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Chapter: 662

The news about the fort of gibraltarian came from the men who sneaked into Europe.

At present, the distance of radio transmission can not cross the Atlantic Ocean, so the information about Europe can only be transmitted by the most primitive way, that is, by boat.

That is to say, all the news about Europe that the stone bear has got now is what happened two months ago.

For this point, the stone bear is also very helpless.

On land, he can relay information from one end of the continent to the other in a short time, but on the sea, he can't.

Even now that the distance of radio transmission has reached 1000 kilometers, the stone bear can't get several ships to stop on the Atlantic Ocean thousands of kilometers wide as relay stations

Fortunately, the same is true of transatlantic communications in other countries.

However, the stone bear still felt a little blocked after receiving the news about the fort of gibraltarian.

The reason why I worked so hard to help the British and the army was to make the war more intense and last longer.

Although our own efforts have made part of this goal come true, we have not extended the expected war time to 123 years.

The Spaniard's obsession with the fort of gibraltarian is so strong! Since the Spaniards were defeated by the Anglo Dutch forces in the war of succession to the Spanish throne in 1704, they have lost the fortress of gibraltarian, which is the throat of the Mediterranean Sea.

Since then, the Spaniards have been trying to get gibraltarian back.

Unfortunately, in the 80 years from 1704 to 1783, the Spaniards have not been able to take back gibraltarian. Until the outbreak of the war of independence, especially when the French declared war on Britain, the Spaniards saw the hope of recapturing gibraltarian.

In the 16 months since France declared war on Britain, the Spaniards have been watching the independent war, which has evolved into an international war. When the Spaniards found out that the French navy had indeed restrained the British navy, they declared war on Britain decisively.

Of course, the Spanish did not declare war on Britain in order to capture the thirteen colonies of the British in North America. Compared with the 13 British colonies in the new world, the Spanish colonies in central and South America and the vast colonies west of the Mississippi River are not comparable to the 13 British colonies.

As for the colony, the Spaniards had no idea. The only thing they wanted to take back was gibraltarian.

As a matter of fact, since the British forcibly occupied gibraltarian in 1704 and the Spanish ceded it to the British in the Utrecht contract signed by Britain, France and the Netherlands in 1713, the Spanish launched a large-scale attack on gibraltarian in 1727, the fourteenth year after the Utrecht contract was signed.

In 1727, Spain besieged gibraltarian with 25000 troops and a large fleet. At that time, there were only 5000 British garrisons on the peninsula. However, with strong fortifications and advanced tactics, the British garrisoned for five months and finally defeated the Spanish army.

The defeat of that battle made the Spaniards swallow the bitter fruit and also reminded the British.

So for more than half a century, the British had been building all kinds of solid fortifications in gibraltarian. Even the interior of the 426 meter high rock in gibraltarian is almost hollowed out by the British

The efforts of the British were not in vain. When the Spaniards took advantage of the fact that most of the British energy was confined to the new continent of North America and the main force of their navy was restrained by the main force of the French navy, the Spaniards took advantage of this good opportunity to declare war on Britain again and immediately launched the war to capture the city of zhibuluotuo.

But what the Spaniards didn't expect was that even when they drove almost half of the country's main naval ships near gibraltarian, and sent up to 35000 troops to attack the fortress, which was only guarded by 7300 British soldiers, the sibanya's front teeth were still cut down by the hard and unimaginable fortress.

Because of the defeat of the war in 1727, the Spanish had a clear understanding of the strength of the fortress, but they underestimated the strength of the fortress.

Gibraltarian is located in the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula on a long and narrow peninsula along the Mediterranean Sea. This long and narrow peninsula is like a dagger stretching south to the Mediterranean Sea. The top of the peninsula is the famous Cape Europa.

The peninsula is very small, with a length of about 4.6 kilometers from north to South and a width of only 1.2 kilometers from east to west. The whole area is only a little more than 6 square kilometers.

And most of it is steep and continuous limestone, among which is known as the "pillar of Hercules"!

The core of the fortress of gibraltarian was built on the great rock of gibraltarian. On the hillside near the rock of gibraltarian, there are not only the moor Castle left by the moors, but also many tunnels dug by the British in the rock. These tunnels are the famous siege tunnels of later generations.

Relying on the siege tunnel, the British also built a large number of cannons inside the rock.

The 426 meter high rock in gibraltarian can provide a 360 degree panoramic view for the British soldiers who are defending. They can have a panoramic view of the military activities in Spain and the ships in the Strait.

Inside the giant rock, the British soldiers have been digging for more than half a century, forming a huge maze composed of continuous tunnels, warehouses and garrison caves.

This fortress built on the great rock of gibraltarian is the greatest confidence of the British people.

And the fact has proved that the British really have the strength.

Since Spain declared war on Britain on June 16, 1779, the Spanish fleet and heavy troops have surrounded the fort of gibraltarian.

But the Spaniards were stunned that they had nothing to do with this isolated fortress. They had attacked it for four years, which was much longer than any other war in history, but they still did not win it.

But similarly, the Spanish and French joint attack, so that the British garrison in gibraltarian Fort also suffered. After all, there is little output in the fort of gibraltarian, and both food and, most importantly, fresh water need to be transported from outside.

Had it not been for the foresight of the British to build rainwater collection facilities around the fortress, and the abundant rainfall in gibraltarian, the British would have collected enough fresh water. Otherwise, the Spaniards only need to encircle here, so that the British can surrender because there is no fresh water.

But although fresh water can be obtained by collecting rainwater, the food is not enough. The Spanish besieged the fortress, so that the British had to transfer the main fleet back to deal with the French Spanish United Fleet. Because the British main fleet needed to break the siege and feed the British garrison in the fort of gibraltarian

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