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Chapter: 641

Although Frank's story sounds incredible to lieutenant colonel Fogg and Colonel Jackson, the soldier's story is far less than that of the short and fierce naval battle that happened yesterday afternoon.

Moreover, it is not so much a naval battle as a unilateral massacre.

After all, the mouth of Chesapeake Bay is 19 kilometers wide. Even if Frank's observation post is on a 20 meter high hill on fisherman's Island, even if Frank was holding the most advanced monocular telescope of the British Empire at that time, he could only barely look at it.

As a matter of fact, major general Julian Luc, who was proud and charming, led his eight sail battleships to attack Cape Henry, and he was on a road of no return.

The eight windsurfing battleships of the Guadeloupe fleet of the Royal French navy are arranged in a straight line. The sails on each ship's three masts are all full sail. With the help of strong sea breeze, they maintain a neat formation and attack point Henry quickly.

After the cruiser Brittany, which just went out for investigation, approached, we could clearly see the dense battery on the hill of point Henry through the telescope.

Although it is not clear how many coastal fortresses the aboriginal tribe built on this hill, the scattered and orderly fortresses are still frightening.

Major general Julian Luc did not intend to bring his warship too close at all. As long as he was close to the limit firing range of the 36 pound guns on the warship, he would fire at that position.

As for other smaller caliber naval guns, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you can get the best. It's enough for a warship to shoot with a 36 pound gun while still in motion.

safety first!

As the warship sailed at a speed of a little over eight knots to a position about five kilometers away from the shore defense artillery position, Julian Luc, who was standing on the front deck of the flagship glory, and most of the soldiers and officers who were standing on the upper deck of the eight warships, could clearly see the sudden light on the hill in the distance.

Yes, even if it is five kilometers away, even if it is noon, the sun and distance in the sky do not hide the scattered light.

On the side of the hill facing the sea, sixty or seventy bright spots suddenly appeared at that moment, and then these bright spots joined together. It seemed as if the whole hillside of the hill lit up in an instant.

With this sudden light, Luc clearly saw sixty or seventy clouds of black smoke rising.

Luc's heart suddenly clapped - this kind of scene is too familiar, this kind of scene can only be formed when the artillery fire.

Is that aboriginal tribe firing now?

Although Luc suddenly felt a very uncomfortable emotion in his heart, as if some disaster was coming. But then he shook his head hard and forced the uncomfortable emotion down with another idea.

What's the use of their guns at such a long distance? Is it a threat?

The corner of Luc's mouth tilted up slightly. At this time, as the supreme commander, he needed to comfort the officers and men of the ship with his calmness.

But the corner of his mouth just turned up for less than three seconds, suddenly a series of frightening whistling sounds sounded in the sky. Luc had never heard of that voice, nor had his officers and men. It was very sharp, but it was very frightening.

If they had seen a train, they would have thought that the roaring sound was like a high-speed train passing over their heads.

The next moment, just before Luc and his officers and men could react, these continuous shrieks turned into a series of explosions. Dozens of huge water jets suddenly rose on the sea behind the fleet, some of which were as high as five or six meters.

The cruiser in the northernmost row, that is, the aft deck of the Brittany, which went out for investigation before, suddenly burst out with a huge explosion, and the firelight immediately jumped up on the aft deck of the Brittany. More than 40 meters long Brittany's back deck is like being bitten by a huge monster, and a large piece of it is missing in a moment.

"Shelling!" This is an idea that almost all the officers and soldiers who saw this scene raised at the same time.

At this time, the sound of "boom" came from the distance like thunder - it was the sound of the coastal artillery salvo.

For a moment, Julian Luc felt as if his heart had been gripped by an invisible hand.

"How can it be? How could this Aboriginal artillery strike so far? And how could their impact points be so neat? My God, how is that possible? "

At this time, there was only one thought left in Julian Luc's mind. At this moment, he didn't seem to hear the sound of the rumbling artillery or the scream of the Brittany. He just looked at the distance like a fool

It was not until his adjutant shook him hard that Julian Luc blinked in alarm.

"General, the Brittany was shelled, one of the enemy shells hit the stern of the Brittany, and the rudder of the Brittany was destroyed." The adjutant said at a very fast speed. Of course, his voice was full of panic. "General, what should we do?"

"Yes, what shall we do?" Julian Luc murmured that he didn't know what to do. The fact that he could shoot at a distance of more than five kilometers and still hit one shot was beyond his expectation. To be honest, he didn't know what to do.

Just as they were talking, there was that kind of frightening scream in the sky. But compared with the slightly dull scream just now, the scream this time was a little sharper and the sound seemed to be a little smaller.

All the officers and men in the fleet were frightened. It was obvious that within ten seconds, the other side's shore defense guns opened fire again. What they didn't know was that the salvo guns were 76 cannons instead of 105 cannons.

At that time, the 76 cannons of Yanhuang tribe were designed to imitate the later "Miss 75 of France". Although the firing speed of this kind of cannons with all metal shell and fixed charge cannons is not as fast as that of "Miss 75 of France" which is as high as 15 shots per minute, the loading speed of one shot in six seconds is far from what any gun can match now.

Compared with the firing rate of 76 guns, 105 guns have a longer range and greater power, but their firing rate is not as fast as that of 76 guns. The limit firing rate of 105 guns is about five shots per minute.

Therefore, after the first round of salvo, the 76 guns can continue one round of salvo with 105 guns filling the gap

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