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Chapter: 66

The stone bear, full of confidence, was hit for the first time by crossing the world.

Without him, this furnace of "steel" is not successful.

It can't be said that they didn't succeed. When the people of the tribe saw the tools and iron products taken out of the molds, they were happy as if they were anything. Anyway, they were going to treat the stone bear as a God.

Where have the people in the gaoshu tribe seen so many ironware.

No matter what, these irons are three tons in weight. If the weight of an iron knife is ten jin, it will be 600 iron knives. This is a number that the Chinese people did not dare to think about before.

You know, when you trade with the vasichus, ten beautiful beaver skins or two buffalo skins can be exchanged for an iron pot. It is said that an iron knife can be exchanged for a big bag of salt from the pamangi people living in the eastern coastal area!

With so many irons, how much fur will the tribe have to save, and how much salt will the pamangi people get in the east?

So, the people in the tribe are as happy as the Green Valley Festival. In their eyes, although the magical guardian has been busy for so many days and tired, now with so many ironware, it's all worth it.

But for the stone bear, this batch of so-called "steel" is completely destroyed.

Originally, Shi Xiong intended to produce real steel. Even if low-carbon steel can't be produced, at least it must be high carbon steel. As long as it's steel, it's better than iron.

But in fact, there are hundreds of "steel tools" in this batch, most of which belong to the scope of pig iron, and only a few farm tools can meet the requirements of high carbon steel.

If the steel is qualified, just check their toughness.

Shi Xiong confidently took out the "steel bars" cast by the mold. There is no way. There is no wire drawing machine here. We can only use this method to make the steel bars.

Then the bear just a little bit of force, the hand of "steel bar" click "into two sections, it is clear that the toughness of the" reinforcement "far from meeting the requirements. And the color of the fracture is the kind of gray that makes the stone bear frustrated.

Needless to say, the carbon content of this furnace of "steel" exceeded the standard, and a good furnace of steel was tempered into pig iron.

This result made Shi Xiong very helpless, but he didn't understand it. Although he didn't smelt steel and didn't know the correct steelmaking method, he still knew the general procedure. Moreover, he used the method of frying steel to fry a crucible of medium carbon steel before.

Besides, steel-making is a process of decarburizing the hot metal with high carbon content. Shi Xiong, a student bully in school, was very clear about the decarbonization process. A few short chemical equations can show the whole steelmaking process.

But the problem is that it's one thing to know the principle, but it's another thing to make good steel.

Is it true that my brother has a high eye but a low hand?

Stone bear thought for a long time, in the heart of those a few chemical equations drag for a long time, and finally did not find out what the reason.

It is said that when the iron ore is completely melted into molten iron and flows into the fangtang, the clansmen stir it vigorously to form wrought iron. The purpose of adding pig iron fragments to it is to increase the carbon content of the molten iron and change it from wrought iron to steel.

"Is there too much pig iron in the process of frying steel?" Stone bear asked himself in silence.

But it's impossible. The proportion of scrap pig iron added to the molten iron is according to the proportion of medium carbon steel successfully fried last time. It's even a little lower than that proportion. Originally, I thought that the molten iron in this furnace would eventually form cooked iron or low carbon steel, but I didn't expect that it would become pig iron, but it turned out to be pig iron.

If there is no problem in the operation of the whole process, there is a problem in the process.

Stone bear alone sitting in the distance, looking at the distance of the earth blast furnace, slowly thinking.

First of all, the raw materials should not be a problem. Hematite, limestone and coke made by ourselves are the things that produce hot metal. The slag produced in the smelting process also proves that these three raw materials should be no problem.

Shi Xiong weighed a piece of slag in his hand, and finally denied the possibility of problems with raw materials.

The blast furnace itself should have no problem, even if it is a local blast furnace, it can be a heating place. If there is a problem with the local blast furnace, it should not be the molten iron that is not qualified, but should be the collapse or gas deflagration and other accidents.

Therefore, the local blast furnace should be no problem.

Then the problem should appear in the process after the formation of hot metal.

Stone Bear looked at the pond, and immediately realized what the problem was.

According to the normal principle, after the molten iron flows into the pond from the hearth, after sufficient stirring, the impurities in the molten iron can have sufficient oxidation reaction with the oxygen in the air, so as to successfully decarbonize.

The decarbonization rate of this method is still very high, otherwise, pig iron fragments will not be added as reducing agent to increase the carbon content.

But now the carbon content is obviously on the high side. It is obvious that the stirring of molten iron in the pond is not uniform enough, and the impurities contained in the molten iron do not have sufficient oxidation reaction with oxygen, which eventually leads to the high carbon content in the molten iron.

Thinking of this, the stone bear stood up, walked quickly to the fangtang, looked at the burn marks left by the molten iron in the fangtang, and finally nodded.

Obviously, the pond is still a little small, which leads to the excessive depth of molten iron in the pond. Even if the molten iron at the bottom of the pond is stirred with a stone stick, it will not be able to contact with the air. As a result, the upper layer is fully oxidized and decarburized, but the molten iron at the bottom is still not completely decarburized.

This is also the reason why although most of these ironware are unqualified, a small part of them are qualified steel.

You know, molten iron is not like ordinary clean water. You can stir it up casually. Molten iron is extremely dense, and it is very difficult to stir it.

One way is to find a way to increase the intensity of mixing, then improve the manual mixing method, add some tools?

Standing on the edge of fangtang, Shi Xiong thought silently. But then he shook his head, although improving the mixing method is also a solution, but this method is not easy to achieve, at least in today's conditions is not very good.

If not, build another square pond and put a furnace of iron water into two square ponds. In this way, the molten iron in the square pond can be half shallow and the molten iron at the bottom can be stirred up by stirring!

This method should be feasible!

Looking at the open space next to fangtang, the more Shi Xiong thought about it, the more he felt that this method should be able to solve the problem.

The reason why human society can continue to develop is that as the main body of human society, people can constantly sum up the experience of failure, and then apply the experience to the next attempt, and finally find the way to success!

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