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Chapter: 649

In the original historical time and space, Brigadier General John Bogot was arrested by the army for surrendering in the battle of Saratoga last year, and was released after nearly a year. He was released and returned to England.

But in this time and space, Saratoga's victory was gone, and bogain did not surrender. Instead, he fought two fierce battles with Horatio gates, not only killing Benedict Arnold, but also causing heavy casualties in the army.

Although the troops under his command also lost a lot in those two battles, most of the soldiers in bergoin's army were native Indians, and the casualties of the real regular British soldiers were not great.

In other words, bergoin made a great contribution to the army by employing native Indians from Canada, not to mention killing Arnold, who was most valued by watsonton.

John bergoin is now in Albany, and he receives a letter from William Howe asking him to go to buffalo to visit the senior Cherokee officer, the commander of the mixed ninth division, ohamoka.

In fact, William Howe originally intended to send Colonel Alvin Osten of the Detroit fort to visit ohamaka. After all, the cooperation between the Osten family and the Cherokee people is no secret. The Osten family has a good relationship with the famous chief.

But William Howe gave it up after a second thought. One is that the distance from Philadelphia to Detroit is far greater than that from Philadelphia to Albany, and the road is hard to walk. When the order arrives in Detroit, it is estimated that the Spaniards will also arrive.

This is the time to grab time. Whoever can meet the Cherokee first is likely to acquire that kind of artillery technology first. In addition, as a brigadier general, a member of the British House of Commons and commander-in-chief in Canada, William Howe finally decided to send him.

Not long after bogoin left for buffalo, Felisa Fernando, who had been living in New Orleans, got the news of the naval battle, so he immediately took a boat up the Mississippi River to visit the stone bear directly.

But neither bergoin nor Fernando got what they wanted.

John bogoin, who arrived in Buffalo City, was warmly received by ohamoka, who enjoyed good food and drink. But when bogoin mentioned the artillery, ohamoka immediately shook his head like a rattle drum.

Even without clear instructions from his boss, ohamoka, a senior general of the bear army, knew the importance of 76 guns and 105 guns to the tribe. It's a joke that the British want to get the technology of these two kinds of guns!

It's OK to sell you other arms, ammunition and materials, but artillery technology can't be leaked. This is clear in ohamoka's mind.

Don't talk about John Burgoyne. Even if the king of England came in person, the boss could not sell the gun technology.

As a result, John Bogot could only come back depressed.

As for Felisa, after he came to Beijing, he was also well received, but Shi Xiong did not meet him in person at the first time.

When Felisa arrived in Beijing, the green Skylark was giving birth in the delivery room. The stone bear was in a hurry outside. How could he care for Felisa?

Yes, the stone bear will be a father again.

Last summer, the green Skylark was pregnant again. Last winter, the stone bear was trapped by heavy snow in Bingham Canyon copper mine for a period of time. Because he was worried about the green skylark, the stone bear rushed back without waiting for the snow to melt completely.

At home with the green Skylark after two months, finally wait until the birth of the child.

However, this time the little guy is obviously very dishonest, it should be because of too much nutrition, the child's size is relatively large, green Skylark almost dystocia.

But in the end, the child was born healthy, a strong little boy. The second prince of Yanhuang tribe was born.

Although the green Skylark was greatly offended, when the green Skylark saw the child, it was still very close. The most important thing is that the little guy can't see who he looks like long after he was born, but the green Skylark insists that the child looks like his father.

Hukale, the eldest son of the stone bear, and Tali, the daughter of the stone bear, follow the green Skylark. One is handsome and the other is beautiful. The figure is not as amazing as the father of the stone bear.

Maybe it's because of this. As soon as the third child was born, the green Skylark said that the child would follow his father and let the stone bear give the child a powerful name.

So the name "barutu" became the name of the third.

In the Cherokee language, barutu means "warrior", which represents bravery.

It's very similar to the title of warrior in Manchu. In Manchu language, the title of warrior is "batulu", which is just two words different from that in Cherokee language.

Because of the birth of the third son, the stone bear has been accompanying his wife and son in the giant bear palace. He doesn't even deal with business.

For the stone bear, the world is big, not as big as his wife and children! My wife gave birth to a child. Can't I accompany my wife and children more?

So poor Felisa could only wait for three days, and then she was received by the stone bear.

In the end, of course, Felisa was also disappointed.

Even though the stone bear has just had a third son, the artillery technology is related to the future of the tribe, and it is also the key for the Yanhuang tribe to unify the North American continent. How can the stone bear sell the artillery technology to the Europeans at this time?

And now the tribe doesn't worry about food and clothing, and there is Bingham Canyon copper mine in the west, which can continuously produce gold and silver. The whole Yanhuang tribe doesn't need money at all. How can the stone bear lose heart and sell his gun technology?

So, even though Felisa is an old friend, she can only leave in disappointment.

Then the stone bear received the news from ohamoka, which was naturally about bergoin's discussion on artillery technology on behalf of Britain.

Obviously, because of the naval battle in Chesapeake Bay, the British and Spanish saw the power of Yanhuang clan artillery, and they urgently wanted to get this kind of artillery technology.

But this is also a good thing for the Yanhuang tribe.

Those European powers, knowing that the Yanhuang tribe had such powerful artillery, certainly did not dare to make any small moves behind their backs. Moreover, the presence of such powerful weapons will attract more white Europeans to flee to the territory of Yanhuang tribe.

Yes, when the war of independence became more and more fierce, not only a large number of black pterygium began to flee to the territory of Yanhuang tribe, but also more and more white people began to flee here

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