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Chapter: 644

The second battalion of the coastal artillery regiment at point Henry has a total of 70 guns. These guns not only fire powerful flowering bullets, but also fire very fast.

For example, the 36 pound wallier system long gun used on the French sail battleship has a loading speed of about one and a half minutes to two minutes. Among the heavy guns of this era, this kind of gun has a relatively fast firing speed.

But this is far from being able to compare with the firing rate of Yanhuang tribe's 105 heavy guns, let alone the faster 76 guns.

So, when the Brittany was killed by ammunition, the violent energy of 42%, in the next shooting, the remaining seven warships of Guadeloupe fleet immediately fell into despair.

Most importantly, the flagship glory was almost destroyed, including the commander, major general Julian Luc, and the main officers of the fleet. The command system of the whole fleet was immediately paralyzed.

Although Murphy, the captain of the class III sail battleship "New France", soon took over the command of the fleet, it was too late.

The New France, a class III windsurfing battleship, is a main ship with a relatively early service time. It can be seen from the name of the ship that it served as early as when France lost its new France, that is, the eastern colony of Canada.

In fact, it is true that this class III windsurfing battleship, which was launched into service as early as 1754, is now 24 years old. His captain, Lt. greyman Murphy, also served on the ship for seven years. When he first served on the New France, he was a navy captain. Seven years later, he became the captain of the ship.

Murphy is indeed an excellent middle-level officer in the Royal French navy. If he is given enough time, he may grow into a brigadier general like Henry Antoine, which is almost the highest rank that a civilian officer can achieve.

But unfortunately, he met Yanhuang tribe at this time.

The fourth round, the fifth round, the sixth round

Thanks to the application of gun bolt technology, the gun loading speed of Yanhuang tribe was extremely fast. The 36 pound gun on the New France had not even fired a single shell, and the whole fleet was salvaged by seven or eight rounds.

Although the number of 70 guns is not large, they can't stand and fire too fast. The Royal French navy, which had never experienced such a high-speed gun before, was immediately stunned by the stormy attack.

The panic stricken French sailors could not figure out how many guns were firing at them. They only felt that countless shells were exploding in the sea water around the fleet, setting off one water column after another.

Of course, once one or more shells hit the warship, the hapless warship will be seriously damaged. The scene is more terrible than that of large caliber mortar artillery.

Greyman Murphy quickly made the decision to turn around and escape from this huge trap as soon as possible.

The New France immediately began to turn around, and hundreds of sailors burst out with amazing energy in this desperate situation. They tried their best to control the sails and try to turn the full speed class III ship around in the shortest time.

The third class ship named after the French colony was indeed very lucky in the early stage of the shelling. It did not receive a single shell in eight rounds of salvo fire. But the other warships in the fleet were not so lucky. Because the flagship lost two masts, the ship's speed soon fell down. The Brittany was directly sunk, and the other four warships also suffered from such injuries.

In fact, in this era, windsurfing battleships are relatively anti beating, and wooden hulled battleships have very good buoyancy. As long as you don't get hit by heavy artillery, even if the upper deck of the warship is destroyed, the ship will not sink.

As a result, the other four warships began to make a desperate U-turn when they saw the New France begin to turn around.

But no matter how hard the sailors on these warships work, the warship they drive is a huge windsurfing battleship after all. When this thing sails on the sea, it's not like a horse on the land to turn around. It takes a lot of time for a warship to turn around.

And this is the most dangerous time.

All the moving warships, including the New France, began to fire one after another as they turned around. Maybe in their commander's opinion, firing guns at this time can calm the sailors.

But unfortunately, everyone was desperate to find that even the 36 pound gun with the farthest range in the naval gun, the most shells flew out more than 2000 meters and fell into the sea, not to mention shelling the shore defense gun position. The falling point of the shells was several kilometers away from the coastline.

If Julian Luc saw this situation, he would fully understand the artillery gap between the two sides. He would also understand why the three warships led by Henry Antoine the year before last were sunk, and he would not lead his fleet to retaliate.

The huge gap in the range, the power and the speed of the gun is hopeless.

But now they can only endure this kind of despair.

Of the six remaining warships in the Guadeloupe fleet, five are full of wounds. Almost every ship is emitting a few black smoke, which is caused by the gunfire.

During this period, the glory was no longer saved, which was not only seen by Murphy, but also by others. Glory, which has lost two masts, has no power. In a naval battle, a ship that has lost power is a living target.

Only the New France has not been hit and remains intact.

Murphy even prayed that his warship could escape the damned Jedi.

But unfortunately, God is not on their side today. In other words, in the new world, the supreme Sun God is the master here, and the God believed in by the French dare not come here.

The New France drew a huge arc on the sea. As the ship was about to complete the U-turn, a 105mm high explosive grenade roared down from the air. The next moment, before the whole ship had time to react, the gun with the smell of death hit the stern side of the New France.

The huge explosive force immediately tore a huge hole in the stern side near the water surface, the huge rudder disappeared immediately, and a huge amount of sea water poured in from the huge hole.

The huge explosion and violent vibration suddenly turned griman Murphy's face pale. He knew that he and his soldiers could not leave here

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