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Chapter: 687

Largeer was also startled. He did not expect that the fire of the aboriginal warship would be so fierce.

Looking at the cruiser whose ammunition was destroyed, larger was very distressed.

Although the Spaniard's second class warship was also shot, largeer didn't feel distressed. After all, it was the Spaniard's warship. But this cruiser is really a warship of our own. Can you help me?

Especially after the war of independence and the offensive and defensive battle of the fort of gibraltarian, the number of warships of the French navy has shrunk greatly. Now even a class IV warship is precious to the whole French navy.

But the battle didn't start for a minute, and the class IV ship, which had experienced several sea battles, just disappeared

Larger is very distressed, really distressed. However, he didn't feel distressed for a long time, and the situation had rapidly tilted towards the abyss he couldn't imagine.

At this time, the edge of Boston's main waterway was not as neat as that of later generations. After more than 200 years of construction, the riverbanks on both sides of Boston's main waterway had been occupied by docks and embankments, and the riverbanks were as neat as if they were drawn with a ruler.

At present, the two sides of Boston's main waterway are still uneven. The widest part can reach 1.5 km, but the narrowest part is only 800 meters.

Twenty warships in such a narrow channel, the distance between each other will become very close, so, whether it is the Navajo or the Pueblo artillery, can calmly fire.

In particular, there are 76 mortars with extremely fast firing speed and 76 auxiliary guns. Although the number of these two kinds of guns is far less than that of the guns on the windsail battleship, the firing speed of these two kinds of guns is too fast, and the lethality of the 76mm high explosive howitzer is extremely considerable.

An average of four or five seconds of salvo fire made the water surface of Boston's main channel seem to rain with shrapnel. Although most of the shells could not hit the target and set off rows of huge water spray on the water surface, once they hit one shell, they could immediately cause huge damage to the wind sail warships of the United Fleet.

When the first class IV warship was crushed by the explosion of ammunition, the second warship appeared soon.

It's an English class three.

This warship is very unlucky. Originally, this warship was at the bottom of the line, which was safer than the warships in front of it. But who knows why? The shells fired by two 105 main guns in the turret of No.2 main gun of Navajo hit this class III warship in unison.

Although the 105 main gun is powerful, it can't sink the warships above class IV under normal circumstances.

But the British class III ship was a bit unlucky. The two shells hit almost the same place, and then the two shells exploded at a distance of less than 10 meters. The huge explosive force opened a terrible hole in the upper deck of the class III ship, which was more than 15 meters long. All the British sailors in this area disappeared.

The huge explosion also frightened the captain of this class III ship. The captain was standing in the middle and front of the deck, almost within the explosion range of the two shells.

Seeing his warship suffer such a heavy damage, the captain is also very distressed, but the heart is more fortunate.

The captain has seen the fate of the French class IV ship just now. Although his ship was attacked by two shells, it had no ammunition to die.

Well, how lucky, how lucky! God is on my side today

As soon as the captain sucks himself in his heart, he feels that a great force suddenly spurts out from under his feet. In a trance, the captain only feels that he is soaring into the air. The last scene he sees in his eyes is that the middle of his warship is engulfed by a sudden explosion of huge flames

The third class ship's death and explosion shocked everyone in the United Fleet once again.

If it can be explained by the good luck of the enemy ship that the ammunition of the class IV warship was killed just now, then with the crushing of the class III warship, everyone knows that the real result of this naval battle, which originally seemed to be crushing, is really crushing - but it's not the United warship team crushing the two strange warships, but two other ships crushing the 20 ships here!

After all, less than three minutes have passed since raeger ordered the attack flag to be hoisted, and two of the three ships have sunk and one has been injured. At the speed of a sail warship, you can't even run 600 meters in three minutes

If the development follows this rhythm, at least half of the 20 warships will have to be sunk by the other two warships when they reach the firing distance, and the other two warships will be able to do this even without moving.

This is absolutely an unacceptable fact, but the commanders of the joint fleet and the captains have to accept this fact, even though their faces are worse than eating a lump of poop.

While the stone bear on another Cherokee class warship, the Cherokee, saw this scene through the telescope with a satisfied smile on his face.

Stone bear has never thought that windsurfing warships can cause any damage to his steel warships. Steel warships are far superior to windsurfing warships of this era in terms of speed, defense and firepower. If there's one steel warship that can't match a sail warship, it's the voyage.

No way, this kind of steel warship relies on burning coal to get power, the biggest constraint is in the voyage.

In terms of steam engine power, even if a steel warship with full load sails at cruising speed, its maximum range is only 700 nautical miles

In other words, although the current steel warship is far ahead of the sail warship in other aspects, it is still far from being able to sail across the ocean.

At present, steel warships of this class can only be used to patrol and defend the coastline.

However, in this battle, the power of steel warships is still revealed. Especially after the two warships of our side adopted the way of static shooting, the hit rate soared.

Boston's main channel can be regarded as a bay. It's calm here. When shooting at rest, the hit rate will be much higher than when sailing. In addition, the enemy ships were in a dense formation, which gave the two Cherokee class warships an excellent opportunity.

Ten minutes later, the original 20 United Fleet warships in a hurry had to start snake maneuvering while charging. But even so, in less than two kilometers of voyage, the water also left a full six floating wood, and there are nine ships are emitting black smoke. Of the 20 warships that were intact when they set out, only five remain intact now

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