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Chapter: 666

Norfolk shipyard, which has been expanded many times, is now more than ten times larger than it was ten years ago. The whole shipyard, together with the surrounding steel mills, processing plants, foundries and other supporting factories, has completely turned into a large industrial base bigger than Shangjing industrial base and Daqingshan industrial base.

On the riverway wharf outside the shipyard, there are eight majestic steel warships. On the northernmost side of the eight warships, there is the wharf of Carlos.

The nine Carlos class warships were named after Adria Carlos, the chief designer of the shipyard. The other eight warships were named after several major tribes of Yanhuang tribe.

Cherokee, Osage, sevens, Shawnee, Cheyenne, Chippewa, chocto and Crick are the names of these eight warships.

There is no difference between the eight warships and the Carlos. They are all outfitted according to the continuously improved standard of the Carlos after the hull is built.

Like the Cherokee, the last ship to launch, its displacement, firepower and speed are even more fierce than Carlos.

In addition to the Cherokee, the firepower carried by the other eight warships is the stern, the bow has four improved 105mm guns, a total of eight main guns, twelve improved 76mm guns as auxiliary guns, and sixteen 76mm mortars as rapid fire guns.

The multiple diameters of the improved 105mm and 76mm cannons have been increased to 40, which are standard cannons. With the increase of multiple diameter, the gun can have a longer range and higher accuracy.

Moreover, 105 cannons are equipped in two units. Taking into account the weight of the turret, turret and barrel, the weight of such a dual main gun is 12 tons. There are four dual main guns on the whole warship, and the weight of the main gun alone is close to 50 tons.

The weight of 12 tons is far less than that of the main gun on the battleship of later generations. For example, the double main gun turret of 381 mm used on the Bismarck battleship in World War II weighs 1100 tons. The double main gun on the Carlos can't even catch up with a fraction of the 15 inch double main gun, but in this era, such guns are extremely amazing.

Well, the weight of those big caliber fortress guns is much heavier than that of a single 105mm main gun, but can that mortar gun compare with the 105mm main gun?

If we compare the large caliber fortress gun of this era to the firerope gun, then the dual 105mm cannon equipped on the Carlos is equivalent to the 12.7mm heavy machine gun. There is such a big gap between the two

The 76mm cannon is also a twin gun. There are six 76mm twin turrets on the Carlos.

The most powerful Cherokee was equipped with six dual 105mm cannons, eight 76mm dual turrets and 24 76mm mortars.

In fact, although Cherokee was classified as a Carlos class warship, it was actually a new type of warship.

Once Cherokee can show its designed function in naval battle, this warship will become the standard of the next class steel warship of Yanhuang tribe Navy. At that time, this class warship will be named Cherokee class warship.

The Cherokee is a lap bigger than the other eight warships just by its appearance. If the Carlos class is built according to the template of later small destroyers, then the template of Cherokee is later medium destroyers.

The nine warships have been tested at sea for a long time. Although they have not participated in actual combat, Carlos is deeply satisfied with the performance of the nine warships in the sea test.

The final finalization of the Carlos is a major event of the Yanhuang tribe, which is related to the Yanhuang tribe's fight for sea power in the future. The stone bear can't pay too much attention to it.

Standing on the bridge of the Carlos, the stone bear issued the order to leave the port in high spirits. Then, nine steel warships slowly drove out of the wharf and entered the wide channel of the Elizabethan river.

In these ten years, especially in the six years after 1779, Chesapeake Bay will be sealed off as long as a new ship comes out of dock, except for the usual tests.

Now no matter the British or the army dare not express any objection to this. It's a joke. This powerful Indian tribe can send an inland river armed transport ship to pick a windsurfing battleship, or a crushing one. Who dares to worry about Yanhuang tribe?

As a result, with the blockade of the Gulf again and again, both the British forces in Jamestown and Yorktown and the guerrillas in the army were numb.

This time, Chesapeake Bay was naturally blocked again, especially on both sides of the mouth of the Elizabethan river. A large number of elite scouts and soldiers from the fourth division were also sent out. They would cooperate with the hot air balloons in the sky to block the area three kilometers away from the mouth of the river on the ground. Even the British soldiers at the British observation post on fisherman's Island were taken away by the soldiers of the fourth division.

Steel warships, like hard airships, can't be seen by Europeans yet. Therefore, once the steel warships go to sea, an all-round blockade is inevitable.

Nine steel warships formed a long snake formation, quickly drove into Chesapeake Bay along the Elizabethan River, then turned eastward, drove out of Chesapeake Bay mouth about two kilometers away from the coastline, and entered the Atlantic Ocean.

This is the first time that Shi Xiong has ever taken a boat to sea in his life, especially in a steel warship. This is something that Shi Xiong has never experienced in his past and present life, so Shi Xiong seems very excited.

As the first successor of the tribe, hekale has always been with the stone bear. For this kind of steel warship, 18-year-old hekale is also very interested.

However, he has shown enough composure and already has a great general style.

After going to sea, the speed of the warship immediately increased to the highest. Today, the wind is not strong, so the sea condition is not bad.

The ship's speed soon increased to about 15 knots, which is also the fastest speed that Carlos class warships can achieve at present.

Although the speed is not much higher than ten years ago, it is enough to deal with the windsurfing battleships of this era. At present, the maximum speed of windsurfing battleships can only reach nine knots, and the maximum speed is less than ten knots. The speed of fifteen knots is enough to lift any windsurfing battleship in the world.

When the speed of the warship stabilized to 15 knots, Shi Xiong and hecal began to inspect the ship from the cabin. By the time the father and son had made a turn in the cabin and returned to the bridge, the fleet had been nearly 50 kilometers out of the bay.

At this time, a message came from the observation post between the bridge and the boiler chimney that a fleet had been found on the sea about 15 kilometers northeast

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