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Chapter: 671

Simon Noel climbed into the lookout basket himself, his hand shaking slightly with his telescope.

Trembling hands have shown his current mood - fear.

About four or five kilometers away from the rear, five strange ships were shelling the three Spanish armed merchant ships. Noel saw with his own eyes through the telescope that the strange warships seemed to have formed straddle fire with only two rounds of salvo fire.

Of course, Noel does not understand what is called straddle firing now. In this era when solid projectiles are still used to fire each other at close range, there is no such special artillery term called "pinch method".

But Noel felt a danger. After nearly 20 years in the Navy, when he saw that the shells from those strange ships began to cover the three armed merchant ships, his intuition told him that these merchant ships could not be kept.

Sure enough, those strange ships launched two rounds of volleys. When the fifth round, each of the two armed merchant ships burst out a dazzling fire. Even in broad daylight, Noel felt harsh.

When the group's dazzling fire broke out, the sailors standing on the Atlantic horn below him also issued a cry of surprise.

More than ten seconds later, a huge explosion came. Noel's hand trembled, and the telescope almost fell down.

Since he decided to flee, Noel did not protect the three armed merchant ships. The speed of the three armed merchant ships was too slow. The fastest speed was eight knots. They couldn't run if they wanted to.

Sure enough, they were overtaken within half an hour of running.

There are nine strange ships in all. One of them looks bigger than the other eight.

Now the three armed merchant ships are being besieged by five strange ships, but the five strange ships also begin to slow down, maintain a distance of about six or seven kilometers from the three armed merchant ships, and begin to carry out continuous shelling in a fan shape.

And the other four ships are in a kind of noel never seen speed, fast toward their two warships chase.

"They are taking the three armed merchant ships as targets and conducting naval exercises!" The distant scene immediately made Noel realize what those strange warships were doing.

How can Noel not understand each other's meaning when he acts like a cat teasing a mouse?

"They were able to catch up with the three armed merchant ships very quickly, but they didn't chase them. Instead, they kept a certain distance for shelling. Obviously, they are doing actual combat exercises with these three armed merchant ships! It's just, how could their guns hit so far? And why is it possible to maintain such precision at such a long distance? "

Noel's hands and feet are cold, and his heart is also cool. At this time, he has a clear idea of what those strange warships want to do. The three armed merchant ships are the targets of their actual combat exercises. Similarly, I'm afraid his two warships can't run away.

But Noel's mind was still thinking about the other side's artillery

The continuous sound like thunder is getting farther and farther away, and there is a loud noise from time to time. It must be the result of the guns of those strange warships hitting an armed merchant ship.

"Those three ships will not hold! And... "Noel stood in the basket and looked at the four strange warships that were getting closer and closer." I'm afraid these two warships can't run away... "The corner of his mouth pulled up slightly, showing a smile that was even uglier than crying.

According to the experience just now, Noel is very clear that the distance between the two sides has already reached the range of the other side's shelling, but they just don't fire. Obviously, they want to shorten the distance and improve the hit rate.

Worst of all, Noel has nothing to do with this situation.

Whether it's the Atlantic horn or the seahorse, the speed that I used to be proud of has no advantage in front of these four strange warships. Run, certainly can not run away, their Atlantic horn and seahorse, must have been the other side as a live target.

Sure enough, as soon as Noel's idea was raised, he saw a lot of fire broke out on the four strange warships about six kilometers away from him in the rear. Before long, that kind of frightening scream sounded again in the sky.

Standing in front of the porthole of the Carlos bridge, the stone bear sighed and thought, "this naval battle is not as simple as those novels in previous lives."

The speed of sailing warships in this era is not fast. Even if the Yanhuang tribe has produced qualified steam powered steel warships, it has a full advantage of more than a century ahead of the warships of any country in this era, but it still can not occupy the crushing advantage in naval warfare.

There are too many factors affecting the naval battle.

The most important factor is sea state. Today's sea conditions are generally good. Although the wind is stronger and the waves are bigger, it still has a huge impact on the naval battle.

When the wind is strong and the waves are strong, the more bumpy the steel warship will be when it advances at full speed, and this kind of bumping directly affects the accuracy of artillery attack, which has been fully reflected in the artillery attack just now and now.

But whether it is Carlos class or the future Cherokee class, the displacement is not large, which makes it unable to maintain a more stable state in the storm. If our warships were replaced by the battleships with a displacement of more than 20000 tons in the first World War, the main guns would definitely maintain better stability in firing under the current sea conditions.

Another is artillery. Although the Yanhuang tribe's 105mm cannons have been ahead of the cannons of this era for more than a century, the 105mm cannons are really not enough in naval warfare.

You know, among the real battleships of later generations, the 105mm gun is not even the auxiliary gun.

The accuracy of long-distance artillery is far worse than that of small artillery and light artillery. Not to mention the appalling 460 mm main gun of the Yamato, the warhead of which weighs 1.5 tons. Even if you get an 11 inch (280 mm) main gun for your warship, it's beautiful.

But the stone bear soon sipped back the saliva that almost came out of the corner of his mouth.

Think about it. I'm not crazy yet. It's no different to use the 280 mm main gun to attack this kind of sail battleship than to use the antiaircraft gun to attack mosquitoes? Well, another thing is that even if the largest Cherokee is equipped with this 280 mm main gun, it is estimated that once the gun is fired, the shell will not hit the enemy, and the Cherokee will have to be directly split in two by the huge recoil generated by the firing

"Just think about it, well, just think about it..." stone bear grabbed his scalp helplessly.

The next moment, the distance suddenly lit up a bright light, immediately attracted the sight of the stone bear in the past.

One of the two French class-3 windsurfing battleships in front of us burst out a fierce fire on the deck, and the main mast of the ship was blown off

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