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Chapter: 680

At about the same time, documents of similar meaning were sent to Louis XVI, king of France, who had just been on the throne for three years, and Carlos III, king of Spain.

Of course, such documents have just been received from the Continental Congress to the federal Congress of the United States.

These documents, especially those sent to Europe, were all written by Shi Xiong in advance, and then sent to Europe. In the end, a piece of it was put into the hands of the kings.

So it took almost the same amount of time for these documents to reach the three kings and the Federal Assembly of the United States.

However, compared with the documents sent to George III, Carlos III and Louis XVI, the wording of the documents sent by the Yanhuang tribe to the U.S. Federal Parliament is more severe.

For those European powers, Shi Xiong adopted the strategy of "stick and sweet jujube". In the documents, he not only expressed his strong position towards the American regime, but also used the huge trade between America and Europe and the numerous resources of America as conditions to win over these European powers.

As far as Yanhuang tribe is concerned, they can ignore these European powers, but if the tribe wants to develop in the future, it must have more in-depth exchanges with Europe. Moreover, stone bears understand the temperament of Europeans very well. As long as they can see the huge benefits, it is not a problem who is the master of the country in that continent.

This can be seen clearly from the Paris peace treaty in the original historical time and space.

For the sake of the thirteen colonies, these European powers and the United States, everyone's brain was turned into a dog's brain. As a result, they went back to the negotiation table and talked nonsense, and reached such a contract that could benefit several parties.

This is where interests drive.

Of course, Shi Xiong knew this, so he issued such documents to the monarchs of European powers.

And what is America? They didn't have anything, but now they still want to be masters of their own country in the new world of North America. Do you really think Lao Tzu is made of mud?

Even if it's made of mud, there's still a third of earthy smell!

You think I'm Kitty when I'm not angry?

Therefore, in the document sent to the U.S. Federal Congress, the wording of the stone bear was extremely harsh.

To sum up, let's just say that we should dissolve the United States of America. If you don't, I'll beat you up!

As for Holland, the stone bear didn't care. It's a big country, and it's not going to work now. The Yanhuang tribe doesn't have to look at the face of this country and ignore it.

Therefore, when these four documents were sent to their respective targets, there was an uproar immediately.

The senior envoys of Britain, France and Spain immediately met to discuss the matter.

For the three countries, the United States is not a problem. What they want is the interests of North America. And that contract was finally signed on this basis.

Now a very strong aboriginal tribe has come forward, clearly refusing to recognize the contract, and firmly forbidding the independence of the United States.

This is more embarrassing.

First of all, the five countries have just completed the peace talks and signed a contract with legal effect. If they abrogate the treaty because of the opposition of the Yanhuang tribe, it will be a disgraceful thing.

In the eyes of the four countries, especially Britain, France and Spain, the newly established United States of America is their own little brother. In particular, the British, although they have played a lively, but in the final analysis, it is just a civil war, those Americans living on the other side of the ocean, in fact, are British!

As for France and Spain, they also regard the United States of America as their own younger brother. After all, the United States of America won over the British with its own help.

Now the younger brother who has just been trained has been bullied. Can the elder brother just sit back and watch?

But the question is how? Against that Yanhuang tribe?

To be honest, it's a good idea, but it's only one idea.

The Yanhuang tribe, whether British, French or Spanish, is very powerful. Twenty years ago, the French were defeated by that aboriginal tribe on the Mississippi River, and dozens of French inland river armed transport ships were still sinking at the bottom of the Mihe river.

The two naval battles that took place in Chesapeake Bay a few years ago, whether French or British or Spanish, are very clear about what happened. The eleven main ships of the Royal French Navy sank on both sides of the Chesapeake Bay. Up to now, the rescued French sailors are still digging in the mines of that tribe.

Against that Yanhuang tribe? That's certainly not a wise choice.

Even if they are as proud as the French rooster, they dare not face up to that tribe at this time.

Now the Spaniards and the French do not know that their three missing armed merchant ships and two main ships were sunk by the Yellow fleet. They think that these five long lost ships were swallowed up by the turbulent North Atlantic.

If they knew that Yanhuang tribe still had a powerful steel warship fleet, they would not make the following decision.

The younger brother is in danger, and the three big brothers can't sit back and watch. Therefore, the representatives of several parties discussed this and, together with the signals from their respective monarchs, the three countries decided to set up a powerful United Fleet again to cross the Atlantic Ocean to the new continent of North America to support their younger brother.

In any case, Americans are descendants of Europeans, and Europe and the United States have an inseparable blood relationship. The most important thing is that the strength of Yanhuang tribe has made several European powers a little weak.

Although Yanhuang tribe has made a lot of good conditions, it is far better to deal with Americans than to do business with that powerful Indian tribe

As for landing and fighting face to face with the powerful Yanhuang tribe, it is absolutely impossible.

We are the Navy, our battlefield is on the sea, land is not where we fight

A good, powerful reason.

Americans on the other side of the ocean naturally don't know what their big brothers are planning. Even if they know, they don't care so much, because they have no time to make any choice.

Those damned native Indians are in the city.

It's true that half a month after these documents were sent out, the bear army, which had been fully prepared, immediately launched a long planned military operation.

From north to south, and from east to west, the five divisions pushed all the way. On the way to the army, the bear soldiers will not attack the ordinary American people, but as long as they meet the army of the United States of America, they don't say, they will beat ya!

Just one and a half months later, when the United Fleet of Britain, France and the West arrived in the new continent of North America, most of the towns of the United States had been lost. The main forces of the United States were stuck in such important port cities as Boston, New York and Charleston. They even lost their capital, Philadelphia

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