of 76 guns and 105 guns, eight kilometers can be fired.

Because of the limitation of gun steel materials, the caliber of Yanhuang's guns has not been improved, and they are mainly 76 guns and 105 guns.

If the caliber of artillery can not be improved, the range will be limited.

However, the artillery engineers in the military factory have not been idle these years. Under the guidance of Shi Xiong, they have made a lot of improvements to the existing 76 guns and 105 guns. For example, we installed muzzle brake, developed anti recoil device, that is, recoil machine and reentry machine, installed high and low machine which can quickly adjust muzzle, and sight and sight which can greatly improve the firing accuracy of artillery.

Muzzle brake is very necessary for army artillery, because the purpose of this device is to reduce the impulse of propellant gas energy on the recoil part of the gun in the aftereffect period, so as to reduce the recoil length and the force acting on the gun frame.

However, although the muzzle brake can greatly weaken the recoil force during artillery attack, it will increase the shock wave, air flow, fire light and dust at the muzzle when firing, which is very harmful to the concealment of positions and the safety of gunners.

Moreover, if such a big iron guy is added to the muzzle, the barrel length will be increased, which will affect the shooting accuracy and the observation and aiming. The higher the efficiency of the brake, the greater the disadvantage. Therefore, those who can be uneasy should be uneasy as much as possible, such as tank guns, anti tank guns, recoilless guns and mortars, and naval guns.

However, it is very necessary to install muzzle brake on Army artillery, especially field artillery, because the installation of muzzle brake can greatly weaken recoil force, even up to 40%. In this way, the gun frame can be made lighter, and the mobility of the gun will be improved.

The army's field artillery needs not only firepower, but also mobility.

However, for example, there is no need to install muzzle brake on shore defense guns. With the range of 76 guns and 105 guns, even if the enemy finds the shore defense fort, their guns can't hit such a long distance.

Compared with field guns, which need mobility, shore defense guns need more accuracy.

However, even if the muzzle brake is not installed on the shore defense gun, the recoil machine and the reentry machine are installed.

In this era, when the field artillery fire, the recoil force of the artillery is directly transferred to the gun rack, through the gun rack and the hoe to the ground. However, due to the moment, the gun wheel will jump up and back when firing, so the gunner needs to push the gun back to its original position and aim again before firing the second time.

Some large naval guns, fortress guns and coastal guns are supported by slide rails. This kind of large caliber gun will be installed on a slope like slide rail. Every time it is launched, the gun frame will slide backward on the inclined slide rail, and then slide forward to reset under the influence of gravity. The steel wheel and track under the gun base are used to adjust the firing direction of the gun. These guns are rigidly connected with the gun frame, and the gun frame retreats to absorb recoil energy.

The gun barrel of Yanhuang tribe, which is equipped with recoil machine and recoil machine, is no longer rigidly connected to the gun frame like a recoil gun, but is supported on a U-shaped cradle, which together with the U-shaped cradle forms the pitching part of the gun, pitching up and down on the gun frame. The barrel and the U-shaped cradle are not fixedly connected, but are connected by an elastic recoil device. When shooting, the barrel can recoil on the cradle. The recoil device absorbs energy and then bounces the barrel back to its original position.

In the original historical time and space, the recoil machine and the reentry machine could not be developed until the last few years of the 19th century. This thing, combined with the hoe, can greatly stabilize the artillery, so that the artillery can maintain the maximum stability when shooting, so as to maximize the shooting accuracy.

With the help of the retreating machine and reentering machine made by golden finger, Shi Xiong directly raised the level of 76 guns and 105 guns of Yanhuang tribe for a full century!

Therefore, the level of 76 artillery and 105 artillery of Yanhuang tribe is not far behind that of the first World War.

At a distance of eight kilometers, if 28 105 heavy guns and 42 76 guns are salvaged, there is still a great probability that they can cover the target!

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