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Chapter: 677

In the original historical time and space, the end of the independent war was due to the great victory of Yorktown.

Although Charles Cornwallis led the British army in North America to win the battle of Guildford, the British army also suffered heavy losses in this battle. Cornwallis had to lead the remaining 8000 British troops in North America to retreat to Yorktown.

As a result, in the summer of this year, Aedes mosquitoes caused a malaria pandemic in the British barracks, and the British army in North America, which was not very morale, was immediately destroyed by the outbreak of malaria.

Then watsonton, who occupied Philadelphia, led nine thousand army forces from the north to the south. At the same time, the then commander-in-chief of the French Royal Fleet, count Francois de glass, led seven thousand French navy soldiers and a powerful fleet into Chesapeake Bay, surrounded Yorktown from the South waterway, known as the battle of siege.

After 20 days of fierce fighting, the British army was defeated. At last, Cornwallis saw that the situation could not be reversed, so he could only lead the rest of the British army to surrender, resulting in the great victory of Yorktown.

The great victory of Yorktown also directly led to the downfall of Lord north, who had been British Prime Minister for 13 years, and the leader of the Whig party, Marquis rojinhan, became British prime minister again. This ambitious prime minister wanted to do a good job in his term of office, but the unfortunate guy died just a few months after he became prime minister

So the Earl of shelburn became the new Prime Minister of the British cabinet, and it was the Earl of shelben who reached a cease-fire agreement with the United States on November 30, 1782.

And then there was the well-known thing, the Paris peace treaty was finally signed, and the war of Independence ended completely.

But in this time and space, because of the existence of the biggest variable, the time of the war of independence is not only three years longer than that in the original historical time and space, but also the number of casualties on both sides is far more than that in the original time and space.

Now the Prime Minister of the British cabinet is still Lord north, the prime minister who first wanted to give up the thirteen colonies of North America in the primitive sky. In this time and space, he became the most reluctant person to give up the thirteen colonies.

However, if he did not want to give up the thirteen colonies, he could not stand it. There was a king of England, George III, at the top of his head.

In the primitive sky, George III was the most reluctant person to abandon the thirteen colonies, but in this time and space, abandoning the thirteen colonies was George's final decision.

The prime minister is no bigger than the king, so the withdrawal of British troops from North America has been going on since King George III decided to give up the thirteen colonies in 1785.

In this process, both George III and Prime Minister North played a trick, because they knew that there was a strong aboriginal tribe around Yorktown and Jamestown, and that tribe also made friends with Britain, which brought a lot of magic things to Europe.

For example, the kind of cigarettes that can make people feel elated or very excited after smoking, for example, the kind of marketing that can make a lot of money

Anyway, in the whole British cabinet and many aristocrats, that kind of cigarette has become a kind of popular, even the common people in London and many cities around London also like this kind of cigarette.

The soldiers in the army, in particular, love this kind of cigarette. Because they can become very excited after smoking this kind of cigarette, and they are not afraid of death when fighting.

So this kind of cigarette has become popular in Britain. George III also knew that this kind of cigarette has been popular in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Prussia, Austria and other European powers for a long time.

As for the kind of marketing that can make a lot of money, it has brought a lot of money to George III over the years

It was because of these two points that George III and the lords had a very good sense of the aboriginal tribe.

Especially when they know that this tribe still has extremely powerful force, they want to use the powerful force of this tribe to keep Jamestown and Yorktown.

So even in 1786, the British troops in Yorktown and Jamestown did not withdraw.

And just as George III and Prime Minister North had judged, it was because of the existence of that powerful aboriginal tribe that neither the Grand Army nor the French Dutch fleet dared to go to Chesapeake Bay.

Under such circumstances, the British garrison of Jamestown and Yorktown persisted until the end of 1786, when they were taken away by the British fleet.

In fact, by this time, the British were very clear that they had completely lost the thirteen colonies in North America.

With the withdrawal of the last group of British troops from Jamestown, it is clear that Jamestown, the first British colony on the North Bank of the James River, was established on May 14, 1607. By the end of 1786, the 180 year rule of the thirteen British colonies in North America was completely ended.

In this year, the stone bear guarding Norfolk was not idle.

Under his command, the bear soldiers who had been stationed everywhere began to move towards the Appalachian Mountains.

Under the leadership of Kuaima, the first division, the main force of the bear force, set out from Shangjing, took a boat along the Mississippi River to the Ohio River, and after arriving in Pittsburgh, it turned to the monongahira River, and finally entered the original Cherokee king monongahira.

The second division, under the guidance of division commander Gu Mao, sailed northward along the Mississippi River, turned into the Chicago canal, entered Lake Michigan, and then landed from Buffalo city through the Great Lakes waterway.

The mixed ninth division, which was originally stationed in Buffalo, was led by mayor ohamoka to enter Montreal by boat along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

The third division, under the leadership of its teacher kuangniu, entered the area near the site of the former Crick royal court. The original Crick royal court was located near Albany, the state capital of later generations of Georgia. The third division was stationed there and could directly "pay attention" to several colonies in the south of the United States.

The fourth division was originally stationed in Norfolk.

In this way, the five divisions of the bear army formed a complete front along the Appalachian Mountains, from Montreal in the north to Georgia in the south.

As for the remaining five divisions of the storm bear army, three of them stayed in the rear to maintain the stability of the tribe, and the other two divisions were stationed near Shangjing, ready to support the East according to the situation.

The black wolf's air force was also secretly mobilized. A total of 12 hard airships took off from Shangjing. It took only five days to arrive at Monongahela, and the air force's 68 hot air balloons were sent to the front-line divisions by land.

At that time, the hard airship will be the main bombing force of the air force, and the hot air balloon force will cooperate with the division's hot air balloon battalion to participate in the operation.

It can be said that after one year's preparation, Yanhuang tribe is ready for everything, only Dongfeng

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