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Chapter: 669

When the second and third rounds of salvo shells fell near the Noel fleet, the sailors of the Noel fleet realized that it was not good.

Although we have never seen or even heard of artillery firing accurately at such a long distance, the continuous falling shells still make everyone, including Noel, aware of the current situation.

I should have been shelled by those strange ships!

It's just, how is that possible?

At present, the distance between the fleets of the two sides is about 11 km. From this distance, the windsurfing battleships or steel battleships that should have looked huge are actually not much bigger than a cigarette box.

Even the sailors of noel fleet are old sea ghosts who have experienced several fierce sea battles, but they never dare to think that there are guns that can shoot at such a long distance.

Before, when they were fighting with the British main fleet in the Atlantic Ocean outside the Strait of gibraltarian, the distance between the two windsurfing battleships was as close as 200 yards. The cries of sailors on both battleships could be heard, and they could even see the appearance of British sailors with good eyes.

In that case, fighting each other with guns on the side of the warship is no different from fighting bayonets.

At the beginning of the battle with the British, these French sailors were also scared to their knees. It's really hard for you to realize how cruel and bloody that scene is without that kind of fierce shooting.

As soon as the grenade is fired, a small piece of soldiers on the deck will disappear in an instant, leaving behind only a piece of red and broken meat, and no complete person can be seen.

The French sailors who took part in the sea battle for the first time would fall into madness after a battle, but there were also some who directly went mad.

But after the second, third and more naval battles, these sailors will experience a process from the first panic to calm, then to indifference, and finally numbness. Once a sailor can survive several sea battles, he will turn from a recruit who knows nothing to an old sea ghost.

The flagship of noel's fleet, the Royal French Navy class III sail battleship "Atlantic horn", is such a battleship that has experienced several major naval battles, and the sailors on board have added waves after waves, but there are still more than 100 old sea ghosts on board who have survived several fierce naval battles.

These old sea devils are the best among the elite. They usually do nothing when sailing, drinking, smoking and even gambling together all day long. But Simon Noel, the supreme commander of the sub fleet, never cares about these old sea devils.

Because Noel is very clear, in case of any accident, these old sea ghosts are the backbone of the ship.

It's hard for many new sailors to understand why the captain is so indulgent to these seemingly lifeless old men. These recruits simply can't understand what these veterans from hell have experienced.

However, when Noel's fleet met the first round volley, those old sea ghosts who looked lazy and didn't care about anything immediately turned into leopards who met their prey and quickly occupied one artillery position after another.

They have never heard the sharp whistling of cannonballs. They have never seen or even thought that there are cannons that can be fired so far in this world. However, this does not prevent them from feeling the danger just by virtue of a kind of intuition trained between life and death.

It is a kind of instinct that is no different from wild animals. Only after experiencing countless lives and deaths can we develop such intuition.

Noel is also an old sea ghost. After all, this ship is his. How many fierce sea battles has this ship experienced? As a captain, Noel has also experienced how many lives and deaths.

He is even more qualified to be called "old sea ghost" than those old sea ghosts.

But it's a pity that even those fierce sea battles bring these old sea ghosts unparalleled intuition and make them become the elite among the elite. Under such circumstances, they still can't cope with it.

How to deal with it? Even though the caliber of the guns on the Atlantic horn and another warship is so large, they have nothing to do with those strange ships in the face of such a distance that they can't cross at all.

As a commander who has gone through several fierce naval battles, Noel immediately realized that if he went on like this, there would be only one result waiting for his fleet, that is, total annihilation.

So Noel very decisively issued the order to turn the bow full speed escape.

In the face of such a long distance, the fleet has no way to take those ships, but the artillery of others can hit so far. This is a situation where people can only beat you, but you can't beat them. If you want to solve this situation, you have to run away.

As long as the speed of the enemy's ships can't match the speed of the fleet, the two class III sail battleships under their command will escape from the sky.

As for the three slower armed merchant ships, who will take care of them under such circumstances?

On the fleet of the Yanhuang tribe, Kalu, the captain of the flagship Carlos, is blowing at the phone.

In fact, the flagship of the Yanhuang fleet should be the Cherokee. After all, the ship has the fastest speed, the largest displacement and the most powerful firepower. Unfortunately, today the leader of the tribe is riding the Carlos, so the Carlos is automatically upgraded to the flagship of the fleet.

"How do you usually train? It's been eight rounds of volley. Why didn't you finish a cross shot? Aim for me and hit... "

Kalou's roar reverberated in Cambridge. Except for the stone bear, there was something unpleasant on all faces. Obviously, such a low hit rate made them feel very shameless, especially the boss sitting next to them.

But for the stone bear, he doesn't think it matters.

It's a naval battle, and it's still shelling at a distance of more than ten kilometers. The most important thing is that all the main guns of the Yanhuang fleet are only 105mm guns, and the weight of the shells is only 15kg. In such a long distance, or in the sea with strong wind, it would be strange if they could hit the target smoothly.

In the later famous naval battle of Jutland, even if the weight of the 12 inch main gun shell used by Germany's hergolan class was as high as 400 kg, the hit rate in the naval battle was only 3.33%, and it was fired at a distance of only 7000 yards from the enemy ship.

The heavier the shell is, the smaller the trajectory changes due to wind resistance in flight. During World War II, the warheads of the main guns of battleships were often more than one ton. Why? In order to keep the trajectory of the projectile stable at a very long distance.

Although the 105 mm main gun of Yanhuang fleet is the existence of no solution in this era, the shells of this kind of gun are too light. It is almost a daydream to hit a sailboat at such a long distance.

In fact, the effective shooting distance of the 105 main gun can reach 12 kilometers, and the shooting rate at this distance is really a bit appalling. The best firing distance of this kind of gun should be within six kilometers, especially on the sea.

But the stone bear didn't remind his men that they need to explore these things by themselves. Shi Xiong also hopes to let them grow up as soon as possible through this actual combat

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