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Chapter: 678

On January 25, 1787, at the Versailles Palace in Paris, France, representatives from the Continental Congress of the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands signed their respective names on a treaty. In this time and space, the Paris peace treaty was finally signed.

But if the contract is to come into force, it needs to be signed after the British and American parliaments have passed it.

As for the content of the contract, it is almost the same as that in the original historical time and space. It's all bullshit.

In fact, last year, in March 1786, after the British Army abandoned New York, peace talks on the war had already begun.

The war lasted for eleven years, and the British and American sides who took part in the war had no strength to fight any more. After France declared war on Britain in 1778, it also fought with the British navy for eight years, and the French could not fight any more.

As for the Dutch, it's just soy sauce. Now the Netherlands is not the "sea coachman" more than 100 years ago. Now the Netherlands is a second rate country in Europe.

The only one who didn't want to end the war was Spain. Even though they had been fighting for seven years, even though the Spaniards were exhausted, they still didn't want to give up the fort.

It was just a civil war, but later it developed into a mixed war between Britain, France, the Netherlands and the United States. Finally it became a bear like war. No one except Spain wanted to fight like this any more.

In particular, the military mobilization of the Yanhuang tribe in the North American continent also made the United States scared. They were eager to end the war and achieve the result that the European powers recognized their independence.

Therefore, four of the five countries participating in the war are unwilling to fight any more. Spain is helpless and can only participate in the peace negotiations by holding its nose.

In fact, peace talks are a process of sharing fruits. Since there is no definite loser in the war, the meaning of "divide fruit" is very strong.

During the whole eight months of negotiations, the five countries had a real intrigue. In particular, the four countries, the United States, France and the Netherlands, were originally allies. As a result, when they divided the fruits, they wanted to turn human brains into dog brains for their own interests.

However, after eight months of hard negotiation, a result that can be reluctantly accepted by all parties was finally formed.

Therefore, the Paris peace treaty was signed on January 25, 1787.

It is worth mentioning that in the original historical time and space, January 25, 1787 was also a big day for the independent United States, because the famous Xie Si uprising was ended on this day.

In the original historical time and space, when the war of independence broke out in 1775, Daniel TSE, a farmer born in Massachusetts, resolutely joined the army. With his brave fighting, he became a captain of the army just one year later.

However, in 1780, when the war of independence was about to win, Daniel TSE retired in a hurry. Before his success, he chose to retire and returned to his hometown in hopkinto, Massachusetts.

As a fighting hero who has made great contributions to the independence of the United States of America, Xie Si fantasies that he can be warmly welcomed by the people of his hometown and live a free and happy life without oppression with his family. But often the better the hope, the crueler the reality. Xie Si soon found that everything was completely different from what he imagined.

Although the war of independence won in the end, the whole United States was in a mess. Many farmers and small handicraftsmen have to pay more exorbitant taxes to the government, Xie Si is no exception, so many American farmers and small handicraftsmen are burdened with heavy debts.

Especially in August 1786, in order to force the poor farmers in eastern Massachusetts to pay off their debts, the local capitalists took these farmers to court, which angered the local people. In order to force the court to stop the trial of peasant debt cases, the peasant uprising led by shatuk broke out in eastern Massachusetts.

The news of shatuk uprising soon spread to hopkinto. The local people who had been oppressed by capitalists and landlords for a long time decided to respond to shatuk uprising by uprising. They found Xie Si who had made great achievements in the war of independence and elected him as the leader of the uprising. As the most famous local fighting hero, Xie Si was duty bound to accept the people's recommendation and led them on the road of uprising in pursuit of freedom and equality.

At the call of Xie Si, a large number of young people from the bottom of society enthusiastically joined the uprising army. By the beginning of December 1786, Xie's uprising army had grown to 15000. All the way, the rebel army conquered the city and occupied the land, and set up a revolutionary regime in the occupied area. Faced with the strong offensive of the rebel army, the government army of Massachusetts was completely passive.

If Xie Si and the rebel army had more experience in uprising, perhaps the United States, which had just become independent, would fall down again. Unfortunately, this group of uprising army, which was composed of peasants, had little experience in uprising struggle. In addition, they were credulous of the scam of American politicians' peace talks. The uprising in its original form lasted only a few months.

On January 25, 1787, the short and violent uprising was finally suppressed by the American government forces.

Although the Xie Si uprising was short, it played an irreplaceable role for the United States.

The Xie Si uprising made the rulers of the United States realize that it is difficult for a loose Confederate country to deal with such anti-government activities as Xie Si uprising. After the founding of the United States, the loose confederacy system has been tried out, and there has been no national leader for 13 consecutive years. At that time, the United States was not so much a country as a political and economic union, similar to the European Union of later generations.

So after the Xie Si uprising, the outgoing commander-in-chief of the great army, Watson ton, came back and became the first president of the United States. He also amended the Constitution and changed the loose Confederate system of government into a strong federal government trying to centralize power.

At the same time, the government's treatment of Xie Shi also showed the mutual tolerance of various political forces in the United States, which eased social contradictions and accelerated the formation of the American nation. It was with this inclusive political atmosphere that the United States quickly recovered from the ruins of the civil war and rose to become a world power.

As many people say, "the war of independence completed the independence of the United States, and the TSE uprising created the United States today.".

In the original time and space of history, this very important day for the United States is still important in this time and space, so the Paris peace treaty was signed.

For the stone bear and Yanhuang tribe, the contents of the contract are mostly bullshit. The only thing that stone bear most wants to see is that the European powers recognize the independence of the United States, and the United States, as a country, is recognized by the European powers!

The signing of the contract is a good thing for the United States and Europeans, but not for the Yanhuang tribe.

The only advantage is that after waiting and preparing for 23 years, Shi Xiong can finally take advantage of this contract to be aboveboard!

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