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Chapter: 643

No one knows what happened to the Guadeloupe fleet of the Royal French navy on that day. Even shuigouzi, the head of the coastal artillery regiment of the fourth division of the bear army, who was personally in charge of the front line, did not know how much suffering the French warships had suffered in those short decades.

In fact, the volley of the first two rounds had already made Julian Luc realize that something was wrong, and he did immediately order the messenger to inform the other warships to turn around and leave this huge trap.

Yes, in Julian Luc's view, this is a huge trap. It's ridiculous that I didn't see through it and led the fleet into this trap.

The flag language was invented by the British as early as 1684, but at that time, the flag language was not used by the heralds to play the flag language with various colors in their hands. At that time, the flag language was used to hang several obvious symbols for communication, which was inconvenient and slow to deliver messages. It was not until 1793 that the French invented the beacon.

However, in this era, although the navies of European countries do not have a unified flag, each country's navy has its own internal communication mode. For example, the French Navy now has the rudiment of signal beacon. The signal transmission between warships in a fleet is carried out in this way.

Of course, Yanhuang tribe because of the existence of the bug stone bear, the flag language has long been popular in Yanhuang tribe. So the year before last, when Henry Antoine and his three warships tried to break into the Elizabethan River, the coastal artillery corps warned them with the flag language. As a result, Henry Antoine didn't know what that meant. He dived in and was directly sunk by the Norfolk coastal artillery corps.

Before Luc's messengers had time to flag the other ships, the third volley came.

The herald's flag position is in the bow or stern, usually in the bow. As a result, a 76mm high explosive grenade directly hit the bow of the ship, and the messenger who just came to the bow was immediately torn to pieces by the violent energy.

As for Julian Luc, he did not even utter a cry of surprise. Another more powerful 105mm high explosive grenade fell on his side. As a result, major general Julian Luc, the top commander of the Royal French navy fleet in Guadeloupe, and dozens of officers and soldiers around him were just like the messenger, It turns into flying meat.

Three shells hit the front and middle parts of the glory accurately, and more than two-thirds of the upper deck of the glory was swept away by violent fragments. The main mast was gone, and the foremast fell down after a violent swing and a sour sound.

The people on the two class three sail battleships nearest to the glory witnessed the tragedy of the glory, and they were all stunned.

After being hit by three high explosive grenades, the middle and front parts of the whole upper deck of this class II windsurfing battleship, which is nearly 60 meters long and has a displacement of nearly 1900 tons, can hardly see people who can stand, and a large part of the bow is missing. Although there were still sailors at the back of the upper deck, they were obviously scared to pieces.

Yes, even if these Marines had been engaged in naval battles before, they were mutual firing between solid shells. Although the lethality of shrapnel to people is also terrible, compared with this kind of high explosive shrapnel, those shells are weak.

Where have they ever seen such a powerful high explosive grenade?

When a solid Bomb Hits the hull, it is at most a big hole in the washbasin. But this kind of high explosive shrapnel, especially the high explosive shrapnel launched by 105 heavy artillery, is filled with three kilograms of high explosive chemical. Once this thing explodes, it will be a big hole with a diameter of several meters.

After the explosion, the sailors standing at the back of the upper deck of the glory immediately found that not only two masts were gone, but also two big and frightening holes appeared in the middle and front part of the upper deck of the glory, which was as dark as death's mouth.

The most terrifying thing is that the people on the upper deck are gone, along with the Gunners on the second deck.

There were 650 people on the glory, but at least more than 100 people lost their lives when these three guns hit the glory

The glory was unlucky, but it was lucky.

Unfortunately, these three shells almost destroyed the upper deck of the glory, and the commander of the fleet was also destroyed.

But this ship is really lucky, at least more than the Royal dove that Antoine took the summer before last. After three rounds of high explosive grenades, the glory miraculously avoided the lethal explosion of ammunition, unlike its sister ship, the Royal dove, which was killed by a shell.

After all, the glory is the flagship, so most people's attention is attracted by the explosion on the glory. Few people see the Brittany hit by two shells just after the stern part of the ship was hit by a 76mm high explosive grenade.

Compared with the glory, Brittany is more tragic.

Two of its shells were 105mm high explosive grenades, one of which tore a huge hole in the starboard front of the Brittany near the waterline, and a lot of sea water poured into the cabin of the Brittany instantly.

And that's not the most serious, catastrophic consequence of another high explosive grenade.

After flying more than five kilometers in the air, the high explosive grenade went straight into a hatch leading to the lower deck. Then the high explosive grenade landed on the second deck and exploded violently.

Brittany is just a class 4 ship with two decks. The lower deck is close to the bottom of the ship. So when this powerful high explosive grenade exploded on the second deck, it not only opened a big hole with a diameter of four or five meters at the bottom of the ship, but also detonated the black powder on the second deck.

Therefore, the French sailors who had been concerned about the situation of the glory were suddenly shaken by a loud noise.

All the people turned their heads together, and then they saw a scene that they would never forget.

The Brittany, more than 40 meters long, seems to have become a huge fireball, with countless sawdust, bone and meat, bits and pieces flying around in the explosion, and a thick black smoke rising, as if from the grimace of the hell devil

This fourth class ship with a displacement of more than 1300 tons became two halves in a huge explosion. The huge hull seemed to be broken by two bigger hands, and became two shapeless hulls, sinking slowly.

All the people were stunned. Where did these sailors see such a tragic scene?

But it's no use for them to be afraid, because more fierce attacks are still behind

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