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Chapter: 681

That's right. In the one and a half months when the United Fleet of Britain, France and the West crossed the Atlantic Ocean to support my younger brother, the five divisions of the stormy bear army had already beaten the American army to a gallop, which was even more enjoyable than the British army in North America.

Not to mention that the U.S. federal army has just gone through 12 years of the war of independence, its establishment and supply are already full of holes. It's no exaggeration to say that the current U.S. federal army has only one framework.

Soldiers, qualified officers, ammunition supplies, nothing.

Even now that the U.S. federal army has complete organizational structure and complete ammunition and supplies, they are far from being the adversaries of the stormy bear army.

Do you really think that in the past 20 years, the biggest golden finger of stone bear is dangda?

For this day, Shi Xiong has been preparing for 22 years. It's no exaggeration to say that in the past 22 years, the whole Yanhuang tribe has been preparing for the coming war. Under the leadership of Shi Xiong, the soul wearer, the strength of the whole tribe has been serving the military.

Today's Yanhuang tribe may not catch up with the European powers in other aspects, but in terms of military, Yanhuang tribe is almost a century ahead of any country in this era.

The most important thing is that since 1667, the stone bear has led the then Cherokee soldiers to fight south and North. In these wars of unifying the new continent of North America, the soldiers of the stormy bear army have got excellent training.

Although most of the soldiers who took part in the war at that time had retired, the best of them have now become experienced commanders!

With weapons a century ahead, experienced officers at all levels, and even more intrepid soldiers, can such a fierce bear army be withstood by only the federal army of the United States?

And although the war of independence is the final victory of the army, but everyone knows that this victory is too lucky, and even it is no exaggeration to say that the victory of the United States is stolen!

The U.S. federal army, with the big army as the backbone, is actually soft. In front of the powerful bear army, it can only be kneaded in different ways. They have no resistance.

The most important thing is that in this era, the European and American armed forces are still fighting in the original way of fighting in line first and then fighting with bayonets. As for the battle mode of the fierce bear army, it was completely in accordance with the military training program formulated by Shi Xiong at that time.

As long as the most forward Scouts or SCOUTS find the enemy's trace, the radio will immediately inform the division headquarters, and then the division's artillery regiment will immediately start on the spot. If there is no terrain investigation, the balloon will be launched immediately. Under the guidance of the artillery aiming at the balloon, the division's artillery regiment blasted more than ten rounds first, and then the infantry went up.

This kind of tactics is put in later generations, has a resounding tactical name - infantry artillery coordination.

Where has the U.S. federal army seen such advanced tactics? Moreover, the 105 heavy guns and 76 guns of the artillery regiment of the division of the storm bear will fire in ten rounds. If the soldiers of the United States don't run away, they must stay there and morgue.

Today's soldiers of the United States don't know what is called a gun hole, what is called a trench, and how to avoid such powerful artillery. Therefore, after the fierce attack of this kind of bomb, the infantry of the stormy bear army will often see a corpse on the ground.

Soon, the bear army's brutal way of fighting was known to the soldiers of the United States. Therefore, when the bear army appeared in the sight of the US Army, the US Army immediately turned around and ran without hesitation!

Well, if you've seen the scene of green bean flies flying all over the sky after a stone was thrown into the pit of the dry toilet in the summer, then you know what the U.S. Army did after seeing the bear Army

Therefore, in addition to a few addictions in the early days of the war, the future battles are not battles at all. In most battles, even the artillery of the stormy bear army can't enjoy themselves. As long as the US Army hears that the stormy bear army is coming, SA Yazi will run away.

Therefore, the depressed soldiers of the fierce bear army pushed all the way.

Well, it's not very accurate to use horizontal push. The accurate description is that the fierce bear army actually did a long-distance training

Although the name of the current U.S. federal army has been changed because of the establishment of the U.S. Federation, the number of regular U.S. troops is not large, and more than half of them are former militia and guerrillas.

Moreover, the US soldiers have just finished the 12-year war of independence, and they are tired of war. They are short of clothing and food, and they are even short of weapons and ammunition. Therefore, in front of these fierce bear soldiers who have been preparing for more than 10 years, it is strange that they can resist.

Even if they pray for their God father to protect them every day, don't forget that this is the new continent of North America. The main God here is not Christ Jesus. The gods believed by Europeans don't care here!

Not to mention the fact that most of the US soldiers are addicted to cigarettes. When the Yanhuang tribe did not start the war before, there was naturally a large supply of cigarettes with additives. The US soldiers were not short of cigarettes with additives.

But now, as soon as the war started, the stone bear immediately cut off the "goods" in the new world of North America, and those American soldiers immediately went blind.

The addiction of this kind of cigarettes is several times or even dozens of times that of ordinary cigarettes. Once you get this kind of addiction, it is almost difficult to give up in this situation.

Therefore, the American soldiers who have been cut off are listless, yawning and yawning all day

This dark hand, which was quietly laid down by stone bear more than ten years ago, has finally begun to work.

In this case, the stone bear has no psychological burden.

Fortunately, there is no "material" in the world that will not cause death after "out of stock". Otherwise, Shi Xiong really does not mind providing European and American people with a kind of additive cigarette that can directly cause death after "out of stock".

But even so, the U.S. military has little combat power.

Do you really think this kind of flavored cigarette is for fun? If you look at the "double armed soldiers" of the later Qing Dynasty, you can see what virtue the US military is now.

In fact, it's not only the bottom soldiers of the U.S. Army who are suffering, but also most of the top leaders of the U.S. Federation who are suffering now. Watson ton, Jefferson and Adams are all big smokers. They smoked the flavored cigarettes provided by Yanhuang tribe early. Now that the stone bears are out of stock, these so-called fathers of the United States are yawning and listless.

How to command the U.S. federal army in such a state?

In this way, the officers and men of the stormy bear army, like driving ducks, drove the US military and the senior officials of the US Federation directly to the seaside

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